Hey what’s happening YouTube today, I’m, going to show you how to stall an incredible apk for a fire stick and fire TV or any Android device. Actually, this apk is great for movies and TV shows and it looks way better than Netflix.

In my opinion, the interface is amazing. I’m, going to show you how to install it. We’re going to do it through my store on the fire. Stick! No extra remotes needed lots of movies lots of content. Let’s, get going! Okay! So on your fire.

Stick TV just go to settings that’s! The first thing you have to do and you have to go to my fire, TV or my device once you’re there, you’re, going to go developer options and you’re, going to make sure your apps from Unknown sources is turned on: let’s, click on that and it’s.

Gon na turn it on by saying turn on okay, so you have to do we’re gonna give an application called downloader which will allow us to get my file linked store with a code and a PIN number okay. How do we do that? Go to the search, icon and type in downloader or use the voice remote? I’m gonna use the voice, remote and say downloader downloader.

Here we are it’s gonna search for downloader. I’m gonna click, the download icon orange icon. You can also type it in as well. If you don’t want it say it or Alexa. Doesn’t understand you well for me.

Sometimes Alexa doesn’t understand me well as well. I say it and it doesn’t find it, so you can also type it in or you can just say it which worked for me and click the download button. Okay, it’s, going to queue it download it and install it and in download I’m gonna give you a special link that’s.

Gon na get my file link store that’s. Gon na keep all your apps and all your stuff always updated. I’m gonna show you how to get apps and things like that from my store and also how do you get this newest newest, great apk, for your fire? Stick for movies and TV shows once it’s finished you’re gonna hit that open button downloader it’s.

Gon na finish, make sure you always hit the allow bond. When you see this okay press, the okay once in here, click in here and just type in get dot file, link comm, so file linked, dot-com, okay, so just type in an exactly like that.

Get doc file link calm and then you’re gonna press, the GoBot once you type in get dot file, link calm! Let’s! First, let go one: it’s, gonna say connecting and it’s going to start downloading the file linked application.

Here we are eleven megabytes when it’s finished downloading the file linked application. It’s. Going to ask us to install it, you’re, going to press the install button. Okay, mine’s just downloading here and as soon as it’s done it’s.

Gon na ask me if I’d like to install it’s gonna automatically pop up without you doing anything, okay, okay! Here we are here’s that pop-up you want to press. The install button highlighted press be installed on.

This is going to install the file link store when it’s finished. I’m just gonna pop it open. I’m, going to give you a code and a PIN number to get this new apk. Okay, we’re gonna press, the Open button and the following store is gonna pop up now on the screen when it pops up don’t press anything else, don’t press any buns here, just click inside To enter a code, so I’m going to click inside to enter code and the code is eight tubes.

Okay, I’m gonna give it to you right now. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 2 s exactly once you’re done that and you type in the 8 to s press the next bun 8. Ok hit the continue button. Don’t press anything else here, just press that continue button highlighted and light blue teal.

Ok, press the continue button. It’s, going to ask you for a pin click write in to enter, PIN don’t press anywhere else and put in 47:54. Ok exactly like that. 47:54 is the pin number 4. 7. 5 4 press. The next button and press the continue button here we are it’s.

Gon na throw you into my store, great press, the dismiss one ok now from here, you can get any apks. It’s, super simple! You can scroll up and down and you can hit the download arrow to download. Apk.

Ok dismiss this pop-up when it pops up, so you can get cinema APK great for movies and TV shows cyber flicks TV great. All of these guys, you can load on your fire stick premiere, but today we’re. Talking about this APK called Zinni, heavy or Sydney TV.

However, I guess I’ll say is in you tabby or Xena TV. I’ll just say, is any TV for simplicity, vs. work. This is, OK, click, the download arrow and that’s, going to start downloading it as soon as it’s finished.

This will turn it into a play button and you can quickly install it and start using it. Ok, you can get many other apks feel free to scroll through my list and load any other apks. You wish onto your fire stick or fire to me device.

My store is always updated when you go to the final length application it’s, always going to throw you in and you’re going to get all the updated applications for free movies and TV shows. Ok, once Zini TV is finished, press the play button right there and press the install button and xeni TV is going to install when it’s finished installing I’m, going simply to press the done button.

I’m, not going to open it up. Yet I’m just going to press the done button right here. Ok, press the done button. Ok, now it ‘ S done now feel free, like I said, to get any other applications. Okay, but we’re gonna hit the home button before we runs any TV and you’ll, see it that it’s installed.

Now, if we go here to your apps and channels that we’ll, go to see all you’ll see. That is. Any TV is right here that little bullseye thing on a shield a little sheet shield. Ok, move the front. Okay.

There you go there’s any TV front. Ok, you can do that by pressing the three lines moving into different now before it runs any TV or any applications. From my store guys to get more links and more TV shows, I use a VPN.

A VPN is gonna protect you, it’s. Gon na keep you safe and it’s, going to give you more links and for movies and TV shows as a lot of Internet service providers started blocking content. Okay. So to get more links and to get the content that is being blocked, I use a VPN called ipvanish, go in a search right here and search for an APK called ipvanish.

Okay available for fire sticks, okay, so ipvanish that’s. All you have to type in ipvanish. Ok, once you type in ipvanish into the amazon store, you’ll, see an APK like this click on that APK and then click on the download cloud.

It’s, going to queue it. It’s, going to download it and we’re, going to open up ipvanish VPN. Ok, no! It’s. Gon na ask you to log in with your own username and password. You can get this from this link right here for ipvanish, but link right here bit ly VPN 60 off and you’re, going to get a huge discount on an account exclusively on the viewers on my channel.

You’re gonna have a huge, huge savings for ipvanish. Okay, I’m gonna log in to mine. I’m gonna show you how to set the protection and how to get the most links. What settings to put – and I’ll, take you through that? Okay.

