Hello team in this video I’m gonna show you how to install fire anime on your Amazon fire TV device and also there may or may not be a question hidden in this video. But if you find it, let me know okay, so I want you to go from your main menu over to the right over to settings.

Let’s, click on that. Let’s, go down and it’ll. Go over to my fire TV, so click on my fire TV then make sure you go to developer options and make sure both of these are on ok and good. Both Ramon. We’re gonna hit the home button.

Then I want you to go over 1 to the magnifying glass at the top there, and I want you to type in downloader so that’s D, o W and once you type in down you’ll, see it at the bottom. There so type in downloader and click on that.

Ok, you’ll. Get to this screen right here now. I already have it so once I click on it. Download is just gonna open, but for you it may say install that’s perfectly fine, so just click on it install it on your in.

So once you install downloader it’ll. Take you to this screen right here, so I want you to type this in, exactly as I do, and as always, it’ll, be on the screen, so just follow along and you should be fine, so it’s.

Gon na be cloud tech support. I should ‘ Ve chose a shorter name that’s thanks last year a PK store Wow. I should I could have made this a little smaller okay. So once you have that type thing. So once the page loads up for you, I need you to scroll down to join mailing list.

If you’re interested in finding out and being up to date on all the latest tutorials coming out and a newest apks, such as the one I’m gonna show you right now, just click on this button. Right here, drop your name and the email address and hit Send and you’ll, be notified on a weekly basis of everything coming up to keep yourself updated in the world of streaming.

So anyway, once you do that, if you want to do that scroll down afterwards and we’re gonna look for oh, that needs to be changed. That’s funny so anyway, go to go to fire enemy. Okay, then usually go to download fire anime.

Just click on that. That will not look like that forever. I’m. Sorry y ‘ All saw that, oh man, that was sloppy alright, so click on that and then scroll down over to install click on install all right.

So once this installs for you, it’ll, take a little bit of time. I want you to go down and over to I’m. Sorry, no got it done, so I head score down, got it done that was close, then I want you to go over and click delete.

Let’s. Click on delete, go over and click delete again. Okay and now you have it so we’re gonna hit the home button. Once you scroll down, see your apps and channels and go all the way to the right to see you all right.

There just scroll down, it should be all the way at the bottom. For you there we go it’s, a fire anime once you to hit the three buttons inside one time, click move and bring it up to the top. Okay, then you get to go and let this load up.

You get choice, a bunch of different add-ons right here, just click on one and search away. So guys like thank you for watching this tutorial. I hope you worked out for you. If you have any questions as always drop a comment below I, like the video subscribe to the channel and also scribe time endless every week, you get the newest updates.

So it’s, a lot of new cool stuff in there and also check out our website, because that’s, where I keep a bunch of different tutorials that don’t show up on my page. So with that being said, I’m out. I’ll, see you guys in the next

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