Hey, what’s going on here? Is your fire stick, giving you problems to watch movies and TV shows? Maybe it’s? Buffering Cody’s, not getting new links. You’re having some problems today. I’m, going to show you an anchor Kate.

Does nobody likes to talk about nobody likes to show it around as much, and I think it’s much faster than cinema apk, which is the top dog right now they’re, saying or TVs I own or any other one. I’m, going to show you this apk.

It is incredibly fast and you’re gonna love it. So how do I install this well follow along? I’ll, get it on for you, okay, so on your fire. Stick fire TV device, you simply the first thing you want to do is you want to go to settings and once you’re in settings, all you have to do is to go to my fire TV, go right there and then go to developer Options from there you want to make sure you can install apps from unknown sources.

You’ll, go apps from unknown sources and you’ll turn it on by pressing the middle of the d-pad and saying turn on okay. Once that’s done, things are gonna get really easy. We’re, just gonna press the whole button right there, it’s, got a home button.

I’ll, throw you right in here. Okay and this works on any fire. Stick go to the search thing right there and search for an application called download. You can either say it or you can type it in. I’m, going to just say it with my voice, remote downloader.

It’s, going to search for the downloaded application, and once it shows you, the application. All you have to do is install that download our application very simple. To do orange icon, let’s. Click on downloader, another screen will come up and I’ll.

Give you the opportunity to get the downloaded application. Okay, hey that download button. Now it’s, going to cure white, it’s, going to download it once it downloads it’s going to install the application when it’s finished, we’re just going to open it Up and I’ll, give you a link to put in file linked which allow you not only to get this apk, but I’ll, explain and allow you to get many other applications, and I’ll.

Show you how okay, so once it’s finished, we’re gonna hit that open button. Okay, let’s, hit the open button download or finish, and then press the ELA right here. Okay, hit that hello button and press the okay button.

Okay, once you do that, you’ll, see the screen. All we have to do is click right in there, okay, and to fall on URL, just exactly how short to you. Okay, so it’s, get dot, file linked, calm, okay, so get dot file linked, dot-com, okay, so file, link calm and it’s on the screen as well.

For you guys to make it easy for you, okay, so get dot file. Late! Calm is exactly what you want to type in okay. So here we are typed in get dot file, link calm. We have it typed in okay, once you do that, I want you to press that Go button.

Once you have get a file link, calm! Let’s! Press the go bond! You’ll, see it’s. Gon na say connecting and it’s going to start loading. The file link application. I’m, going to give you a code and a PIN number which will allow you to download this great application for movies and TV shows which works.

Incredibly well and it’s going to allow you to download other applications as well. Okay, give it a minute it’s about eleven megabytes. Let it finish downloading once it finishes. Valerie we’re gonna have the chance an opportunity to install the file link application.

Okay. Here we are once it finishes: press the install button that’s, going to install the file link application when it ‘ S finished installing all I have to do is press that open button right there.

Okay, let’s, press that open button and you’ll, see that the file link application will start up. Okay, follow exactly step-by-step. What I’m doing here, it’s, gonna say enter code. Don’t click; anything else on the screen, click in to enter code, where it’s blinking and put in the following code.

The code is one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight two’s exactly okay, once you’re done press that next button right there. If you put an eight to make sure you hit the continue button here, go ahead.

Anything else on the screen press the continue one it’s, gonna say, pin click in to enter, pin and I’m going to give you my exclusive pin for all my subscribers and people that are subscribed to my channel.

Okay. So press enter, pin and put in forty seven fifty for this pin number should work for you. Okay, 47 54 is the pin number also on the screen. Okay, we’re, going to press the next one once we put it and we’re gonna press.

The continue button very important press. The continue button. It’s. Gon na throw you into my file link, store press. The dismiss fun now to make this application easy to find easy to load. We’re gonna go up.

The top here see the search icon becomes green. I’m gonna click to the left dismiss any pop-ups. That pop up, like that, just press the dismiss button – ok and there you go – see – got blind how it’s highlighted green, a lot of bluish teal.

We want that line highlighted, so you can click into it and you can get the search function. Okay and then type in media you can also scroll down. If you can’t navigate the search around but type in media.

I’m, going to show you the application, anyways so type in media, and you ‘ Ll see an application. Mine is called media box, HD new it’s a little. It says box in the blue font and media. It’s called media box HD.

