Hey what’s going on youtube today? I’m, going to be showing you a new apk for movies and tv shows and live television from around the world. This used to be on kodi used to be a very, very famous add-on.

Now it’s, an apk it works flawlessly. I’m, going to show you how to install this completely new just launched today. Let me take you through it. Let me show you how it works and let’s, install it okay, so it works for fire.

Stick android phone android devices, you name it! I’m doing this on a fire stick, but if you’re on an android box, you just get downloader on android box. Follow me on a fire stick and i’ll. Tell you a little bit how you get it on the android box or a phone okay, so go to settings on the fire, stick and then go to my fire tv, okay and developer options and from here make sure you turn on apps from unknown sources.

Let’s, click that on and let’s. Turn it on okay hit the home button. It’s going to take you here, go to search and search for an application called downloader. If you’re on an android device, you simply go to play store and you search for downloader downloader.

An orange icon is going to appear just like that. You’re, going to click on that orange icon, also available in the play store for android, and you’re, going to download the downloader application from the amazon app store.

Okay, once that’s, finished downloaded and installed, we’re gonna open that up by hitting the open button. Okay, press that open button it’s. Gon na ask us allow or deny so we’re gonna allow, and then we’re gonna press, the ok button.

Okay, once we’re here, click one up click into here and we simply gonna put in this – get dot file. Linked.Com, okay – and this is going to get you sports. A lot of people have been asking me about sports.

Okay, so put in get dot file linked dot com, just like that, once you put that in there get dot file link dot com, we’re gonna press that go button. Press the go button right there, it’s, going to say connecting and it’s going to start downloading the application.

Okay, when it’s finished downloading it’s, going to ask us to install the application. We’re, going to get a pop-up and it’s going to say, would you like to install file linked and we’re gonna say, install on the file linked application? Now, when i open this application up, i’m gonna give you a code and a pin number to my subscribers, so make sure you hit the subscribe button right now.

You’re gonna get the code and a pin number okay. Let’s, open the file link up by pressing the open button. This is gonna come up okay. So what i want you to do right here, right now, when it comes up you’re gonna click into the enter code box; click right in there and put in one two three, four: five: six: seven, eight twos! Okay, once you put in the eight twos press the next button, once you press the continue button now it’s, highlighted in blue already it’s, gonna say, get pin and a bellow.

It’s going to say, enter, pin let’s; click on the enter pen right there and we’re going to hit the continue button. Okay, it’s, going to throw you into my store dismiss so for these type of applications.

We’re, going to get our first application here right at the top it’s already highlighted just click on it. It’s. The ipvanish vpn dismiss any pop-ups when you click the download button, it’s, going to download it, and then it’s going to become a play button, which means i can install the apk now.

So let’s. Install ipvanish before i show you this apk, so let’s, hit the play button on ipvanish and press the install button on the ipvanishvpn. Now, when it’s finished installing ipvanish and i’ll, explain everything in detail soon: press the done button.

Okay! So after installing the ipvanish vpn, we hit the done button and now let’s get our apk. So you’re, going to scroll down in my store, and then you’re, going to look for right here. Uk turks apk! So let’s; click on that it’s going to download uk turks apk amazing playlist.

I’m going to get into detail. I’m, going to show you how it works used to be on cody. Great developer works really great okay, so we’ve installed the ipvanishvpn. We hit the done button. We didn’t open it up.

I’ll, explain everything in detail, and now we’re downloading. The uk, turks apk and when that’s finished, you’re, simply going to press the play button just like ipvanish to install it okay. So let’s.

Do that and let’s hit that play button and let’s say install okay. So now we’re. Installing the uk, turks apk and i’m gonna show you all the content inside we’re gonna open it up and you can get any other apks from my store that you wish.

So let’s. Press the done button once it installs and you can scroll down and get any other apks. They’re gonna work and they’re gonna work, great okay, so they go uk turks apk installed. I’m gonna hit the home button, and i also have ipvanish vpn here that we’ve installed.

So i’m, just gonna open up ipvanish right now and you can get a link for your own account below. I’ll, explain everything! So let’s start up ipvanishvpn and it’s. Going to ask you for your own username and password, you can get your own username and password from the link below in the pin comment and in the description.

Click on that bitly link go to the website there and choose your package. Okay, you’re, going to get right now for my link anywhere from 50 to 70 off right now it’s. 73. I believe, once you pick your package, you’re gonna get an email confirmation; click on that email; confirmation to activate your account once you have your account.

Login it’s. Super simple: it’s, going to keep you protected using any of these apks using uk turks apk it’s, going to give you more links. As some internet service providers are blocking content and you can use this on unlimited devices.

Unlimited many many devices you’re gonna log in and you’re gonna be fully protected. Okay, and let me show you once i log in exactly what to do follow along and i’ll. Keep you safe. Give you more content and keep you protected: okay, okay, once logged into the vpn go to the gear, icon right here, say, start ipvanish and say: startup connection, action, click on that and say connect to fastest server, keep auto, reconnect on and go to split tunneling.

This is important and if you have netflix hula disney plus, you would put a check mark on and i’ll show you how so let’s say i put it on prime, because the vpn doesn’t work. Well with prime, that means you know uh, you might get different content, so i search for prime and then i put a check mark on prime.

