Hey what’s going on YouTube today, I’m, going to show you how to install an incredible new apk functions, just like Terry on TV or T TV. If you used any of those free movies, free TV shows on your fire.

Stick, but this one is one of the fastest I ever seen even faster than terrarium TV. Okay. To get this going on your fire stick follow along. I’ll. Show you how to get this going so on your fire. Stick just go to settings right there once you are in settings, you simply want to go to my fire TV.

Okay, once there click on the month, my fire TV go to developer options and click on it once there very important go down and turn on apps from unknown sources. I’m, going to press the turn on button and I’m.

Going to turn on apps from unknown sources when you’re done, duck press the home button, and from here you’re, going to go to the search icon and you’re gonna search for an application called downloader.

So type it in use your voice, remote. Whatever is faster for me for Joe’s, downloader like that, okay, you can also use the voice remote by pressing a voice, remote and saying downloader. I am pretty fast at typing on my firestick TV remote once you click on it, you’ll, see downloader.

This will come up an orange icon. You’ll. Simply click on that orange icon. You ‘ Ll see a number screen come up, and then you’re gonna click, the download button it’s, going to queue, it download it once it finishes.

We’re gonna open up downloaded. Here we go installing and now it’s finished. We are going to press the open button right there. Okay, let’s. Press the open button. A screen should come up with downloader.

I’m gonna press. Ok, you might get a screen as well. That will ask you to allow this application, depending which firestick you’re on. I didn’t get that screen, but if a screen comes up at the bottom here saying allow or deny press the allow, it depends on the firestick version that you have and which apps you have installed before.

I probably allow downloader to write before because I’ve installed it several times, but make sure you always have allow when you launch the application okay. So here we are in downloader. Now we’re gonna get an application.

I’m, going to give you a PIN number and a code to get this new apk just follow along okay. Now, in this, he’s. Gon na say HTTP calling forward forward, slash click into it and pull in the following URL.

So going to type in get dot file linked, comm, okay, so get dot file linked komm. Exactly how you see it here, type that in so we got get dot file linked, comm it’s also shown here on the screen. You’re gonna press, the goal bun once you press that goal button, it’s, gonna say connecting and it’s.

Gon na start downloading the file linked application. This will come up. You’re, going to click down and you’re, going to press the install button on your file linked application. So here I am pressing the install button on file length and once it finishes, I’m, just gonna press the Open button.

The reason for file link that’s, going to always allow you to get the newest version of this apk, and I’m, always gonna keep it updated on my channel file, link ready to launch you’re, just Gon na go down and press the Open button right there.

Now you’ll, see file, link launching okay, so you’re, going to do two things here: one it launches it’s. Gon na come up like this. You’re gonna go to enter code, ignore everything else on the screen and click in to enter code.

You’re gonna put in eight to s exactly like that. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 2. S exactly how you see it here once you’ve, put in your 8 to on the screen as well press the next button. Ok, you’re gonna be highlighted in blue.

The continue button. You’re gonna press. I’m gonna take you in here. It’s, gonna say, enter, pin click into it and the pin number is 47 54. So, with 8 two’s and then 47:54 four-digit pin number you’re gonna press.

The next button right here for 7 54, is the pin number press. The next button, then just press the continue button right here. Ok, that’s. Gon na throw you into my file link store it’s, going to look like this dismiss any pop-ups, and you’re gonna see a bunch of applications right here, the first application.

I want you to download: is the ipvanish VPN dismiss this pop-up, so you’re gonna see you can go up and down and highlight it in blue click on the down arrow on our IP vanish, VPN download? Ok once it finishes, this will become a play button and I ‘

Ll, have an opportunity to press that play button. So I’m gonna press the play button and I’m gonna press install on the ipvanish VPN very important when it finishes installing all I’m going to do. Let’s.

Press the done button – okay, I don’t want to press open. Yet I want to press the done button because we’re, not completely in here. Okay, here we are installing ipvanish VPN, then press the done button.

Like I said. Okay, you’re gonna scroll down the list by pressing down, and you’re gonna find our new amazing apk and it’s incredible and you can try any other apks here as well. If you don’t like this apk or you want multiple apks feel free to download anything from my store.

Ok, so after the ipvanish download you’re gonna highlight here in blue the nova TV 1.02 APK. It might be a newer version by the time you’re watching this video don’t worry it’s, always updated in my store.

I’m gonna hit the download arrow to get the Nova apk. Once it finishes installing you’re gonna press the play button, just like we’ve done on ipvanish. I’m gonna scroll down and then we’re gonna press the install, but this is installing the nova TV APK is incredible: it’s.

Super fast works great 100 times better dead, terrarium TV. In my opinion, okay, nova TVs installing when it finishes we’re, still not gonna press the Open button. We’re gonna press. The done button – ok, almost done here.

A down button should appear any minute here once it installs. Okay, depending on the speed of your fire stick, this is an older generation. I’m doing it on, but if you have a faster generation it might install a little bit faster.

