Today, I’m gonna be showing you how to stop the buffering on your Amazon fire. Stick device stay tuned. Welcome to another cloud tech support, quick tutorial today, I’m gonna be showing you how to stop that buffering on your Amazon, fire TV and fire stick devices it’s gonna take a few easy steps, but Before we jump Into that I want to let you know that the fastest and most efficient method to stop this from happening would be to purchase the product that’s in the link in the description.

Right now is right on Amazon and it works as an Ethernet adapter that allows you to connect an ethernet to your Amazon fire TV and just get the job done without having any issues. We all know Wi-Fi isn’t as reliable as we’d like it to be, and this is the best method in order to fix your issues right now from the start.

So with that being said, the product link is in the description. So let’s, jump back into our first move, alright, so what you want to do is go over over over to settings once you’re in settings, go down and over to applications.

Ok, once you’re in applications, I want you to go down to manage installed applications and make sure the apps you aren’t using are already on. Fourth stop just to make sure they’re, not running. In the background, which will indeed slow down your experience, so if then, if you’ve gone through this list and you four stopped on everything, then you’re fine here I’ve already done it.

You’re, not gonna click for stop or anything right. Now it’ll just take too long. So once you’re done there, just go back, go back again and we’re gonna go over over to preferences once your preferences.

I want you to go down to data or monitoring click, ok on data monitoring and make sure that this is off. Ok, it usually comes in with it on turn that off once that’s off, go back, go down notification, settings and turn do not interrupt off, make sure that’s off and then go down to app notifications and hit OK and Make sure all of these are off all right, as you can see, all of mine are off already.

I have no use for them when I’m, not using them, and there’s, no reason for them to be popping up. As notifications, while I’m watching something so make sure all that’s off alright, so with those steps being done, we’re gonna move into step two.

However, those are the only things you can do for your amazon firetv device settings wise there’s, not much else. You can change here. So we’re gonna go into our terrarium TV app and change some settings right now.

If you don’t have to rmtv, I suggest you use the video that’s, popped up right now in the card and download this app, because it’s worth it and then come back to this video and start From here, okay, so we’re gonna go over to the main screen right to your home screen.

I want you to scroll down into terrarium TV and hit okay. So what we’re gonna do here is just change. A few settings just to help it move a little bit more smoother if you’re running into issues. So I want you to go over to the left and you ‘

Ll, see those three lines hit okay. There then I want you scroll all the way down to settings hit okay on settings. Alright, so once you’re in settings, I want you to go to choose default video player.

Now it’s suggested that you use the yes player. I use the yes play all the time and I have no issues when it comes to buffering. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, a lot of people say MX player, but it it’s hit or miss for me.

So I’m sticking with yes player. I’m, suggesting you guys do the same, but dealer’s choice once you have it on there hit the back button, then you can scroll down scroll down to filter out non-english TV shows this is all preference for me.

Specifically. I don’t need it, so I leave that off unchecked show HD links only if you feel your connection is that great you can definitely hit okay on show HD links only. But if you have this option selected, I suggest you use the product in the link in the description.

Okay, so then scroll down, filter out cam version links definitely check that because there’s, no reason for you to be watching something in that kind of trash quality so make sure that’s checked and let’s, see What else we got here, scroll down source list refresh time, okay, so mine is at 13.

I recommend yours is that somewhere between 11 and 13, so it’s at 13. Leave it there. If it’s not probably pick it put it at 12 to 13 or so all right, so once you have that scroll down and seeking anything else, you track TV um, I don’t use it.

So if you don’t use this there’s, no reason for it to be using it. In the background of all your processes, so make sure all of these are unchecked. They’re. Probably, on default are checked so Auto check in make sure there’s.

Nothing in that box same for auto at an auto, send scroll down auto sync: we don’t need that either so make sure that’s unchecked and let’s, see okay, those are pretty much the only settings you Need to change in terrarium TV to make it as efficient as possible.

However yeah, when you’re watching a show, I suggest you make one change as well just double check to make sure that it’s on the yes player. So I’m going to choose to blacklist. For now I’m gonna go over to seasons pick whichever season you want.

I’m just taking it for four right now and once you’re here, you want to make sure that this, for instance, let’s pick sure I’m gonna stick with this one here so Season 1 episode. 1. I’m gonna hit play just so I can get to the next screen.

Let this load in and find all the working links for it. Okay, so once all these load up, you can see. I have a bunch of high quality stream. Just picking up, I’m, not gonna click. Anything because I don’t want any smoke.

What I’m gonna do, is you see this little? I believe it’s this one here the play button with a circle around it. If you hit OK on that and let you choose your default player, so I’m gonna make sure that yes, player is selected because it’s recommended and, like I said it works best for me.

So let’s, just stick to that. One make sure that’s on it. If it is, you’re good to go and that’s, pretty much it. I hope it worked out for you, like. I said if these little tweaks, didn’t, do what you hoped it would.

I suggest you using the product link description. It works well, it’ll, get your system running the way it should be, and that’s. Exactly the product you need, if you’re, trying to watch big streams with a huge file size and a lot of loading.

So I hope this video helped you guys out. If you have any questions, drop. A comment below like the video subscribe to the channel, share it out and click the notification bow, because that really helps your channel grow and it helps me get this this information out to more people at a faster rate.

Ok, so I hope this video up to y’all guys. I’ll, see you later and I’ll, see you in the next one

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In this video, CloudTech Support will show you how to lessen the ANNOYING BUFFERING on your AMAZON FIRESTICK / Fire TV / Android devices. I will also talk about the Amazon FireTV Adapter that allows you to connect an ethernet adapter which will help put an END TO BUFFERING AND SPEED UP YOUR DEVICE. I will also mention Terrarium TV and ways to stop that from buffering as well. This is a February 2019 Tutorial!


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