Hey what’s happening YouTube today? I’m, going to be loading. The fire stick with your top best applications for free movies and TV shows. In 2020, I went through a lot of optin decided. These are the top ones you’re, going to enjoy for free movie content, TV show content and some even will offer a little bit of live TV in them.

Okay, let me take you through this on the fire stick. This will work on any Android box. Pretty simple. To do. First thing you want to do. Is you want to go to settings to load this, and then you want to go to my fire, TV or my device from there.

You want to click on developer options and make sure apps from unknown sources is turned on. So I’m, going to turn that on once I’m finished. Doing that all I’m going to do is press the home button. Once I press the home button, I will get presented with the screen here.

I’ll, go to the search icon right there and I like to hit the voice remote. It’s much easier. I’m, going to search for an application called downloader downloader. This is gonna find the download our application free it’s.

Gon na come up as an orange icon, like that, you want to click on that icon or type in downloader. If you don’t wish to use the Alexa remote and hit the download button if you’re on an Android box, just simply pull up the Chrome browser or Firefox and follow along from this point.

Okay, I’m gonna fully load it for you or a cell phone. You pull up a Chrome browser. This is just a browser for us to load another application. It’s going to allow me to load the top top applications in your fire.

Stick once it finished. We’re gonna just press that open button right there. It’s. Gon na come up with a screen like this and press the allow button, and I’m gonna press. The ok button once here, click into this blinking, the cursor here right there and typed into following URL.

So we’re gonna type in get dot file. Link comm is what you want to put in so get file just like that linked comm, ok, so exactly the way you see it on the screen. Now I’m typing it out now: okay, get dot file, link, dot, column, just type in exactly like that.

Okay, get file like calm once you’re done that all you have to do is press that go bun when you press the go bond by typing, get the file linked and calm or put it in your browser. If you’re using an Android device, it’s, going to sitt connecting once it connects it’s, going to download the file link the application just like I have it here on my screen.

Once it downloads finishes its gonna prompt us to install the application, so we’re gonna hit the install button. Once this progress is completed. Okay: okay, we get prompted to press the install button and then once it finished installing we’re gonna press, the Open button it’s, going to open up the file link application.

Let’s! Press the Open button. Okay, now I’m gonna give you a PIN number and a code to get into my store, which is always always up to date, and you’re, going to be able to get the newest application. So you’re, looking at my store, so you want to go in here now.

Don’t hit anywhere else on the screen, just press the enter code here in the middle and pull it in the following code. One two three, four: five, six, seven eight to be exact and you’re gonna press. The next button on the eight twos make sure you only press the continue button and it’s.

Going to ask you for a PIN number. I’m, going to click into a blinking thing enter PIN and I’m gonna give you the pin number right now. 47 50, for this store exclusively is for all my subscribers on YouTube so hit that subscribe.

Button subscribe to. My channel to always get an updated pin number okay. 47 54 – is the pin number. I’m gonna press the next button and then just make sure you press the continue button. Okay, now you get thrown into the store you’re gonna dismiss okay hit that subscribe button to my channel right now and you’ll see a couple of applications.

You’ll, be landing here in my store, which is always updated with the newest apps dismiss any pop-ups that pop up. We’re gonna click, the download on the ipvanish VPN, so it’s. Gon na start downloading.

The ipvanish VPN, you can see the progress here going and downloading you’re gonna see a couple of things like cody and some other things. Okay, just keep scrolling down until you get to the movies and shows apps, and here’s, the best ones we’re gonna get the cinema apk, so gonna hit the download button.

Okay, so that’s. Our first best best vacation cinema, apk, okay, keep scrolling down. We’re gonna do the zeny TV. So we’re doing cinema apk, we’re, doing Zinny TV, so we hit that download arrow and when it’s finished downloading its gonna become a play button.

This will turn into a play button, and this is any TV will turn into a play button as well. When the download is finished scroll up and let’s check on our ipvanish VPN download it’s completed okay, you have that play button.

There. You’re gonna hit that play button and you’re. Gon na install the ipvanish VPN make sure you press the done button when finished installing the VPN that’s, going to give you more links and more content.

Okay, we’re gonna press. The done button, not the open, let’s, not open this up. Yet I’m gonna open it up and give you all the details. So you want to scroll down and see how we’re doing with our movie in to show apps download.

You can see that cinema apk finished downloading. We can make that play button, press the install button, just like the ipvanish VPN and then followed by the done button. Okay, so here we are installing cinema apk, very good for movies and TV shows, show you all the details and show you how to work.

