Bunch of crunch army, where you at your motivation guy, is back. Let me ask you this: what are you waiting for? Because greatness is waiting for you? He’s a fortnight world champion there’s no way. Anyone beats him.

Your fortnite world champion [ Applause ]. He wins consistently without even breaking his sweat [ Music ]. But how does booga manage to stay so perfectly calm? You know. In the midst of chaos, of a pro match.

Yeah there’s. Teams in these old builds, we need to spray this i got ta come trust uh. I’m like 300.. Let me read you pressure these teams under like pressure this metal team. Today we’re, going to be taking a look at the world cup winner himself booga, you know there’s.

One thing that really sets booga apart from the rest of fortnite pros out there and it isn’t. His incredible aim or his cracked building ability it’s, his mindset and how he never lets fear of panic overtake his cool collected and calm persona during chaos of a pro end game.

You know there are five easy habits that let buga sell through major fortnite tournaments carefree, and if you manage guys to incorporate some of them into your games, who knows, you may end up being the next world champ.

So it begins before booga even sits down at his desk or at a tournament rig. It began right when booga started playing fortnite and not even in a competitive sense. I mean he’s been a part of the scene practically since the scene began, and that comes with certain benefits.

Right essentially, fortnite is booga’s game and he keeps that in mind to keep his head in the right space. So even the most talented and highly trained fortnite players can sometimes become hesitant and indecisive in the middle of a match.

Maybe they’ll hesitate on a rotate and it causes them to get caught out. Maybe they’ll kill just a second too late and fall into the storm too early. Maybe they’ll even hesitate on an edit or or just a fraction of a second which could lose them the entire box fight.

It happens to pros guys, and it happens to pretty much anybody. It happens to booga less than almost anybody else, and that’s, because he knows that fortnite is his game and he really trusts that booger started playing fortnite way back in the days that saved the world before battle.

Royale was even a thing because he was introduced to the game by his dad, who was also a gamer, so it didn’t, take long for buga to find battle. Royale, though, and from there you know, he just began his journey as just another.

Gamer to one of the best to have ever touched fortnite it didn’t happen overnight. Booga didn’t, suddenly just wake up one day as the best player in fortnite. He had to work at it. He trained night after night.

He streamed for countless hours. He played too many games to even remember slowly. He built up his skill levels. He competed in scrims. He played in small tournaments sure he had no land experience by the time the world cup came around, but he had hundreds, if not thousands, of hours playing fortnite.

He had earned his way into every single tournament that he had played and he was able just to trust his game. Basically, while he plays in high-stakes environments, booga is able just to switch off. You know that analytical part of his mind, instead of just overthinking every single decision that comes his way, instead of just hesitating when the time came, to make choices that would impact the game he can just default to all of the training and games that he’s played in the past, he builds so quickly because he isn’t thinking about it.

His body is just moving. You know instinctively. His muscle memory knows exactly what to do before his brain. Even realizes like what’s going on, does this sound, like ultra instinct, to anybody else? Trusting your game and being confident in your own ability is basically using ultra instinct and that doesn’t mean booga isn’t thinking at all.

All right that would be. That would be crazy. He’s, just not focusing on the minuscule things of every single game. Instead, he’s, focusing exactly on what he can’t control. So when you’re playing any sort of game, there is a trap that you can easily fall into.

You know you don’t even need to be playing a competitive game. It’s. The trap of blaming things that are completely uncontrollable when it comes to fortnite, focusing on things that you can’t control can just vary from people landing right.

On top of you like what happened in booga’s, first world cup match to lag in the end game or just being eliminated at the start of a match. Focusing on any of that stuff is the path to failure, which is why booga doesn’t.

Do it think of it like this? You’re booga, it’s, the second game of the world cup finals. You’ve, just come off the back of a huge win in the first game, so you’re, really feeling good about things right then, out of nowhere at the beginning of game, two, you’re eliminated by size, man And there was nothing you could have done about it.

It would have been easy here for booga just to lose it. I mean he was the ninth player to be eliminated in the match, and his colossal lead that he gained in the first game was about to be seriously cut down by the next winner, but is that how he reacted? Not at all? There was no immediate emotional knee-jerk reaction, he didn’t freak out and he didn’t suddenly just start panicking booger retreated to what i’m, going to call the eye of the storm around him.

The match was still going on and the chaos of the arthur ash arena was pounding like a drum and his emotions would have been on a roller coaster, going from the highest of highs from the win in game, one to the lowest of lows after losing in Game two: the pressure was on, but buga took a step back.

He took a breath and he centered himself for the future. There was no use in you know getting worked up about what had happened. There were many many more opportunities ahead and in those future games he needed to actually focus on what he could control booga won the world cup, so this is probably easier for him to do these days, but you know one of the best things that you can Do to help yourself keep calm when you’re playing in something like arena or a tournament is to actually downsize the importance of each event.

