This is a special news bulletin from Cody add-ons earlier today, a whole bunch of repositories were taken down. We need to discuss what’s happened and what remains in this the day people are dubbing add-on, mageddon.

So but four o’clock. Eastern Standard Greenwich, noble time today, we lost four repositories out of the blue. Firstly, we lost over easy, followed by the long-standing maverick TV, repo, 13 clowns and everybody’s.

Favorite supremacy first of all, talk about is the over easy one, which was just one particular add-on, and it also had destiny and in and in the past, but this one declared dead. Next, we have the 13 clowns, maybe the best all in one repository out there for the last few months, also dead, followed by the long-serving that’s been around for well as long as I’ve been doing these videos maverick TV, Which means we lost several add-ons.

Firstly, we lost the Maverick TV repo itself for add-on itself. I should say followed by maverick at the flicks, followed by Gen X, followed by Joker sports and even magic. Dragon was a part of this repository recently.

All of these are gone, then supremacy some Rosie Irish went down a couple of days ago, but I’m kind of lumping these all together now supremacy had a number of add-ons that were top quality. Maybe some of the best out there have the supremacy out on itself magic dragon.

We’re gonna talk more about magic dragon, though coming up Yoda and aspis, and there are even a few other ones. Joyride aatrox were also in this repository, but earlier this week they all died. So supremacy is gone.

There’s, even rumors the supremacy dude was arrested. I can neither confirm nor deny those rumors, but let’s. Talk about what’s still around what still works first, one I’ve got for you is the Exodus Redux.

Now this one can be installed at this particular web address. Here I will attempt to maybe you ‘ Ll see a card appearing in the top right corner, telling you are showing you how to install this.

If you don’t know how I will also try to include this address in my description below, so you can just copy and paste it in. If you are so skilled, if you’re, not a rookie, if you’re rookie, please click on the card that has appeared there’s, gonna be a few more appearing and it ‘

Ll. Show you how to install these ones so Exodus Redux. It is around and working next deceit. This one’s recently been updated. Is tonight’s, it’s, a nice all-in-one. It’s from one nation personally, using this one, maybe the most of any one, so go ahead and check out deceit again.

Also in the description you’ll find this repository for easy copy paste. What else we got? Well, we ‘ Ve got the magic dragon. This one has actually reappeared it’s in the ruby jewel wizard repository.

There are a few other add-ons in this repo too, but imagine dragging everybody’s familiar with it, go ahead and get it it’s been bouncing around or went from Supremacy at maverick TV, and now it’s. It’s in this particular repository here.

So uh you know, go check it out next, one I’ve got for you here is Loki this one’s, probably little underrated. Again it’s, a nice all-in-one, and that can be found at this short web address here and we’ve also got now there’s, duster and destiny of Death.

Star destiny is just a new one and they’re both found in this particular repo here from the miniature life 67. In fact, this repo also has a few other add-ons to check out as well, that are nice and reliable, but Death.

Star and destiny are the one two that are working the best right now we’ve also got numbers. This one was recently updated again it’s, a nice all in one, so go check out this one from the cellar-door repo and scrubs.

Now the jus BMX repository here all not only has scrubs, but it also has the bearded bandit that I’ve enjoyed in the past. It’s recently updated there’s, a tune topia one here and also cool TV series.

So all four of these can be found in this particular repository. So you can install that and check those ones out, and this is sort of brought me to an idea for a new format where, in the future I may just do a short video presenting, say five add-ons I’ll include some cards up in The top right corner for people that aren’t sure how to install these add-ons and click on that I’ll show you how to do it, but this could be a new way to to do some videos that way, people that Are experienced to get the web addresses if they know how to install it, they can go right to the the file manager and put them in there and for people that aren’t sure you can follow the videos, as I’m.

Linking them here – and I will see about this new format I feel like it might be a little bit of more work on work for me, but who knows? Maybe it’ll work out a little better in the end, so anyway, add-on mageddon is hopefully complete.

Who knows I don’t know how long these repositories are gonna last don’t get upset if they go down it’s, not my fault. I’m, just the messenger here so anyway, Cody add-ons. Please go and enjoy

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