Dean welcome to another cloud tech support tutorial. Today we’re gonna, be installing the Zenon build onto your Android phone and my god. I love this phone guys. This is the galaxy s 10 plus and my god this is a beautiful place.

Secondly, this tutorial work well on your Android phone. It’ll work well on any Android TV boxes that you got. This is awesome and also worked well in the Amazon fire stick or any Amazon fire TV device.

So what this tutorial is gonna be really quick. I know a lot of people having Zenon build issues, so I’m help you out. Secondly, what I’m gonna – let you know, is that I have a discord now so with that, all you have to do is download the app the link is in the description below, but that’s.

The best way to get in touch with me, I’ll. Let you guys know what tutorials I have coming up next with giveaways. I have coming up also, if you guys have any requests on videos. You’d like me to cover or topics you can leave the message there for me and I’m very active in there.

I’m trying to get a lot more active in there, so check it out. Download the discord, app the links in description below and join my discord guys. So I’ll, see you there. Meantime let’s. Get to this video.

Is it this way? Whichever way I put it up, let’s. Do it alright team? Please excuse the subpar layout for the very beginning of this video. It’s only because the way the app I’m using layout, I’m, get still get used to it, but either way what I’m gonna do here is I’m gon Na install the Zenon bit with you guys and I’m gonna, do it from step one.

So I’m gonna uninstall Kodi on my phone and I’m gonna reinstall it and go right to the whole process with you guys. Okay, so, as you can see, I’m gonna hold this down. I’m, going to uninstall BAM and okay Cody’s been on this tour, got it alright, so now Chet this far we need to do is after you go to your Google.

I use Google Chrome if you guys use any other Internet app. It’s. Fine, but I’m gonna use. Google Chrome for this one, so I’m gonna click on Google, alright. So whatever I guess browser you like to use, I’m using Google Chrome, you have the Internet, Samsung Internet or whatever all you have to do is type in Kodi TV, slash, download to take you to the website.

We’re gonna use to download 18.4 so type that in and then hit go, got it so don’t want you scroll all the way down scroll down scroll down till you get here now. If you’re using the Android phone like I am, or an Android streaming box like one of these awesome devices, you’re gonna click Android the same way, I am this step is a little different for fire sticks.

I’m either gonna link you to another video on how to install that part get past this part, but every other step works exactly the same okay. So we’re gonna click on Android boom, tap that and we’re gonna click on a 64-bit right there, okay, a rmv, a 64-bit click on that I’ve deleted every instance of Kodi on this phone.

So it’s. Gon na be a first time installation, just like you guys, so it’ll say this little notification is tap. Ok from then you should have it basically open. So you’ll. Go to this screen right here, we’re gonna do is tap install at the bottom.

Don’t worry, your phone or device is in perfectly good hands. I got you guys. I’m holding down. I got y’all so I’ll. Let this install give it a few seconds a few minutes, etc, etc and hit open. Now my layouts gonna change a little bit.

Ok, so see you soon, ok! So on a fresh install. This is the first info screen. You’re gonna get once Kodi installs alright, so we’re gonna hit continue on that. We’ll, get this pop-up, let’s, allow it and good for preparing.

For first run alright, so, as you can see at the bottom here, this is the best way to reach me all that’s. [ __, ] Wow, all that stuff down there. Ok, so Instagram discord, 100 %, Facebook, 1 % and, of course, my website.

So now you’re here in the main Kodi screen. We’re gonna install the build for you, so we’re gonna get the Xenon build. I love this build. Let’s, get right into it. So first thing you need to do. Is we’re gonna go over to the Settings icon here? Let’s! Click on settings! Sorry! I’m using looking at my screen and my phone is crazy.

Alright, so what I want you to do is gonna go first to file manager from file manager and once you go to add source, I had swords you get to this screen right here. So we’re gonna click on none at the top, and once you type this in exactly as I do, if you type it in wrong, you’ll, get an error and you’re gonna have to return Here to fix it, so it’s.

Http doesn’t work that way kai to use this alright switching to the phone all right, so it’s HTTP this one all right and we’re gonna type in the man. This is really difficult to do. This way, guys Diggs rebo dot D D and s dotnet, okay and okay, so I’ll type them in exactly as you see as I have it on the screen as well.

Guys again, if you do it wrong, you’re gonna get an error and you can have to retype it in so Diggs repo down here, change this to Z, not that’s. Not you do it there. You go see not perfect and then hit okay boom.

All right, I didn’t, get an error. I typed it in right. If you got an error here, you got to go back into ad source and retype it in this. Actually, really isn’t that bad I’ve, been trying to use my keyboard.

I should just use my phone. This is this is amazing all right. So now that you’re here, we’re gonna go back one step and then once you go back again back to the main Kodi screen, we’re gonna go down to add-ons okay.