It is incredible. The new update check it out hit that download arrow. That’s. Gon na start loading, the media box, HD, you ‘ Ll, see this line, progress. It’s, a big application. So let it all finish: let it all progress when it’s finished downloading that application.

This is going to turn into a little play button. Okay and it’s. Gon na allow you to install it every time you hit play feel free guys. If you scroll down my store, you’ll, see Cody, you’ll, see many other applications feel free to get.

Cyber flakes feel free to get the cinema. Apk semenova TV Viva TV there’s, so many applications TVs. I own my store is loaded with some of the best applications. Ok, but you can get all that after you finish loading the media box AGD see how it’s going here progressing.

So when it’s finished. This turns into a play button for all the other applications. It’s, the same progress you go up and down you click on it downloads it. This turns into a play button. You go up where it’s finished and you ‘

Ll have the play button, you press the middle d-pad and we’ll install the application. Okay. What’s in finish? Download? And you see it turn into a play button. It’s, the same process for all their apps.

We depress the d-pad right in the middle will start the installation press the install button. Now we successfully install media box HD, you can get many other applications, but I’m, not going to go through them all in this one.

Video check out my other videos. I do a lot of applications and I show a lot of applications just check out my video section. You can find a lot of other applications today. We’re, looking at media box, EGD fully updated recently and it’s very, very fast, incredible, ok, press the done button when you’re finished press the done.

Ok, we’ll. Throw you back in here feel free to get any other applications. But now we’re going to hit the home on ok, because before we run media box, HD application, we’re, going to protect it and to get more links and more content.

We are going to install a VPN, which I highly highly recommend so to get this VPN follow this along, go to the search on your firestick once you’re at home and type in IP vanish. Ok, so we want to search for IP vanish.

Ok, just like that IP vanish, you’re gonna type that, in on your fire, stick in the Amazon store. Ok, once you see it, it’ll come up here, make sure you get this one white and green ipvanish click on it and then click the download and install button.

Ok, so once this installs we’re, going to open it up and we’re gonna log. In with your own username and password, you’re gonna log in I’ll show you the best setup for ipvanish. We’re, going to get the most links for movies and TV shows, and we’re gonna be fully fully protected with a VPN.

One account will allow us to use it up to 10 devices, and I ‘ Ll show you exactly what to do so make sure you download it once ipvanish finishes downloading. We’re gonna open it up it’s, a small application.

You can see us 11,000 reviews it’s, the top VPN in the industry right now, in my opinion, ok, so let it download and then just the same process like we downloaded downloader. As you remember, almost done, we’re just going to open it up.

Super super simple. Ok, so here we are downloading it and then, as soon as it’s finished, this will turn into an open button. There you go, we’re, almost there installing and open. This is one of the VPNs that works great.

Also, you can use it with Netflix. I’ll. Show you exactly how some other VPNs don’t give you that opportunity to block Netflix? Ok! So let’s open our IP manage VPN up. So when you open it up, you’ll, be presented with this.

You can get your own username and password in this link right here on the screen. Also, there’s, one in a pin comment in a description hit that bitly link there to sign up for your own username and password.

Once you sign up on the link on that site, you’ll, get an email from ipvanish click that email confirmation to activate your username, and then you’ll log in and then you can run media box, HD and many many other Applications in my store that I showed you okay, so let’s put in the username and password once you get it from this link right here, close in the description pin comment once you sign up for an account: let’s login To the ipvanish VPN, I’m gonna log in here.

Okay, once you’re logged in the setup is simple: you’re, going to go to the gear icon right there, and then you’re gonna, say star type: u vanish! This is going to start ipvanish on start startup connection action you want to choose, connect to fast to server to prevent bath range.

Okay. How do we connect on – and this is very important – split tunneling if you have Netflix or Disney Plus, so you get split tunneling and then you select Disney or you select Netflix from the list? Okay, this is going to not use the VPN for Netflix or Disney plus for some of you that have applications that don’t work with the VPN on okay.

If you don’t have Netflix, does he Plus don’t even worry about split panel? Okay, once you’re done that you want to go and country and the two best countries for the VPN. In my opinion, right now is Switzerland.

You can choose Switzerland or you can use the United States for our purposes. I’m. Going to go to the United States and then you’re, going to press the connect button. Okay, this is going to come up in your VPN gonna press, the ok button, and now it’s.