These apps as well press the done button. Okay, our next one, that is one of my favorites – is zeny TV, that’s, the second one on the list press the install and press the done button when it completes so we put cinema apk, Zini TV so far too, but I’m gonna show you some more.

I’m gonna leave you with a fully loaded fire. Stick with a lot of these applications. You’re gonna press nones, any TV. You get a notification. You keep going down next. One we’re gonna do is the B TV so hit the download arrow B TV will start to download and same thing will happen.

This will turn it into a play button. Okay, let it finish so here we are B TV when it ‘ S finished play button, and now we’re ready to install it. Okay, hit that play button and press the install button, and that will install B TV.

So we got B TV, we got cinema apk, we got xenja TV. So far we ‘ Ve got those three okay installing and we’re, going to press the done button. When finished. Okay, there you go, let’s, press the done button B.

Tv is finished there’s, some other ones, but I’m gonna choose the top top ones for you, okay, the next one I’m. Going to do is Nova TV so hit that download button Nova TV is going to download and when it’s finished.

Of course it’s, going to become a play button as well: okay, so no TV, so we got B TV. We got Zinni TV from my list, we got Nova TV, we got cinema apk. So far. Okay, we got four, so I’m, going to press the play button and install Nova TV as our fourth application.

So I’m gonna probably show you around six okay, so let V VY TV finished and we’re gonna press the done button on vevo TV. These are great great applications. You’re asking me why I’m, showing you so many applications, not just one, because if one doesn’t give you certain links for movies and TV shows the other one will.

If one buffers you jump to the other one and I’ll show you all that in details, okay and press the done button on vita TV, okay, next one you can get it’s. The free flicks AP KHQ right here. Okay, hit the downloads for free flicks.

So this we got free flicks, we got nova, we got cinema EP, kick, we got zini TV and we got B TV. So far, so we got our five okay, so we got our five and we’re downloading free flicks right now, okay, so here we are, we downloading free, flicks and then after free flicks, I’m, going to load the last one Which is theater plus feeder plus, is an excellent apk.

It’s, a one click apk. It’s very small here. It’s downloading, so free flicks, three flicks theater plus BT TV, Zini, TV Nova, TV cinema apk. Those are my top six apks that I highly highly recommend. So I’m.

Just gonna wrap these two up. I’m, going to install them right now, so we ‘ Ve got free here, play button. Okay, if that play button and stole the free flicks apk it’s, just been updating. Little people show the free flicks, but free flicks is now really really nice.

I’ll. Show you why it’s really nice and why it works, really really good okay. So these are the top six. You’re, not going to be disappointed with you can go around looking for thousands and thousands of apks.

But this is your go to okay and you can come back into my store at any time to get more apks or to get the update at apks. Okay, press the done button, the free flicks uploaded okay, now feeder plus I’m gonna hit that play fun.

I’m, going to hit the install button on feeder plus and then once I’m finished. We’re, just gonna press the done button, and I’m gonna check out all the apps that we’ve installed. We’ll. Take a look at the list.

Okay, all done. Okay, I can simply back out from file link like look, I can say you know and session, and the codes in there, so I can go in anytime back into the file in store. So I’ll hit home on my fire.

Stick and here’s. The file linked application go to your apps and channels. I’m gonna remove them on reorganize them a little bit. So these are probably that app apps you’re gonna be using the most is the ipvanish VPN I’ll, get into that in a minute, move to front three lines and move to front okay.

I’d, like to move them to the front the ones I use a lot file link. We’re gonna use a lot, so I’m gonna move to front as well, and then I’m gonna move our other apks as well to the front. So what did we get? We got xeni TV, we remove the front okay and we got B TV.

I’m, going to move down onto the front okay as well, and we got to go to the front okay to the front. There you go so is any TV B TV and I’m gonna move viva TV to the front, and then I’m gonna move free, flicks HQ to the front.

Then I’m, going to move feeder plus to the front and let’s, see if all our apps are there and if they installed successfully okay – and I’m missing one which is cinema apk. So I’ve. Actually I forgot to install it.

I think now it’s right here nevermind, so I’m gonna move it to the front. I thought I forgot to install it. Okay, so let’s. Look at the list: sinem apk feeder, plus free flicks, Viva TV Zini, TV B, TV, our filing application, our ipvanish.

