In the video I’m gonna show you five add-ons a couple, our new a couple of up our updated and a couple are international and so for more videos from my channel. Please click on the blue hash tags below this video and you’ll, see a complete list of my other videos.

Ip vanish is, as usual, our sponsor for this video seven day. Money-Back guarantee click the link in the description below to receive a nice discount to ensure your privacy on line, and I like to remind everybody to subscribe, so you can obtain the latest add-on updates when they are available.

So let’s, get right to it here. Chain reaction is the first one. It’s, a nice all-in-one add-on. I included two links here. The second one looks like it’s trailing off the screen. It just ends in zip Z.

I P, so you can go check out chain reaction. Next, one is gen of de bread. This one is for users who have a real de bread or debris account. So if you don’t have that if you’re, not paying for that service, don’t bother with this add-on.

I’d, like to also point out that this one uses torrents, so you may want to use a VPN like the ipvanish one I’ve already previously described next on. Our list is Kingdom that has been updated. It’s been around for a while.

It’s, a nice all-in-one movies, TV shows and other stuff, so check out Kingdom, bulk and green. This one’s for my Bosnian users. So if you don’t speak the language Slovakian from that particular region.

Don’t bother with this one, so it’s a nice all in one, as you can see by all the lists here and titles that ones documentaries fact and lastly, we ‘ Ve got one here for Bollywood movies. So if you like movies, where they sing and dance that doesn’t get a little quickly, you’ll, enjoy this particular add-on.

30,000 subs is right around the corner, so watch out for my live streaming. So thanks for checking out this video, please comment below thumbs up share with your friends, etc, etc. Bigger

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