bunch of crunch army all right today, i’m, going to show you guys the best high ground retakes that you can use to stay on top of your game and really win more fights. Come on now, whether in battle royale or creative mode man, you’re, going to see improvement.

You guys ready for this. Let’s! Get this going so, whether you’re in an intense mid-game fight in a tournament or a casual 1v1, you need to know the best high ground retakes to always have the height over your opponent.

High ground, guys is by far like one of the most important factors in winning a fight, especially when your opponent has the same hp and resources as you. So a high ground retake is a combination of certain moves that allow you to gain the high ground over your opponent, which gives you a huge advantage.

High crown guys allows you to be safe from being shot by anybody above you and allows you to overlook every player under you. This allows you to put heavy pressure against your enemies and forces them to use more materials and healables than you now before we get into this guys, you guys got to make sure to check out clix’s.

New master course like right now on proguys.com. We also have pro coaches tailored to help you improve quickly, click, the link below or top right to get started today. So now that you know why having high ground over your opponent is crucial.

Okay, here is some of the best retakes that you need to use okay, so all of these retakes are very protective and trap your opponent into losing a high ground all right. So to help you guys understand these retakes better.

Let’s, start off with the easiest retakes. First, all the way up to the most advanced you guys ready. I know you are here. We go bunch of crunch army. All right. First, is the basic double ramp upwards, with walls in your size to protect you normally, we would call this an upwards ramp tire, but this time we only cover one side, which is the size.

Your opponent is shooting at you from to do this simple retake. All you have to do is place a ramp under you then proceed to place a wall directly to your side, then upwards and in front of you, then placing a ramp right above you, after placing the wall in front of you, do a basic side edit.

So the wall, doesn’t block you, while you’re still going up. So after doing this repetitively, you know a couple of times. You know get it down, combine it with a couple of side, jumps and just change the direction you’re, going in to confuse your opponent when you feel that your opponent is close enough to you, try to block them off with the white folk Cone and then just crank up some 90s over them all right guys for our second retake.

This is where it gets a little harder, but i’m. I believe in you guys. I know you can do it here. We go. This retake was made by face dubs and popularized by face way, all right. So, to start, this reed retake off all right place a floor and a cone right above the ramp that you’re standing on edit, the two right or left tiles of your cone and floor.

Okay. So, right after doing the double edit turn and place a ramp after place, walls to connect the ramp and place another ramp just below you, this allows you to quickly change which direction you’re, going all while being fully covered from all sides.

This retake is extremely useful for really confusing your opponents and it can really get you some really nice peaks. So when you place the ramp like, you can always make a side jump. The other way which baits your opponent into thinking that you are originally going where you place your second ramp.

So whenever you are in a low hp fight, like always do this retake, since it really just gives you a huge low ground peak advantage, alright guys. So following the previous retake, another small variation is the double edit side jump all right check this out.

Okay, this time place a floor and a cone above you, but only edit the floor’s, tiles all right. This allows you to place a wall through the cone and really gives you support for an easy, protected side.

Jump okay, after placing the wall in the desired direction. Use your momentum to do an elevated side jump. This allows you to go up two stories very very quickly, all while being protected quickly place a cone above you right as you jump and land on your ramp, and this move requires lots of momentum, guys so watch your jump fatigue right after landing proceed with another Side jump and just start 90.

. This is by far like one of the most optimal and like easy to learn, retakes, that most players use all right guys. So after doing another, elevated side jump just make sure that you quickly cover back before 90 or your opponent.

Could get like easy shots on you, while you have your back turn all right, so another quick tip when trying to get to high ground as quick as possible is learning to do infinite 90s. So, although high ground retakes are protective and confuse your opponent, they can also be slower and predictable in some scenarios so to counter this start off with the retake and just quickly start 90.

Okay, since they’re going to have to recover after you’re done, blocking them off so infinite 90s are very easy to learn and really are just all about timing. So do two sets of triple 90s and do a normal 90.

Just to reset your jump fatigue right, you got this remember that you got this so one of the hardest retakes that you need to learn is the infinite protective side jump. Most of you guys know like what a side jump is right.

You know a basic running jump to the side of a comb with an infinite side, jump okay, you need to combine a wall side cone and make sure you never lose your momentum. This allows you to rapidly change directions with ease and leave your opponent in the dust to do this.

Okay, start off with the basic side jump and make sure you have enough momentum to land on a ramp. Instead of a normal floor and after landing on a ramp place, a cone on it quickly turn back and place a wall through the cone.

This allows you to land fully protected, but you need to worry about side jumping again after placing the wall and cone just start running to left side as it’s really just easier to keep your momentum by just going left.

So keep practicing this guys over and over until you feel you have enough repetition to keep going for like five to six times in a row, all right guys. So, to recap this video make sure to practice. Every retake and don’t, get demotivated, get motivated by the fact that you know some may seem difficult right, and you know just each retake has its own pros and cons so make sure that you guys learn, which is the best in this scenario.

Practice is key watching videos like this one, it’s going to boost you up there. I promise you until next time my friends, man, keep grinding don’t, stop don’t give up. I am your motivation guy and i ‘

Ll, see you soon: [ Music ], you

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