We all loaded all that, okay before I use any of these apks to get more links more TV, shows more movies and get content. A some Internet service providers started blocking links in the United States and all over the world.

I recommend using ipvanish, so I ‘ Ll drop a link right here on the screen. Doesn’t bitly link bitly VPN 60 off you see here also in the pin comment and in the description you’re gonna get a huge discount for a VPN through my channel for this link it’s, going To give you a big discount, so before you run any of these apks stay safe, stay protected, sign up for a VPN account.

It’s, going to work much better for you using these apps once you have an account and you click that link in a pinned comment description. You sign up for an account. You’re, going to get an email confirmation; click that email confirmation to confirm your account and you’ll, be ready to go login.

So I’m going to log in to mine. I’m, going to show you quickly how to set up so let’s log into my VPN right now: okay, okay, once logged in follow these simple steps, go to the gear, icon, wouldn’t, say start ipvanish, just Going to start an on startup startup connection, action connect to fastest server from here.

I have Auto reconnect, then make sure click on split tunneling. If you have Netflix so I have Netflix. So I’m, going to click on split tunneling and I’m gonna select Netflix from the list. If you have Hulu Plus or any other paid applications, select them from the list.

Split tunneling is going to prevent the VPN being on when using these apks, because they don’t work well with a VPN. Okay, then head back splitting that, and I’m gonna put scramble mode on okay. Now, when you’re done that go to the left hand, side, country and select the United States, it’s, going to give us the most links and the most content in these apks.

So I select United States and then we’re gonna hit the connect button. Okay, it’s gonna pop up with this screen press, ok and then you should see like little mountains, bold Hills that you’re connected.

If not, you’ll, get an option to reconnect just hit reconnect and it should work. You should only show you that, once you should never get it again, it’s. Only on the first run that I seen that little dialogue box to reconnect now I’m, fully connected and fully protected, Los Angeles server.

I’ll hit home and I’ll, get it into showing you all the apks. Now I can safely run these apks and I can safely show you how they work so lets me show you these apks, okay, okay, so the first apk is the cinema.

Apk just click on it and run it. It’s, going to come up like this press. The ok button, if it asks you to update, always take the updates. So I got the newest version and then you got you got the search.

You got the filter, then you got drop down menu. You can go popular, trending top rated and then hamburger menu. You can go to movies and TV shows and switch between. So I’m gonna go to movies and I’m just gonna pick a movie here.

So I’m gonna pick the lovebirds I’m gonna hit the lovebirds and then what happens it goes off. It shows you, you can watch the trailer or you can watch the action stream and this applications one of the best and you’re gonna see the streams will start to populate.

You can click to the right and then you can select your stream. You can see. I have a large amount of streams. If one doesn’t work, you can always click on another stream. So I’m, going to select one of the streams here and then you can hit play or you can hit that play button to select a random stream okay.

So I’m going to play and you can see this will pop up. It will start to spin up and then, when the movie loads, you ‘ Ll, see a timer here that some of the movie loaded it’s. Pre buffering now right for me and then I’ll start playing the movie.

If it takes it takes about a minute or two to get the movie started. Some links are faster than others. If you’re having a problem with the link, you can try another link as well. You can also favor it and do a couple of things here and you can you turn on closed captioning, okay and okay, and now the content is playing.

I’m just going to pause it here. I’m gonna get out, and this is basically cinema. Apk movies TV shows it’s, going to work good for you. I’m just going to exit the app I’m, going to show you the second one, very easy to use, as I showed you theater Plus.

This is a one click application. This is the benefit of this one. That works a little bit different and you got teeth, shows movies varies to use, and then you can request for a new movie. So in your releases let’s say, and I’m, going to keep choosing the same movie just for the sake of comparison.

If I can find the same will be here, these are all the new releases. There you go lovebirds, you would click on the movie in this one and then you can add to favorites or play. So this supports a lot of content.

When you hit the play button, it’s, the same thing: okay, there you go now. The movies playing the speeder plus is amazing. It’s. Super quick, because you can see it popped up very fast. For me, you can enjoy feeder plus you can also click up and to the right and you can go to the gear icon and you can turn on English subtitles.

Okay. So it does some support subtitles. If you wish. Okay, let’s, see if they actually work that’s. Another thing I’m going to fast forward this and you can see this is a very, very, very fast AP case.

Ok, I guess the subtitles in this one are not supportive, but maybe some content will have the subtitles. If you turn it on okay, you got the TV show section as well and it’s. All one click like I said you click on the TV show.

