Hey what’s, going on it’s today, I’m, going to show you how to get free movies on your fire. Stick fire TV, okay, a lot of things might be buffering. You might be having problems with stuff. Might not be working very well so today I’m gonna show you a few sites that are so much better than using apps apks and you get no buffering and it worked really well so follow me along this is super super easy to Do all you need on your fire? Stick is a couple of things to get set up, so the first thing you’re gonna need just go to the search icon very easy to do.

This will take seconds literally once you’re there type in the following thing: okay, Internet, you can type in Internet or you can type in silk browser, and this is great because we’ll, be able to now to get around the Site I’ll.

Show you how so click on internet on your fire? Stick fire TV device. This will come up. Click on the internet, icon, it will say: silk browser Internet, okay, Amazon, silk. Web browser looks like this hit the download button.

That’s, gonna kill it download the browser. Okay, once it downloads and installs, it will be ready to go. We ‘ Ll just need one more thing to get us a lot of links get us a lot of stuff. We’ll, show you the setup.

It’s, pretty straightforward. We’re gonna. Do this under 10 minutes and we’re gonna be ready to go, and this is a part two to a video. I’ve done last week. You can find it on my channel as well reviewing some other sites, so I’m, going to be always bringing you the best sites, so you guys are always updated, always up-to-date, no need to run Kodi.

No need to setup different things. This just one-click works really well, and I’ll. Show you how ok, so once it downloads the silk internet browser, we’re just going to open it up so downloading and when it’s finished, we’ll, be ready to go okay, so downloading, and then, as soon As it finishes, I’ll have the chance to open the browser up.

It’s a little bit large, that’s, why it takes a while great reviews. Silk internet browser is the best browser for the Amazon fire stick or amazon firetv. You can also do this on the Android device as well.

You can do this on Android phone. You can do this on the iPhone. You can do this on any device. This is the best way to watch movies, and it looks like that’s, where things are heading as free links are dying out in these different apps, like cinema HD, typhoon very hard to find free links.

This is a new way that I’m, showing you here on my channel how to still get around that and how to still get a lot of content. Okay, so when it installs, we’re gonna make sure that it’s running properly.

We’re, just gonna open it up, so press the Open button. Okay and when it opens up its gonna, say, Amazon, silk and it’s, going to ask you to accept the Terms accept the Terms okay and then the browser is working beautifully.

Okay, now you ‘ Ll, see something like this. Now you want to hit the home button because, before I run these sites and before I connect these sites, we don’t know what information they’re collecting it’s, good to stay private and stay safe, so go To the search icon before I show you these sites and type in ipvanish, okay, so IP vanished, just like that, it’s.

Gon na come up with this an IP Vantage VPN protection. It’s, going to give you more links more content. It’s, going to keep your private when connecting to the side. So I’m. Just gonna kick hit ipvanish.

I’m going to have to download on the ipvanish it’s. Gon na clue, Hewett it’s, going to download it and it’s going to install it. Okay, we’re gonna open it up, and I’m going to log in with your own personal, username and password, and then I’m going to show you all these sites and I’m going To show you how well it works with the VPN on, if you have another VPN on on your firestick Fire TV device, turn it on.

What a VPN will do will keep your private when connecting to these sites, as these sites may go down in the future or might start collecting information, your data will be completely private when you’re watching for your movies and TV shows.

So once ipvanish installs, you’re just going to open it up it’s, super easy to install it’s. Super easy to set up. I’m, going to show you how so I’m, going to open up ipvanish VPN. Once you install it, you’re, going to be prompted to login with your username and password.

The username and password is available from this link on the screen right here: okay, bitly, /vp and 60 off. Also in the description pin come and you’re gonna get the best best deal through my channel for ipvanish VPN, almost more than 60 % off okay.

So once you click on this link in the pin, comment and description, you’re gonna sign up for an account. Then you gonna get an email from ipvanish click that email to confirm your account and you can use one account up to 10 devices.

Okay, once you have your own username and password log in I’ll show you quickly how to set it up. So I’m gonna log in here, okay and once logged in you’re, just gonna go to gear icon and you’re gonna say, start ipvanish, gonna start it up every time your firestick starts Start up connection action connect to fastest server, then split tunneling, okay going here! If you have Netflix okay, so I have Netflix and I have PBS.

I’ll, put split tunneling on what this does in the VPN. It will not use the VPN when using these applications, because Netflix does not work very well with a VPN on. So I put Netflix and PBS on or Disney Plus Hulu any other apps.

You have once you put a checkmark in the split tunneling on that. You’re gonna hit back you’re gonna go country. You’re gonna select the United States for our VPN. It connects the best way from the United States an IP address.

Some of these movie sites websites will block any other AP addresses in the world or any other Internet service providers from accessing the site. So the United States is our set up and then just say, connect.

Ok, this will come up. You’re gonna press, the ok button. The VPN is going to try to connect ok, so when it connects, you’ll, see things here, but if this comes up just press the reconnect button, the first time you might do that when you try to connect, but once it connects you’ll see little more hills or mountains, meaning our protection is on now, since we’re done that I can hit the home button and I can safely now go to our internet or sub browser I can enjoy free movies and free TV Shows so go to Internet now start up the browser again and I’ll pull up my sites here.

So I’m, going to show you a couple okay. So if one doesn’t work, another one will work. Ok, so the first one I want to show you so it’s. Gon na say calibrate display I don’t. Think I need to calibrate.

