so you know how we got baby miao souls and the teaser earlier from Epic Games, which looks incredible as you can see on screen right now: baby missiles on a scooter or a motorbike or moped.

Who knows what it is, but we’ll find out tomorrow, but since the internet is no blowing up and going into meltdown. Because of this, I had to bring you this, and I need to thank another member of the gamers world for posting list and her desk scored, remember, check out links down below.

You can also join a desk or that you love all things for tonight and all on our jet posted desk earlier on today, and I do not know if this is a real leak from Epic Games or if this is fan-made. What it looks awesome and he found us on Twitter check it out.

We have got different variants of baby mio, CIL’s, and you can see that as a slight difference on the eyes compared to the one we got earlier on and the teaser the kind of cream looking color. But we then have the classic meiosis color in the middle, and then we ‘

Ve also got the shadow meiosis on the raid, which looks incredible, and if this is a taste of things to come, when we get for a chapter 2 season 3 tomorrow, I am hate for this. Let me know which of these three variants as your favorite, which one will you be rocking and we still don’t know.

What are these pits going to be? If they are even paced are the back legs? Are they something else that if it has in store first, which you do not know, someone left a comment? Err? They are saying it because they were pets which actually fold your boat on the map.

I would be down for that. That would be super cool, so stay tuned here for all things. Hornet company and the channel tomorrow will be dropping all the battle past challenge gates for you and everything else, which is happening, including movie livestream.

Tomorrow night, some gameplay, where you guys can play and my squad so make sure you subscribe, bring that notification, mail and drop your epic games names down below and use my support. The key record, when you pick up the battle pass or if you pick up anything in a time shop for sure just these legends have done on screen so make sure you take a picture of my cord and use when you make that purchase for a shout-out.

Thank you very much for watching stay safe. My friends we’ll, see you tomorrow for foreign aid. Chapter 2 & # 39; the season 3 [ Music, ]

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