You select your seasons very easy to use. You play the season and you hit that play button. This will spin up. You should have a timer jump in and then it just plays like this. This is the top dog feeder plus is one click.

Has everything you need? You’re gonna highly highly enjoy feeder plus I put it up to a cinema EPK it’s. Just incredible theater plus very easy to use search option as well enjoy guys works great with the VPN on okay, so cinema apk, theater plus next, I’m going to show you is the free flicks HQ apk, just updated it’s.

Got some new nice changes that I like? We’re running the version 4.30 here now and if it asks you to update, always take the update. As I said, press the allow button and say got it. Ok and this one is cool because you got the hamburger menu here at the top and you got the movies you got.

The TV shows anime cartoons and you got the live TV section, so you can go into live TV section. I’ll. Show you that first, I’m, just gonna hit back on here and then you can say you know what watch now and then you can go to these IP realists and you can get real live television.

Okay, so you click on these channels and then you can go to you know like USA, and that will pull up USA channels and then you can click on the actual channel and the channel should play okay. So this one has life to be as well to get up from life to you.

I’m just gonna head back. I’m, going to say exit life TV and I’m back in my movie section right default section is movie, but I can switch to TV shows as well so same concept. You search you find whatever you want, so we’re going with the lovebirds like always, and then I’ll hit just the watch button at the top here.

What happens? This goes off. I start scraping. It starts looking for content and starts looking for links on the Internet and the cool thing I like about this. They’ve added its shows, embedded links from sites, and then it shows direct Google links as well.

If this movie had any direct links, it would show them right now it ‘ S got four so my populate later on, but you can just simply select the embedded link or the direct link it’ll, say loading. Video will take a while a minute or two once it loads.

The video is start playing that content. If it’s too long sitting on loading, video and nothing is playing for you, it means that link is very slow or bogus and it might not work for you. So here you go you you have to like a play button, and then you can hit that play button.

If it’s, an embedded link, okay and there’s, also direct links as well. So here’s, the embedded links and the direct link, so a lot of movies will have embedded links or direct links. Okay, free flicks is not as good as cinema EPK or feeder plus, but it does have some rare content.

I would say so. I put it in there in my list: it’s, not bad, and it’s going through some updates and eventually it will get better and better okay. So I like the layout, I like the way it’s laid out. So let’s, try a number on birds of prey.

You hit that watch button and then it goes off and a sidescraping free flicks. The reason I’m recommending free flicks, it might not be the best for movies and TV shows, but it ‘ S got the anime section.

It’s, got the live TV section. It’s. A well put apk it’s well put together. Okay, here are some embedded links as well just hit that and then I’ll load. That page and then you just hit the play button on that page.

Okay for the embedded links so free flicks HQ, not my favorite for movies and TV shows. I got ta, be honest, but really good for life TV! Okay! Next, I’m gonna show. You is the vive TV okay. So let’s start up the vive TV here.

When this comes up, you’ll, say Viva, TV, okay, and then it will boot up. You want to press the allow button and accept a disclaimer, okay and then select language. I’m gonna go with English. It’s. Gon na ask you to visit Twitter, you can hit cancel and that don ‘

T worry. I’m gonna accept the license and you got discover movies and TV shows. You got your sections at the top. You also have your hamburger menu too. If you ever wanted to go back – and you know, look at categories, look at the little recent check for updates things like that.

Okay, but we’re, just gonna go to the movie section for now, and then you can search as well. Okay, so you know we’re, going with the love bird, it’s. Gon na ask you to install t player just hit, cancel there’s, no way to install t player.

You’re, just gonna press, the watch now one what’s gonna happen, and this one supports casts as well. So if you have on your cell phone or any Android device, you can cast from this one as well. So it goes off and it starts to look for links as you can see it’s got a lot of links here.

Okay and then you can select the link, let’s say I want to watch this. You know FFF five movies, let’s, say 1080p. I’ll click on that I would select play and that’s. All you’ll. Do the player would come up and then I would try playing the content.

You would see a time here coming in when it connects to the link. So it’s still trying to connect to the link. It does take a minute or two to connect to the link it ‘ Ll, show you a timer, and then you’ll, be able to play that content from there very, very easy to use as well.

Okay and then you can exit the T player at any time. Okay, so I’m, just gonna exit here there you go, though, what’s playing there in a back room? I just exhibit so it does take a minute or two great great great up.

