Hey what’s? Going on today, I’m, going to be showing you something that’s better than code. He works way. Better live television, free movies and TV shows incredibly fast works very well. Let me show you what this is all about: okay, so when your fire stick fire TV device, you can use this on an Android phone or an Android box, any device it’s, not just limited to fire sticks, but I’m Using a fire stick, it makes it super easy.

If you’re, none of our Android device, all you need is a web browser and you’re gonna go to this link and for Amazon fire stick just follow along all. You have to do is go to the search icon and we’re, going to search for an application called slope, browser or Internet very easy to do, and this is going to be under 10 minutes.

We’re gonna. Do it type in Internet or simply just search for silk browser and it’s on silk web browser or internet click on it and download it? Okay, get that down a little button. It’s, going to queue it.

It’s going to download it. Okay takes about a minute or two to download, and this is going to give us all live us channels, and this is also going to give us free movies and TV shows, with very little buffering or no buffering at all 1080p quality.

This is the best way to watch TV right now. A lot of free links are going down a lot of apps, apks and career and having trouble you have to sync on with real the bread. Sometimes it crashes. Sometimes there’s.

Various issues. This just works. Okay, I’ve, tried many methods and right now in 220. In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to enjoy a lot of content. You’ll have way more than Netflix when way more than Hulu.

You have complete complete movies and TV shows. High quality new releases also live television from around the United States. Let me show you how to do that. Okay, so amazon, silk web browser, internet or silk once it installs, we’re gonna, be almost ready to go so installing and then should finish up.

So this browser is good because you can use this remote. You don’t need extra keyboards or Mouse’s. What are the stalls? You get a notification? Okay, I want you to hit the home button. Okay, go back to this now before I run any of these websites, I recommend using a VPN with a VPN.

Some of these websites are actually blocked by the Internet service provider and they may not work so put up your VPN. If you’re a have a VPN connect to your VPN and then continue in a tutorial. But if you don’t, have a VPN go here and search for IP vanish, just like that, just to get your VPN going.

So I’m, going to search for IP vanish. Just like that, you’re gonna find a green white icon looks like that lick on it. It’s, going to take you to another man. You click the down. Little button, okay, so you’re gonna get your own username and password for the VPN.

It’s, going to queue it and it’s going to download and install it onto fire sticks got great reviews. You can use one account up to 10 devices, Android iPhone firestick Android box, whatever you’re using compatible with all and I’ll show you why ipvanish is a great VPN to use over, perhaps maybe other VPN companies? Okay.

So let’s, download it when it installs. You’re going to log in with your own username and password to get you’re using them and password click. This link right here, you’re gonna get your own username and password it’s, also in the pin common and description.

So once it installs and downloads, we’re, going to open it up, and I’m going to log in with that username and password that you’re, going to create from this link here and a pin common description. Okay, you’re, going to sign up for your account and then you’re, going to get an email from ipvanish click on the verification, email.

Your account will activate and then you’ll log in so here’s ipvanish installed once you get an account from the link that I showed you earlier, you’re gonna log in so let me login to my Account and show you how to set that all up: okay, okay, once you connect it, the first thing you will go: is the gear icon and then start ipvanish on the start? Ok, startup connection action, choose connect to fastest server, to rerun, buffering, Auto reconnect, and then one thing I want you to click on is split down and click on split tunneling and choose Netflix.

If you have Netflix or Hulu or Disney Plus. That means the VPN won’t, be using the VPN when using these apps, it won’t, be turned on okay, so I’ve Netflix on select Netflix, because the VPN does not work with Netflix, oh and then what The VPN on Netflix will not work, so you have to select Netflix Disney, Plus and Hulu, which, if you have them installed, but they, if you know I’m installed.

Don’t worry. Okay, now split tunneling is on hit the back button and go to country and from country select the United States based on all these sites, a lot all in the United States so select the United States doesn’t matter where in the world you Are okay and then hit that connect button right here? It’s.

Gon na come up with this thing: press the ok button and it’s, going to show you that’s connecting and then you might pop up. China reconnect so hit reconnect and then we’ll connect. Okay, so it happens to Mulga.

Fire sticks in your fire. Stick. It should not happen. I’m using a pretty older virus. Tick here. Okay, so now successfully protected successfully connected with the account from the links in the pin comment: description.

Okay, I’m gonna hit the home button. Okay, now we are ready to launch our silk internet browser click on that silk internet browser. Amazon: silk is going to open up. You want to accept the terms, click on that and it’s, going to look like this.

Nothing here right what you want to do. The first thing you want to go up and click on the white URL. It’s. Gon na highlight in white URL bar click into it in the browser it’s. Gon na come up with this type in the following URL HTTP, okay and then go to the symbols.

Here. I’m gonna. Do okay, HTTP colon forward back to letters it’s. A short little bit key link, vit dot ly, is what should i type in you’re, going to go back to the symbols? Do another forward like that and go back to the letters again and you’re going to type in.

Stick STI CK stake okay, so we got stick TV and then the number one okay so picked on our white for / stick TV one. Once you’ve done that you’re, just gonna hit that go bond right there. What’s gonna happen now this might pop up, so just cancel don’t.

