Hey what’s going on here today? I’m, going to show you how to block all out using any AP case movies TV shows or live IP TV that has asked this method is not installing any AP case. It’s. Basically changing our DNS settings.

Some current service providers, don’t, allow that, but most do I’m, going to show you how to do it. Get a pen or paper use your cell phone as a scratch pad. You may need to write some things down to do it.

Don’t, get intimidated, it’s, pretty straightforward. Follow me along and I’ll. Show you how so the first thing to block all odds in any AP case. You’re just going to go to settings on your firestick device once you’re in settings.

What you want to do now is you want to go to my fire, TV or my device once there just click on that above button. Ok, once you click on about go to network, and you should see white information here – ok, you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Obviously so I’m connected here and I want to write down my IP address and then I want to write down my gateway. So I’m, going to write that information down on my phone. So I know what it & #. 39 ll connect it to my mesh Wi-Fi here so just going to write it down.

If you have a pen and paper write that information down, because you will need it, so let me put it down here so minus 192. I’m using my phone as a scratch pad here. 168. Point: five point: wine has the Gateway.

Ok, I’m. Just gonna write it here in my notes and the IP address. So those two things the IP address and the gateway is what you want to write down. Okay, so I’m gonna do that IP address 192 168. For me, 580, that’s, the IP address, and then I’m gonna write down the gateway 192 and you have to be connected to wife.

As you see, I’m connected 168 5 1 is my gateway. Okay, once you write down your information, I wrote mine down on my phone. I’m. Simply just going to go back here. Okay, go back, go back all the way on your fire stick and then you’re, going to go to network in settings as well so network going to network.

So you’ll, see that you’re connected here. Okay, so what you want to do you want to forget that network? Okay? So I’m going to mesh wife, I’m gonna. Forget it right now, so I’m, going to click the three lights to forget.

It and press select to confirm okay. There you go, I forgot it select, is the middle d-pad three lines and forgot it: okay, nice Wi-Fi still here, so I’m gonna connect to it now so now I’m gonna put in my Wi-Fi password it’s gonna ask me for the password okay.

Here I am putting my password so putting your password for your Wi-Fi network. You’re gonna have, to put it again, so you have to know your password for Wi-Fi, okay, very straightforward. To do this. Putting mine in and before you hit connect a very important step.

You’re gonna go right to advanced; okay click on that advanced button right here. It’s. Gon na come up with the IP address, so we’ve written that information down. So I’m gonna put in my IP address, so I’m going to say: mine was 192 dot 168 for the IP address.

5A. Was my IP address right? Okay, once you have your IP address put in there, you’re, just gonna hit that next one and it’s, gonna say Gateway. Now you’re, going put in your gateway, which gateway is 192.

In my case, but it’s going to be different for you, so you can’t copy this exactly you have to get it from your network when you connect it from your Wi-Fi, and you have to do this on the same. Wi-Fi network, ok, you can’t be jumping onto another router on another network.

Name has to be the exact same network. Ok, five and then point one for me was point one sorry: here we go 192. 168. Five point one correct, then press the next button. Ok, it’s, going to ask you for and network prefix okay, so it’s.

It’s, a six step process. So now we have to put in that. I work prefix. Okay, we’re gonna enter 24; okay enter 24 in the network, prefix and then press the next one. Now it’s, going to ask you for DNS one.

So I’m gonna give you these IP addresses these ones. You don’t copy from anywhere I’m gonna give them to you right now we’re gonna use. The add guard DNS servers, okay, so no ads are gonna get through on our fire sticks.

So 176, it’s, take some times to set up, but once you set it up, no issues. Okay. 176. 103 done. Okay. 130. So these IP addresses go exactly how I’m, showing you, okay, just the first IP address, and the DNS is yours, but this portion, you talk to you what I’m, showing 176 103 130 and then 130.

Those are deep. I’ve Guardian s, so what that means that DNS server is blocking all those ads. Okay, double check: you have it right: 176. 103. 130. 130. We vote spaces, then click the next button. Okay, click, the next one, DNS number, two.

Let’s, get that in here, 176 dot; 103; again, [ Applause, ], dot, 130 dot, 131. So the last one was exactly the same, except the ending was 130 130. This one was 130 131 okay press the connect button.

When you’re done, okay, well, okay connecting you should connect authenticating, and if I connect successfully, my internet service provider is allowing me to change my DNS. I can block out, and this will work correctly.

Okay, so here I am it’s, gonna offense, Kate and it’s. Gon na ask me for my password again so enter your password again. Am I not it’s asking me for my password. I’m gonna enter my password. Maybe I got my password wrong.

That’s. Why cuz? I’m connected on our network, so enter your Wi-Fi password. If it asks you again, it may not. It says invalid password. So I did put it wrong, so I’m gonna try again, okay and there you go it’s connected now and it’s safe.

Now I’m blocking all the apps after you hit the connect. One make sure you hit, you get the right pass. Well, not like me, where I put in the wrong password, but it gives you a chance to correct that, and now you have all those settings in there and now you’re blocking all apps to sell your block outs super simple: if your internet Service provider is not allowing you to blog out, you can always get around it as well, you can hit home and you can use ipvanish VPN, so I have to vanish is easy to get all you do is go in here to change your IP address and Look up ipvanish VPN, just like I’m.

Looking up here: click on the ipvanish VPN. This will come up, click on it and install it. If you need a username and password for ipvanish, I’ll Lincoln into the description, and I ‘ Ll put it in the comment.

Pit comment below click on that link. You’ll, get an email from sign up for an account. It’s a few bucks a month and you’ll, be able to use ipvanish now right now the news is going around that some Internet service providers have signed legal agreements with you know the movie industry and the people are protecting The movie industry, they sign agreements to block strange sites, block stream contents, so VPNs now days are getting popular and more people are starting to use them.

Okay, just wanted to bring you this video, how to block all ads. If you want to take it a step farther grab ipvanish there’s, a discount 60 %, I’ll link it as well, and that’s, pretty much it. Let me know guys if this work for you.

Let me know if you have any issues, and this is how we block all the ads and beaty-beat clones of thorium TV sit on my APK or any other APK. That is full of apps, and you’re. Just sick and tired of ads hope that helped you hope you like it share.

My video tell everybody else about it and make sure you hit the subscribe button on this channel. If you’re new, if you’re looking for my other channel, i’m, going to be bringing in exclusive content like this on this channel.

Hope you enjoy. It drop a comment. Do you like the format? Do you like what I’m, bringing it’s gonna, be fire, stick tricks and stuff like that? So let me know what do you think? Thank you guys for watching.

Thank you for your hair and hit the subscribe button on this new channel, and I ‘ Ll, see you all in the next one. Take care.

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In this tutorial you are going to block all the ads in cinemaapk, cyberflix apk, beetv apk and many others on your firestick no more ads watch movies and tv shows with no more adverts just follow my tutorial to get this going on your deivce!

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