You’re gonna highlight me: enjoy vivo TV, okay, my next favorite one. We’re on our fifth one and then one more to look at is Zini TV. This is new. It’s, good. It’s great, very fast APK. I’m gonna hit allow and they’re working to improve me up.

I’m gonna hit okay and let’s hit home again. I think I went to a site, so let’s start it up. There you go. I ended up visiting a website through was any TV. If that happens, you can just go right back in here’s, the popular movies johnross home.

So I’m, just gonna go home and the thing I like about this one you can go by Walt Disney Sony, you can, you can filter right, so no need for our Disney Plus account, though just go to Walt Disney guys, and I’ll just say you know what I want to watch a Disney movie say it song word right: I’ll hit on word and then it’s.

Cool shows you that category shows you similar movies, and I can just press the watch Now button. But here’s, the cool thing about zini TV. Okay, once you press that watch fun, you’ll, get an act just simply back on the ad that’s simple and it will start trying to look for links in them Auto playing the links.

But here’s. The cool thing you can go down and you can hit the little s button with the little thing like that and that’s, going to show you the source to see how it’s, showing you the sources and it’s already playing this is this app is just really really good.

So I’m gonna pause it here. Okay, playing that quick huh, you can hit on the little source button and then you can actually see all the sources and then you can select the source you want. So if that wasn’t a good source ekiden another source and they’ll change sources, but that played right away, so that was actually a good source.

So I’ll, select the best source for you, okay and there you go it’s playing already. This will now buffer much for you. This will work very well and it’s already playing the movie. As you can see here, the timer okay and I’ll, start playing the content: beautiful 1080p content; okay, Seanie TV, just just an incredible beautiful, beautiful, apk; okay, so that’s, zinnia TV and now the last one I want to show You it’s, the B TV okay and we’ll, be wrapping up, show you quickly B TV, how it works, how it functions and with all these apks you should have a good amount of live TV, and you should good amount Of movies and TV shows press the allow button all on B, TV, internal players, fine English language, and then you get here.

You get search, filter, discover and that hamburger menu, let’s say I want movies. I’ll click on movie zombie TV and I’ll. Show you what I like about B TV, I’m gonna hit love birds just so we have a good comparison.

We’re gonna hit the play button. It’s. Gon na ask me for one player just hit cancel just like Viva asked for T player don’t install those players. We can’t install those players, but here’s, the cool thing, with B TV, as you can see, it gives us a lot of links, tons of Link’s.

Okay, it gives us tons of links and very fast and another cool thing. It’s got trusted sources, so sites that are trusted, but we don’t have to worry because we’re using a VPN anyways. So we don’t have to worry the sources, trust that are not trusted.

Okay and then, once you have a source, you can simply just click on that and it shows us quality normal and speed high. So we want to look for high speed and quality high okay, so we got normal quality normal and speed high.

You hit that play button btv. You will spin up you ‘ Ll, see you not, but this ad will disappear once the movie starts playing. So don’t worry about it and then once the movie catches on the player will come up like here we go, the player just came up and he’ll just start playing the movie.

Okay, I’m gonna just exit the player and that’s. How you work these apks. These are awesome. Btb has tons of tons of links, so if I had to rate them from one to six the best ones, I would put them in this order.

So here’s, the order guys that I will put them in okay, so I would say theater plus, would be number one for me. Cinema EPK would be number two for me and then I would put Zinni TV as birth, three okay and then I would make btv number four and then vivo TV number, five and then reflux HQ number six for movies and TV shows.

My free flicks HQ is great for live TV okay, so these are the six top apks right now, four to 20, okay for movies and TV shows. Let me know this work for you, the were you able to load them on successfully.

Are there working for you? Let me know if you were able to get the VPN discount if the link for the VPN worked. If you’re able to sign up, if you’re having any problems or anything whatsoever, it’s. A 30-day money-back guarantee, so that link is in the pink Collin description.

I recommend using the VPN ipvanish that I got from my filing store it’s also available in the Amazon store. You can use it up to 10 devices so grab that from the pin common description. Let me know how it all worked out for you.

Let me know in the comments below where you guys from where you guys staying right, now drop your location and drop. Your comments, I’m, looking forward to hearing from you guys, and hopefully this se top six is a good list for you guys to enjoy now in 220.

Let me know in the comments below and I’ll – see you all in the next one. Take care everybody

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These apps will allow you to watch free movies and free tv shows on firestick and firestick 4k. no payment!

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