Why i’m doing this. I don’t want the vpn on, while using prime netflix disney plus hulu doesn’t all those applications peacock. You might want to turn your vpn off, so you put it in the split tunneling, but all the other applications will still use the vpn except the applications that i add into the split tunneling.

Okay, click back click back and then make sure scramble mode is on very important. Go to country click on it, and i’m going to select the united states click on united states and then i’m going to press that connect button right there.

Once you hit that connect button, you’ll, get a pop-up like this press, the ok button, and now i’m fully protected with a vpn. I’m ready to open my uk turks, apk or any other apks from my store. This could be used on unlimited devices.

It’s, a great great great choice. Okay, i hit the home button and i’m going to find my uk turks. So i’m going to see all all my apps. I can even move it to the front if i wanted to so i can use any of these applications.

They’re. All my story. They’ll, give you live tv, they’ll. Give you free movies and tv shows like strix, sofa tv red box live net tv, tv, top excellent choices, but today we’re. Looking at the uk, turks playlist, let’s.

Click on that. Once you have your vpn on and uk turks should start up, and this is fire – stick ready works with the fire. Stick remote great little interface, very simple, so we got the cartoon section.

So you can click on cartoons and you can watch cartoons. We got concert section it’s, complete media center. Okay, we can get our favorites, we got a radio if we want, we got our stand up, comedy, which i love, stand up, comedy documentaries, and then we got our movies tv shows.

So let’s, go live tv and i ‘ Ll, show you how this works. So you got your live tv. You got your sports tv, your turkish tv, pay-per-view replace, which is great and cctv, which is uh camera tv. Okay.

So if you click on live tv, for example, it will pop up all our channels and then you would click on that channel. And then you could have a few links here and then you would click on that link and that would play the channel.

That’s simple! You can hit the back arrow to go back uh sports. Are there fully packed? Unfortunately, i can’t play any of the live tv due to youtube. Policies therefore feel free to explore and try them out.

Okay, tv shows same thing: you go in pick, your tv show classic current catch up. Whatever you need to do movie section is great, so for movies, i would say, you know new movies and it’s got so many nice categories and look how fast this is it’s, got all these movie categories? Okay, it’s all nicely categorized for you, isn’t that awesome right.

So i’d, say new movies and then let’s say i wanted to watch shadow. Ah, let’s watch something else. Yeah, let’s. Do vengeance, click on that and it’ll. Give you many choices. You can choose any choice.

Look how many links we have! Okay, you can mark it as watched and then hit the 720p or, whichever link you select, it’ll spin up the screen will turn black, give it a few seconds and the movie will play its most direct links in here.

So there you go movies already playing mostly direct links. They work very, very well. Okay, hit back that’s it and put a little watched on it. Okay, so now it’s telling me i watched that, so it keeps track for you as well, so that’s, great documentary sections, uh biography, documentaries.

This is awesome. This is super super curve. Mighty ira hit link what hit link two three whatever, if link one doesn’t work, link to that’s. The great thing about uk turks, several links and, as you can see when i’m clicking around here, black screen sound, is coming on and there you go it’s.

Working click back super fast. This complete media center. Look how fast and smooth this is, you guys are going to love. It works great with a vpn on uh. You can check for updates here, not too much options.

Okay, you can enable a2z, uh or z2a. I believe there you go uh favorites check for updates. All that and we’re in version 1.00. I always keep it updated guys, like i promise you. This is incredible. I love the uk, turks playlist and i love the stuff uk turk has worked on this guy has been around for a long time.

Back in the you know, genesis exodus days for those of you that remember uh, he’s, a cool guy. He’s, been doing that for a while, so uh on and on on an android phone. You will get ads um. My fire stick is not getting ads here because i’m using a vpn uh, most likely, so the dns server is different.

So i’m, not getting any ads here, but if you use it on android phone, you will get a 30 second ad. This is not a cracked apk. I didn’t, remove the ads i could have. I didn’t. Do it because i like to give back and support the devs uh.

You know he’s. He’s, scraping those links from all over the internet. That’s. Why uh needs a little bit back? So if you use it on your phone watch, those ads that helps the guy out that helps him motivate it uh.

You know, give a little bit of a buck in his pocket. You know for him to grab a coffee. Whatever he needs to do, but uh that’s, uh that on fire stick, i didn’t, get any ads uh. This is due probably to the vpn i’m using and you’re gonna highly enjoy it.

If you don’t have a vpn on, you will probably get ads. Okay, so or if you don ‘ T have a if you haven’t changed your dns, i don’t want to get into it all that in this video, but this is a great apk.

It works really great. I think you guys are going to enjoy it. Let me know in the comments: what do you think about the uk turks and please uh, if you have a moment, drop a comment below where you guys are checking in from like to hear it.

Let me know if you guys voted drop, a comment below say. Yes, i voted. I didn’t vote with the whole election going on uh we’ll, see you know what happens in the united states right now kind of excited.

I’m watching from canada drop a comment below guys your city and if you voted or not, that’d, be helpful uh. Also what i wanted to say before i go yeah make sure you grab that vpn discount right now. It’s, a huge discount, you’re gonna get through my link, that is in the pin, comment and the description.

Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here. I’m out of here. This is uk turks app

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