Then it’s crawling right here. For me, okay, it’s, a fairly large application, but not huge. Ok, they’re, going over TV ready to launch. We’re, going to press the done button. It’s. Gon na throw us back into our file length store, ok, so we installed the ipvanish VPN and the nova TV for our best experience streaming.

Experience for free movies and TV shows hit that home button right there on your remote. Ok! Now what you want to do? You want to go to your apps and channels hit C off and from here you’ll, see all our applications.

Okay, you’re going to scroll down and I have all my applications. So I’m going to take Nova, and I’m gonna say, move to front my Nova application for easy access, ok, and that is all great ok. We also have our ipvanish VPN, which we installed look for ipvanish on the list before I like to run any of my applications, let it be Nova, TVB, TV t, TV or any applications to get more links and stuff, because some Internet service providers started blocking links.

I Ronde ipvanish VPN highly recommended you can use up to 10 devices. So let’s start up. Ipvanish VPN I’ll. Show you quickly how to use it login with your own username and password, and you can get that from this link right here all signed up in common and description.

Once you get an account, you will log in with your own username. You know your own account, which is available in this link. Like I said, and pin common description there’s, a link there for you once you sign up and get the username and password you’ll, be able to log in first.

You’ll, get a confirmation, email click on that email that ipvanish sends you. Your account will be active. So I’m going to log into my get full protection, get more links in all these apk. So let’s. Login to our ipvanish VPN to stay protect once you log into your ipvanish, just click on that gear.

Icon right here you’re gonna, say start ipvanish start up connection action; click on it connect to fastest server to prevent any buffering. Okay, an auto reconnect on your going to go to split tunneling.

If you have Netflix only so split tunneling and then you’ll select Netflix from the list. This will allow Netflix to run while your VPN is still aren’t very, very intuitive. Okay, now country click on it and select United States, it’s.

Gon na give you the most movies most TV shows and it’s. Gon na produce you the most links so United States. I’m gonna select, and then I’m gonna press the connect button. Once I have United States selected, this will come up simply press.

Ok. Now I’m fully protected. I can fully enjoy no geo blocking no blocking links. My internet service provider does not know what I’m doing and they’re, not spying on me. You ‘ Ll, see this thing here.

We’re fully fully protected. I recommend ipvanish the best in the industry. The best standard, ok press, the home button once ipvanish is running. We’re gonna open up our Nova apk. So let’s open up Nova.

We click on it or any other AP case it works with all apk is ipvanish. Ok, so know about TV is great, is incredible. I’ll show you. Why pick your language? We’re, gonna, say English foreign language at the top.

You can select all your things, but now internal player exoplayer. The reason I don’t recommend any other players because X, ok, air works great on a fire, stick fast forward backwards, rewind and the least buffering you could do em explore.

If you have MX player, select MX player, but internal player is great for most devices. Ok, this will come up. Press cancel on the Facebook page now at the top. I can scroll through the categories, which is great.

I can select my categories. I can search here for a movie as well. I can hit the hamburger menu and I can switch between TV shows and movies. Ok, so I’m, going to switch to movies. Ok and then I’m gonna choose a movie.

Okay, so here’s, discover trending. I’m in movie section, so I’m gonna say you know what comedy give me comedy here’s, the comedy section for movies, beautiful tiles come up. This is a great gradient.

You can, you can see, performs very very fast and I’m even on an older generation, firestick here very whole generation. Here I’m doing it in my other room, the video, so you might see a different setup for those are returning to watch my videos here.

So let’s select something so I’m just gonna go with. I would actually go with this one: okay and then you’ll, see a beautiful thing here you can bookmark it. You can watch the trailer or just plus press the play button and it’s.

Gon na ask you 40 player. Ok, don’t worry about it. Just hit cancel on the T player. Now it’s. Gon na come up with a bunch of links in any second, it’s. Gon na start producing a large number of links.

So once it catches, one link, you’ll, see a bunch of other links that it ‘ S scraping in the background, is doing some work and all the links will come up. Ok now, once the links come up, what you want to select you and select very high and quality high.

You can see how many links this apk produces. It is incredible. I’ve. Even terraeum TV has not produced so many high quality links. This is incredible. I select you see very high speed and quality high press on that and hit the play button or play with subtitles whatever you want.

You hit that play button. Exoplayer will start up ill connect for the movie and eventually you will start playing the movie and there you go. It just starts playing. I’m, just gonna exit it right here it’s playing without any issues, select any link.

If one is slow, try another link, if one’s buffering try over link, you have hundreds to select from ok that is Nova TV, incredible, incredible application. Hope it worked for you guys very well. I hope you never had any issues with it and hope it’s working.

Well, let me know what do you think of the new Nova apk? Is it running the way it should? Are you enjoying this new apk? Are you happy with this new apk? Let me know what do you think I’m really happy with Nova TV works great and gets me a lot of movies gets me.

A lot of TV shows highly highly enjoyed. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here with me and I ‘ Ll, see you all in the next one hit the subscribe button and let me know what do you think of Nova TV

Source : Youtube

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