In this video we are going to look at a whole bunch of new add-ons, a couple for sports. So let’s, go ahead and check these out, and just to remind you that if you want more videos from my channel, just click the blue hash tag under the video and you’ll, see all the other videos that I have Been making for the past couple of years, so let’s, go ahead and check these out, and I would like to mention that I have one sponsor for this video.

It’s. Ipvanish it’s, got a 7 day. Money-Back guarantee it’s, a great way to protect yourself. While you’re on the Internet, um there’s, a price here for a yearly one. But if you click the link in the description below you’ll actually get a better price on it, so check that out, let’s, get right to it here.

Visions of destiny is an add-on from the one nation repo and it’s about movies and live TV shows. If you look in the picture here, it’s, also linked to one called enigma, which is my second add-on that I’m, showing here in this video and also it’s, a it’s, got a Little bit more to it, mostly movies TV shows some documentaries and stuff like that, so both of those come from the one nation repo.

Next, let’s check out a couple, other ones, and these actually the next two are actually both from the same repository. This is Chuckie video movies, TV shows, documentaries and another one from this particular conglomerate here is mirror video again with movies and TV shows, so both those are fairly similar but drawing different sources so check them both out.

Next, we’ve got one about boxing, and this comes from the luxray repository. Come at me. Bro, you can see it ‘ S got all different types of fighting here, so go ahead and check out that add-on. If you’re into the fights – and I got one for sports here – called end zone, this one’s showing NFL and n-c-double-a, and actually later this week, I’m, going to put out a video dedicated solely to finding Sports, because NFL and see they doubled a football.

Both are starting or have started already, so there’ll, be some ways to check out those and in the future, to check out my live streams so that’s. Our video for today, thanks for watching comment below

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