We’re in the calibration. If your display shows right you don’t need to calibrate. Okay, and now you’re gonna come up with this. Okay, if you got the VPN, you can click here as well to sign up and get the VPN right here.

On this link, but very easy to navigate, as you can see, I have a mouse now and I have free movie sites and had a free live TV pay-per-view sites here. Okay, how does this work? Okay? When you go to that bitly link – and it ends up here bit dotto, why stick TV one when this page loads? The first thing I want you to bow all the way up and hit the bookmark okay, we’re gonna.

Add that to the bookmark, because I’ll, show you how we get around that okay, so the first site I’m, not gonna show all of them, but I’m going to show you the concepts I’m, going to show you one for movies and one for free live TV, and this is gonna, be always updated.

You’re, always going to get the best site and the crap is going to be thrown out from that bitly link. So the good stuff stays the bad stuff will be thrown out. Okay, so it’s, your own little dashboard, it’s.

All own Media Center got ta, create it guys for you. Okay, music HQ is the first one I’m, going to show you I’m, not going to go one by one. I’m, going to show you probably too, and it takes you here right and then you’re ready to play your movies.

Look. How easy this is to use all sites work in a similar fashion. You have a hamburger menu and I’m. Moving around with this like, like a mouse right, see, I can hit the hamburger menu, I can go to movies.

Tv shows right categories and then does have some pop-ups and I can easily close them here. See I’ll close this one and I’ll close this pop-up very easily right, okay and then I can close the menu here as well.

Now a hamburger menu and look how easy is to operate this site. You can switch movies and TV shows and they all work in a very similar fashion, hit that little play button on the movie TV show that you want to play or search for and just hit the play button.

Okay, now I’ll show you you can watch other similar ones and if you get a pop-up or anything like that, it’s very simple. I have a mouse here, just navigate and close it. Okay and now it’s going to pop up another screen, and then you can select some servers and then you can hit play right here.

Okay, so you will gets hit with some ads. You can easily close them and once you close the ads very easily with your firestick, remote and the mouse, your closed captioning for this site and see that movie starts playing and then I can just go fullscreen and it worked without any issues.

Okay, there you go. Let’s, go back here and you can select any movie like that. Okay, so let’s, see TV show. Okay, I’ll. Just show you one how to use it. So if you want to go back so I want TV shows, go in here and let’s.

Look at a TV show. Tv shows work in a very similar fashion, so I’ll click on a TV show, and then I get the play button as well. Make that play button and then select your episode in the season season.

One I’ll, say episode. Three, I’ll click on it. This will come up and then I can double double click to go full screen as well, so in double tap once the thing starts playing. It looks right here and go to the play button.

You get an app and close that and then I can double tap and I can go into full screen as well. Okay, there you go, you can go full screen. I have my clear navigation bar. I can jump free the content, it’s very easy to use okay, Terri’s; double click into the thing to go; fullscreen double click to get out; okay, very, very easy to use so that’s.

One of the sites I’ve, shown you from this list, see here this new tech, evil bookmark that I’ve added. You can always go back, so we’re back to our site. All you have to do just go up here, go to the menu and then go to that bookmark and you get thrown back another good sites.

Movie Orkut! Try it out same concept, eb0 one another one. So you got one two, three, four, five, six, seven! Four! Now that work great for life television, you’ve got one two three, so let’s. Look at the first one, yo Stevie go simple like that.

You’re gonna click on that, and then you got your life channels, entertainment sports. Whatever you want, let’s say I want to watch any today. I’ll click on Annie and there you go. This will come up. You have a little player button, let’s, start playing fullscreen and we’re done, okay, full screen and as soon as it catches the channel, it will start playing.

You got a beautiful player voice control that’s, pretty much. It takes a minute to load to pre buffer in the content in the channel once it starts playing. You’ll, get nice high-definition channel here, okay, so and to get out a full-screen, I can always double tap.

If I’m moving around with my mouse cursor and there you go it’s, it’s. Already playing any okay and to switch channels, and if this pop-ups come up, you can just minimize it here in the products and then you can switch between channels.

So animal channel click on that and that’s. Gon na jump to animal channel automatically and you get the idea same thing, sort of come up hit that play button and you’re on the roll man. You go back here.

Always you want to jump back to movie sites, click that you always get thrown in here and pick your content. This is a great way. A new revolutionary way to watch content. Free, live television, free movies, free TV shows no buffering.

This is the best way, in my opinion, hope you guys enjoy this. You know make sure you use a VPN. Some sites might be blocked without a VPN, so make sure you use a VPN get protected. The link is in the pin common description.

Like I said, click that link and sign up for a big discount on the VPN and enjoy all this content. This is faster than Kodi, faster and cinema HD faster than many apks and works great. So i’ve done it together, and i’m going to be updating this so anytime, you come back here.

You might see new sites here. Ok, thank you guys for watching. Thank for being here I’ll. See you all on the next one. Take care

Source : Youtube

Make sure you use a VPN:

KODI replacement on firestick arrived, Kodi 18, Kodi 19, doesn’t matter which version you run can be slow on a firesrtick with this method you get all your movies without using Kodi 18, or Kodi 19 and everything will work in HD without buffering.

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