So, once you click on that link right here, the bitly link and that link is also clickable in the description at the top and also in the pinned comment. The first comment here on this video: you’re gonna click that link sign up for an account.

Once you get an email from my previous, you’ll, verify that account with an e-mail verification, and then you’ll, be able to log in with own username and password and super simple. I’ll. Show you how here’s ipvanish, you’re, just downloading when it installs, I’ll.

Show you how to log in and they’ll show you the relevant settings to get the content. That’s, perhaps might be being blocked by your internet service provider for movies and TV shows and TV shows. A lot of Internet service providers started blocking content, and this is one way to get around.

It could get more content and I’ll show you the server settings as well how to set that up. Okay. So when it’s finished downloading here it’s. Taking a minute, I’m on a very, very slow connection guys.

So I’m, just gonna finish downloading this. There you go installing it and when it installs for you guys as well just press that open bug to open up ipvanish there you go installation should take about five seconds and you can see, has 11,000 reviews.

Okay, four star VPN, open it up log in with our own username and password, like I said, pin common description or in a bitly link right here on the screen. Let’s log in okay, once logged in to process pretty straightforward, you want to go to the air, the gear icon right here, you want to say, start ipvanish, then you want to say, startup connection action and you want to say, connect to fastest Server to prevent any buffering, okay and then, if you have Netflix click the split tunneling and then select Netflix from the list right here.

Netflix, if you have Disney, Plus select that as well. This is going to prevent using the VPN with Netflix, because a VPN with Netflix has issues sometimes ok, so it’s going to prevent using the VPN with Netflix, but it’s, always going to start it up.

When you boot up your fire stick and fire TV means you’re, always going to be protected now, for them all slinks hit back, go to country and select Switzerland. Switzerland right now is giving the most links.

Okay, so let’s. Select, Switzerland and then City best available server, best available and hit that connect button. That’s. All you have to do. This will come up press the ok button on this pop-up and then you’ll, see little hails like do a lot of mole hills.

If you get this message, don ‘ T worry just hit reconnect. Okay, sometimes you might do that. Sometimes I don’t, get it just hit. Reconnect it’s going to reconnect, and how do you know you’re protected? It’s, gonna, say Switzerland here, Zurich Switzerland and you can use any other servers.

But if Switzerland, I’ve been getting the most links. Okay, now let’s hit the whole bun. Once we’re fully protected now you can run many apks from my store that you wish, but we’re talking about Zinni TV, let’s start it up.

Let me show you how great it is, and why is it great so I’m gonna start up zini TV press. The allow here make sure you press that and then it’s. Gon na ask you about a few things that were working, improving, it just say: okay, no problem! It’s.

Gon na tell you this unsupported. Don ‘ T worry press, ok, okay! Now the interface is beautiful. As you can see, you can search it’s like fire. Stick right home. We can see what you watch you can you look at your favorites genres, downloads, okay and then you can go to popular movies and popular TV shows.

So you ‘ Ve got the two categories here, so popular movies, I’m gonna go with, and then I’m gonna say you know what I want to watch on. Work, click on onward and it’s going to show you a couple of things here.

You can favorite get some information. It’s. Gon na show you related similar movies and show you recommendations cast crew, incredible incredible apk. So I’m gonna say you know what I want to watch that now.

Okay, I’m gonna press. That watch Now button you’ll, see it that I’ll start doing its thing, and then we’ll pop up with its own amazing cool player, okay and it’s. Gon na select the first link or one of the best links in the background, so it does everything in the background and it’s, going to start playing that movie.

If you want to select your link manually, you’ll hit that little s1 here in the thing, and now you can see all the links here for onward and then we just started playing now. So I’m going to quickly just I’m just gonna quickly, posit okay and you can go back here and you can actually select your links as well your streams.

How easy is this thing to use? Okay, you can do a lot of things here, okay and even cast may be coming in the future. This is the first version, so I just played a movie very quickly. Everything happened in the background, so I it’s better than Netflix.

I think it’s. Absolutely free has lots of links, has lots of new releases. That stuff is not on Netflix, not on Hulu, all the newest newest stuff, even in theaters, and it really works incredible guys.

So you’ve, seen how I just press back. I’m gonna exit, the player, beautiful, beautiful interface right and I can just see you should be my watchlist that I watch this movie, so he keeps actually track of everything you watch or everything you put in favorites.

I can go by genres and I can say you know what let’s go genres of. I want to see the comedy movies, click comedy and boom beautiful titles same thing. Let’s. Add one watch Jumanji. I click on Jumanji.

I’ll, say watch now you’ll, get an app just click back on the app it ‘ Ll, go into the stuff, will start doing stuff in the background for you, but you can click here and you can select your streams once they start popping up and then select the stream and play it same same thing you can see.

I got a lot of streams for onward. I’m, getting streams right here right now, as well for this movie even 1080, Blu right. This is an incredible app. I’m going to go back. I’m, not gon. Na play Jumanji, this is an amazing app works great with ipvanish guys highly recommend using a VPN grab that discount, like I said what do you think of this new apk? I think it’s.

Incredible. I, like the simplicity. I like the way it works. It’s. Gon na get some more new providers if it’s buffering for you guys. If you’re using a VPN, try, Switzerland server, try us server, always connect to fastest server, make sure in a good connection, make sure your Wi-Fi strong, and it should work really well for you.

If it buffers you can go in that player like I showed you and select stream, but little s and the player and choose another stream. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here. Thank you for all the support and I ‘

Ll, see you all in the next one drop a comment below what do you think of this apk? Do you like it or you don’t like it? Let me know in the comment, or do you think there’s, something better take care, guys, see you

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