Gon na connect your VPN and your fully fully protected. Okay. Now you ‘ Ll, see little mountains right here. There you go, data is going through the VPN. I’m gonna hit the home button now fully protected.

Now I can run many applications that you can get from my file link store, like I showed you, many others, and now you can also run media box HD that we just installed, but look it’s not showing up media box in recent right.

So it must be in your apps and channels. Let’s, see if it shows up okay, so I scroll through it. It should be here, but if you don’t see it as well see I don’t, see it as well, you can go see all okay.

Once you hit C home, gearbox HD should be there and there you go media box. Hd, you can even move it to the front for easy access by hitting the three lines and move to the front. Okay, now it’s safe to run this application with the VPN.

I’m, going to go into media box HD and make sure you press the allow button right here on media box HDD. So I’m, going to press that low one, and you should see this come up. Okay, so don ‘ T worry about that.

You can hit cancel very easy to navigate just press the cancel button and all your movies and TV shows will load you’ll, get very easy navigation with the remote. You can also go to the top to the hamburger menu.

All the way up. With your firestick remote, you can go download settings track drill. The bridge supports all okay and check for update okay. So how do you navigate from TV shows and movies? You go basically all the way to the bottom.

Just hold all the way down and then you can jump to movies TV shows or search. Ok, everything works with the firestick remote that’s. Why? This is a very, very beautiful application. Ok, that working very, very well ok, so I’ll, just exit it by X.

I’m, going to go back in and it’s gonna load. Again here I just hit home by accident. So if you hit that as well, you can just go back any time and let’s say I won. Watch a movie go to movies and I’ll.

Show you why this is so incredible. Ok, so here I am, I am in the movie section and all my newest releases are at the top. So let’s say I want to watch a movie here. Let’s pick a movie here. So I’m gonna pick.

Let’s pick yeah Toy Story. 4. Okay, we ‘ Ll, pick Toy Story 4. This will come up, highlight it in the red. All you have to do is press play only thing: yellow one that’s down, look hit play you’ll start coming up with direct links, even 3d movies.

I can jump in and I can do 3d. If you’re watching three movies, the great thing everything happens in the background: it’ll, start spinning and he’ll. Try playing the best link for you and look how beautiful this is.

This already works, ok see how fast that work. Let’s say I click on number movies. I just want to show you that I’m, not kidding why this is so good. Something’s, so good, ok, boss, baby. Whatever ok hit that play button right there and it’s, gonna do its thing.

Don’t even worry about it. Next thing, you know, even if you before you turn around this thing is quick. You get a little spinny and it should play. I think I should play. I mean unless we got a bad link nah before I even spoke it’s, all playing guys.

This is incredible. Movies TV shows. Is it better to cinema HD? I think so let me know in the comments below, if you find this better than sit on my HD or not. Let me know what do you think of this media box, HD application? I think it’s incredible.

I think it’s. Amazing works well with a VPN. You can see that my VPN is on. I’ll go home and I’ll show you that my VPN is on that I’m, not turning. It off for the purpose of showing you some, you know some people do that they’ll turn it off just to make it faster, but you can see my VPN is on and it’s working incredibly fast and it’s getting a lot of links.

Okay, so VPN account right here in on the screen. You got the link right here. Big comment, description as well guys enjoy media box. Hd don’t forget to go back in my store, get many other applications.

I recommend cinema HD. Oh so I recommend cyber flicks TB Zion. Those are probably some ones. I recommend in my following stock. Let me know what you think of the media box. Hd is a buffering. Is it working for you? I’m right now.

All the way in Asia, this is working for me. I’m, actually watching movies and TV shows without any buffering. Okay, so let me know guys what do you think of media box HD? Let me know what isn’t. What are you using right now, comment below and first of all, hit the thumbs up and hit the subscribe button, because I got more videos coming, but also tell me where exactly are you from where in the world are you watched watching this video from? And let me know if you enjoyed this video.

Thank you guys see you all in the next one. Take care.

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VPN protection:

CINEMA HD is a great app for free movies and TV shows on a firestick in 2020 but this app is 2x better than Cinema HD, this tutorial teaches you how to install an app that is better than Cinema HD newest version 2020 on a firestick device to enjoy all movies and content without any buffering, firestick buffering is now fixed with this APK no more buffering enjoying all free movies on firestick and free content and free full movies with this new free firestick apk

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