Before the latest fncs event, booga put out a call on twitter, he said that he would be landing at starks, no matter the heat. What does this show? Booga is actually doing in the run-up to the tournament.

It shows that he’s, not putting any real importance on the tournament. What ended up happening anyway? Well, they won the first heat and came out in third place in the grand finals. It sounds counterproductive, but what this proves is that sometimes to perform.

Well, you have to play down the importance of the situation that you’re in okay. So if you view the finals of an event like the fncs as just another game to play, rather than the be-all and end-all of your competitive career, you’re gonna take a whole bunch of pressure off your shoulders and you’Re able just to settle into the game much easier instead of playing as competitively as he could booga just treated the latest fncs as an opportunity to just show himself what he was made of, and he and his team dropped every game at one of the most Highly contested points of the map and played it like they had absolutely nothing to lose, and so that allowed him to give it his all even easier.

The edge was well and truly off. There was no reason to panic or choke. The worst thing that could have happened was just losing the competition and really is losing one fncs such a big deal. Booga knows that he could just bounce back from something like that.

So why worry about it? To begin with, but it’s, not just about downplaying the importance of each individual match in each individual tournament. The big key to keeping your stress levels down is to remember why you started playing fortnite to begin with and to keep that thought with.

You whenever you’re playing okay, you started playing fortnite because it was fun right and keeping things. Fun is the number way to keep yourself calm and collected in a match. That was where booga started the joy of playing fortnite that just ended up evolving into something so much more, and it was a feeling of fun and excitement that just never ended up dying down.

So let’s. Take things back to the world cup. After the event had come to a close and the interviews with buga, his friends and his family had started up, one thing stood out to me beyond all the other quotes.

It was from buga’s best friend khalid bradley, who told reporters that on the morning of the final buga was worriless, energetic and having fun to make sure he wasn’t stressed at all when you think about stress.

You have to remember that really it’s, just a state of mind. You know when you’re stressed your body is producing a ton of cortisol which knocks your body down into a fight or flight response that just can’t deal with complex situations so being happy and having fun is the total opposite Of all of that, instead of just producing a bunch of cortisol, your body releases serotonin, okay, so why am i talking about serotonin? Well when it comes to brain chemicals and competition? Really, a healthy balance of serotonin is exactly what you need to keep calm.

It’s, the chemical that reminds people to pay attention. You know to learn from mistakes, to promote behaviors that lead to success, in other words, booger having fun before a tournament. Is his body’s way? You know to balance out his serentonna and just really make sure his mindset is primed for the maximum amount of success there’s.

One final thing that booga has that really allows him to keep calm and it’s, something that has absolutely nothing to do with the game. It’s, the support system that he has that he’s, built up over the years.

Buga’s. Support system is second to none and honestly it’s. Probably a major component of his continued success. His dad has been a gamer all of his life and was actually the person that got booga into playing fortnite in the first place.

He played it with his friends when he started playing the game to begin with and they gave him the push he needed to get started. He has well over now a million fans worldwide, always pushing him to do the best and really supporting him when he needs it, not to mention he has pro friends and the whole sentinel team backing them up.

So a good support structure, isn’t just good for making you feel happy it’s good for keeping you calm too. If booga has ever had a bad game in a tournament, he could just reach out to his family, who will always be there to support him and love him.

He can reach out to his friends who always help him get his head back up in the game. He can reach out to his fans, who always be there to lift him back up. He can reach out to his team who will help him train and get better than ever before it’s been proven that having a well-built support structure filled with people that you trust and respect it’s.

Gon na help you feel more grounded and calm, and that’s, because the security of having people close to you that you know you know, is gonna help. You out in a tough spot, can really help you control your stress and anxiety.

Sure, okay, not everybody, is going to have millions of subscribers on youtube or followers on twitter, but reaching out to your friends and family. If you’re in a high stress tournament, situation is really really sure to bring back your mindset.

You know to a calmer state, so those are the five the most you know: psychological tricks that buga uses to keep calm and banish stress. You know in the middle of some of the most stressful tournament matches.

You know he knows he belongs there. You know thanks to the hours upon hours of training, he keeps his mind on things that he can control and not on random elements of the game. He downplays the importance of his matches, allowing him to maximize his performance.

He has fun, you know, keeping his cortisol down and his serotonin balance. And finally, you know when he really needs to be. He has his support circle to keep him on track, thanks for watching again butcher crunch army, where you at, if you guys enjoyed the video, then don’t forget to leave a like subscribe and click that all important belt button.

So you guys get notified whenever we upload a new video. Once again, i am your motivation guy and i ‘ Ll, see you soon: [ Music ], you

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