What’s up fortnite fam? I just wanted to make a quick video to answer the question: should you just buy the battle pass, or should you join the fortnight crew? Well, there’s. No wrong answer. Here. They’re.

Both going to be great, no matter which one you pick up, if you buy the battle pass 950 v box, if you were buying a thousand v bucks or just 50, more from the store, would cost you six pounds 49 in the uk.

So then, for an extra couple of pounds you could get the crew bundle. So what is the difference? You get a whole bunch more stuff with the crew, but remember the crew is a monthly subscription service.

This is a one-off payment for this battle pass. This one renews every single month, but you also get the battle pass included in this, which is awesome, so it makes a really good value. You also get the monthly crew pack this month’s.

One looks an absolute beast. I love it. The galaxy outfit which you can see in the middle of the screen there with the another style as well, which looks really cool you can’t see here you get the back bling and a pickaxe which is exclusive to fortnite crew.

This is the only way you can get this skin. You also get 1 000 v bucks to spend in the item shop every single month. So if you’re buying 1 000 v bucks that would cost you six pounds. 50. If you were buying the battle pass, that would pretty much near enough cost you six pounds 50.

So right away, you’re up to 13 pounds and then this skin. What do you think my skin would cost you if it was? You know a legendary or epic, you’re, probably talking around about 18 pounds or so so, for you know a lot less.

You can join the crew, but remember please this is a monthly subscription, but you can cancel it at any time. If you do cancel it, you will keep all the stuff you’ve purchased for the month. You have been a member so, for example, to make this simple for you.

If i join the crew this month, i will get the galaxy skin and all the cosmetics i’ll, get a thousand v bucks and i’ll get the battle pass, but then, if i cancel next month, i’ll. Still get to keep all that, that is how it works.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this, i’ll, try and answer them down below in the comments for me personally, i’m, going to go for the crew this month to check it out, and so i can Do some cool videos, for you guys know that you & # 39? Ll have questions about it, but the battle pass again as well is still awesome because you get to get mandalorian and the child.

Oh heck, yeah. Let me know what you ‘ Ll be picking up down below in the comments, and please use my supportive creator code, which is money. If you pick up any of them – and you get a shout out in the channel like these legends – have done it’s, a great way to help the channel much loved.

All your faces happy season five day,

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