Mine, looks nice. Okay, I’m. Gon na say: cancel you’re gonna. Go all the way up, see how I have a mouse cursor, and I can move that around. I’m moving the mouse cursor around, so you’re gonna go right here to this thing right here: click on it when it’s white, it’s.

Gon na ask you for the URL. The first I’m gonna show you what is incredible: it’s, Eevee, okay, very short, URL Eevee, zero, 1 dotnet. Okay! This is cool not to just made a typo. Okay, Eevee’s. Your wine, you’re gonna take.

They know me for HTTP nothing else. So Eevee’s; 0 1 e V, 0, 1 net and press the goal bun. Okay, once you’re done that you’re gonna see a progress here and it’s. Going to load our movie site, it should come up.

Looks beautiful site is very fast. You can search. You can just go straight to movies, you can scroll through it. You can also go between TV shows. Okay, if this comes up, ignore that that will go away just a fire stick remote thing, so I can switch between TV shows twos eva-01 net, okay.

But what I want you to do first, before we get started here, go all the way up with your cursor. Go to the thing here and go and add it to bookmark. Okay, this time this this way you won’t have to keep typing it in okay.

So now we got it to the bookmark and to access it quickly. Go to this little square. Here in silk browser and now here’s, our eveyone site see, and I can reload that site anytime or if I you know restart my fire stick.

I can go back in at any time, so why is this site great? It just works. Okay, very easy to use you don’t need to register. You have to hamburger menu here on the left. You can click that and then you can go top IMDB.

You can go. Tv shows genre, you can even filter by country. So I’m just gonna go straight. You know what I’m gonna go to John rabe, just to see the mechanics of the website and how it works. So I got to go to the plus button, see how I’m moving this all with the fire stick remote and I’m gonna go to crime.

Sure, and now it’s, going to load the crime section for me there you go, I can even search for a movie right. So how do you play a movie very straightforward? Show you how to do this eveyone you hit that play button right.

There now this is a little bit important. It’s, a little bit tricky okay, and then you hit that play button right here or when the play button comes up. You’ll hit that play button. Okay – and this will show you the episodes, because this is actually a show.

Okay, so great, I can show you a TV show me server. It’s, a crying TV show, so I’ll, go with episode 3, and then this will come up very important. See I’m navigating with my fire stick. I can close that right.

There, okay close that nice and easy just like that, and there you go. This will come up once I close that and I have another play button, so it takes a couple of plates two or three clicks and hit that play button, and this should start playing you get a player and you can see my show is playing.

I can go and turn off lights comments, but I want to go full screen writers. The full screen boom. Click on that you’re now in full screen, and I can pause at any time go back or anything like that. Get out of full screen, I can go back in here.

I’m, moving oldest with the fire, stick remote now using anything else, and you can see how fast displayed okay and now I’m back to my site and I can start exploring my sight again. Okay, so you can go back menu and we, since we have a bookmark, reload the site and then get any other movies.

We want okay movies TV shows, whatever you want. This site is very. Very nice plays very, very fast, looks like Netflix. It’s. Absolutely free works great with a VPN on no issues there; okay, so that’s our first one.

Now I’m, going to show you another one, okay, so just keep following along. I’m. Going to show you a couple click into here and my next one is gonna, be I like this one. It’s really great. So you watch okay, let me know which sites you like out of these and maybe if you watch my other videos, just let me know which sites you like you watch.

Okay, it is you watch free dot. I see you okay, so I see you not calm, not dotnet. Just I see you so you watch free dot. I see you, you’re gonna press that go one. It’s, going to take you to this other side when the site loads, you can see it’s beautifully as well.

The site you can search training, top ID beat family animation movies. Future titles, you can scroll through the site, looks beautiful, but again what we’re going to do. We’re gonna, go all the way up right and then we’re gonna go to add the bookmark right.

So now we’re going to have two sites. Okay, so if you add bookmark, you can go here and then you can reload you watch free or our other site that we got it. We can go to at any time. Okay. So if you want to watch a movie, let’s say we’re gonna watch enemy lines.

We would just click on that hit the play button. It would take us here and then this would pop up and it would try playing the movie. Okay, it’s, got 29 sources and then it ‘ S got video sources and then player gives you a nice little description and you can also report if the movie is broke, broken.

Okay, so that will come up and then you ‘ Ll have a play button yeah! You’re gonna press that play button and then it’s. Gon na try playing the movie. So let’s, hit the play button. There you go and then you have closed captioning and there’s.

Still fast at work, so you’re gonna have closed captioning and you’re gonna have a full screen as well. Okay, there you go full screen as well and you can just hit play and that will play super super fast.

So these two sites work really really well, I mean no scraping no real de Britt setup special services just make sure you have your VPN on and that’s, going to give you a good experience. It’s, gonna work very wet very well, so you can go back.

You can see how fast uploaded also closed captioning those people that want to have choices of closed, captioning and again out of full screen, and you can enjoy content with watch. Frida ICU and the ev0 one net site – I showed you okay, make sure your VPN is on stay protected.

That link is in the pin, comment and description guys as you, as I said. If you hear home, when your fire stick to come back to these sites, all you have to do is go back to the internet icon these sites work great.

Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here. Let me know what do you think about these two sites that work fast? They don’t buffer. They’re super quick. This is new way revolution revolutionary way to watch movies and free TV shows.

Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here. Let the sub button comment below where you bro, and let me know if this is working for you. I want to know if this is working for you comment below and let me know if you want to want me to bringing you amazing sites like that.

Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here. I’m out of here. See you in the next one take care.

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