So let’s, just scroll down go to add-ons nice. Now from add-ons we’re gonna go to the little drop box icon here at the top right. There close tap on that and then from there we’re gonna go to install from zip file.

Okay, so let’s. Go down install from zip file on that now this is perfect. Now you have to give it permission for unknown sources to go into the system, so we’re gonna go to settings. Click on settings here and right from here, we’re, going to click on unknown sources and turn that on and go to yes, perfect, not an unknown sources are on.

We’re gonna hit back or go back and it’ll. Take you back to the install from zip file screen. If you don’t know how to get back here. I’m just gonna help you guys out from add-ons a little Dropbox icon at the top.

Let’s. Click on that drop box. We’re, going to install from zip file. Now we’re gonna find xenon. We just put it in. We named a xenon, so let’s, go there xenon and install a repo, and the only option you got is Diggs 4.

0. So click on that good at the top right, you should see Diggs repository installation, perfect. We’re gonna go to install from repository next. That’s. This one right here I’m. Sorry I helped to put to long install from repository all right.

So, like I said, go here there’s, only two options. We’re gonna use the digs repository, let’s, click on digs repository and then we’re gonna go to program add-ons. Okay, so right there program add-ons and then we’re gonna use.

The chief layer wizard – this is 18.4 layer. We all have Krypton. We don’t have the older versions Cody. We got the newest one use layer, wizard click on that and install there. We go. I don’t installed nice.

This little robot guy will pop up good to go. We’re gonna go to remind me later just get that out. The way everything here is fine hit, continue and go to build menu. Alright good. Now there are a number, a number a number of Diggs repo Zenon builds that you can use the one that I like the most is this one right here is that one I love this repo, this, the one I use, so that’s, one.

We’re gonna use now this is this: is Liam bills 18 point O, as you can see, they’re all 18 point: oh don’t judge yourself too much. If you want to explore, you can, if there are a bunch of different ones, you can check out.

I’m, just showing you guys, the one that I use the most and that is gonna. Be this one right here. So let’s, go to dig xenon. Nineteen point eight point six and hit okay nice. So we have a fresh install.

This is new one. We’re gonna. Do fresh installs click on that go to continue. Alright! Now let’s. Do it thing? Give it a few minutes, however long it takes for you, mine seems to be going pretty quick is what it is.

Haha that’s, because I’m using that Galaxy S. Ten, anyway, give it a few seconds, and it should pick up all right. So when it’s done, Cody is going to force close itself. Okay, so you’ll, go back to whatever screen you were on prior to so we’re gonna go back into Cody right now.

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If you’re interested guys. Alright, let’s, get back to the video! Let’s. Do it [, Music, ], [, Music, ] right that’s, pretty cool all right, all right! So now you just let everything install here um my phone had a little bit of a glitch.

It seems that’s. Fine! I’ll. Just push this out of the way, whatever guys got to work with me all right so now, as you can see at the bottom right hand corner there, everything is installing everything that you need for his package here.

Just let it keep doing this thing, give it some time and you guys are pretty much good to go after this. I’m. Just gonna tell you which add-ons you should check out and which ones uh will probably be on your list from the get-go and, of course, my catalog.

I got a bunch of add-ons that you’re gonna want to install as well onto this repo. So I’m, your guy. I got you so what we’re gonna do is again hit remind me later or dismiss it. However, you want I like to go to remind me later.

I don’t care about what they say it’s because I like them. I support these guys. Alright. So, as you can see, you have the Xenon build on your phone right. This thing is awesome. Y’all there’s, a library TV library gives kids own TV Guide.

Tv shows Premium. I really explored too much of today, but I guess, if you have certain logins, you can use them in there. That’s. Pretty cool TV shows you gonna, want to check out, and all these all men they’re add-ons are always up to date.

These guys are really good. No, I’m, not gonna. Do anything because juices feature was down on that on Loki? I don’t yeah. I’m, not not doing that right now, cool, alright, so in movies go there go check some stuff out.

I cannot show anything because yet install the Loki add-on Okeanos is pretty cool alright, so I’m, not showing anything because yeah unless it’s stuff that is offered for free through through you know, sources itself.

It’s, not something I’m, going to show you guys alright. So this right here has been the Xenon build tutorial. I love this build again. This is for my Android Galaxy S. 10. You guys can definitely use this on your Android phone doesn’t, have three, you guys see any Android phone and any enjoy streaming box can use this.

This also works well on the Amazon fire stick or any MS fired TV device. It’s, just the the beginning. Steps on how to download Kodi are different, but if you already have Kodi just follow these steps, it works exactly the same again enjoy my discord is the best way to get in touch with me.

Also, you can like the page on Facebook and visit our website at I think that’s it for this one guys again, I’ll, see you in the next one and thanks

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