Hey what’s going on youtube, so a lot of things have changed. If you’re new to my channel, i’m gonna give you my new pin number for the best application. Today we’re gonna be fully loading. This fire stick with the best apps for you.

Okay, we’re gonna do free movies and tv shows and free live television. These are all publicly available apps on the internet. So i’m, not sure uh, if they do have the proper licenses for the content or not, that’s up to your discretion.

Guys i’m gonna show you how to keep safe using them. I’m, going to show you all that, okay, so let’s get into this tutorial. Let me show you the best apps. Let me fully load this fire. Stick. Some people call it jailbreaking.

I’m, going to fully load this. I’m, going to show you my top recommendations. There’s, a hundreds of apps out there and i’m choosing, for you guys always the best ones. Okay. So when you start up your fire stick, all you have to do is go to settings, but your fire stick may look a little bit different if you’re running the new os, so you’re gonna look for settings and You’re, going to look for a section called my fire tv and you’re, going to look for developer options.

Your menus might be moved around if you’re using the fire stick light right now i’m doing a 4k which does not have the new os yet, but when the new os rolls out, the menus might be a little bit Different, but you will look for settings, developer options and apps from unknown sources.

You will make sure that you turn that on okay on the new fire stick light as well. There’ll, be a little toggle switch and it’ll, say on or off to be able to install that application. So you’ll, just switch that on it’s a little bit of a different process, but it still works and it’s still going to work.

Okay, i’m doing this on the 4k very standard similar process so hit home, and you’re gonna see a search icon right here. You’re gonna search for downloader downloader. Okay, once you find downloader it’s, an orange icon, click on it and then click the download button.

It’s, going to cue it and download it once it installs it’s. We’re, going to open it up. We’re, going to put in a url, but on the fire stick light or uh the fire stick with new os on it. That’s rolling out right now it’s.

You’re, going to have to put a toggle switch on to make sure that downloader can install files. When you open it up, it will ask you to do that. Okay, so let’s, open it up and press the allow button and press the ok button.

Okay, you’re, going to click one up here in this menu and you’re, going to put in get that file linked dot com. Okay, just pull that in exactly like that. Okay, let me pull that in so get dot file linked dot com.

You’re gonna press that go button. What’s? Gon na happen? It’s, gonna say connecting and once it connects and downloads it’s. Gon na ask me to install it. So here it is it’s. Going to pop up. We’re, going to press the install button on file link and we’re going to install file link application.

Okay when it installs we’re just going to pop it open. Let’s. Do that press open it’s, going to open it up, initialize it it’s going to say enter code, okay, so here when it says enter code, we’re going to click into there.

I’m. Going to put one two, three, four, five: six, seven, eight twos. Once you put that press the next button, you’re, going to press the continue button. It’s, going to ask you for a pin number so to get the pin number you can open up your computer or phone open the youtube, app and search for new tech pin.

I have a video that always has my updated pin right now. I’m, going to give it to you, but if it does change follow the instructions right here. Okay, so the pin click into it. The pin is 98.98 okay. Once you put in 98.

98, you’re, going to press the next button. You’re, going to press the continue button. It’s, going to throw you into my store, dismiss that pop-up and now let’s get our first application, which is highlighted right here.

It’s, ipvanish vpn. So hit the download button it’s, going to download ipvanishvpn dismiss any popups. So when the ipvanishvpn downloads, this is going to turn into a play button. It’s, going to ask us to install it.

Let’s. Do that hit the play button and let’s, install the ipvantagevpn i’ll. Show you why exactly you would want to use a vpn. I’ll, explain everything farther in the video okay. When ip vanishes vpn finishes downloading.

We’re, going to press the done button, okay and scroll down or hit the fast forward button on your fire stick and you’re, going to see cody skip that and you’re going to go movie, show apps. So we’re, going to fully load it.

The first one we’re going to get. Is cinema apk one of my favorites so hit the download button. You see the download progress and when it’s finished this turns into a play button and we’re ready to install it okay.

So here we are with that. That’s, going to turn into a play. Button hit that play button and press the install button, and when it’s finished installing just hit the done button. Okay, let’s. Do that okay, scroll down the next one! We’re going to get, is zinni, tevy, okay, zenith, heavy same thing: we’re, going to download it.

This turns into a play button. We’re, going to hit that play button and we’re, going to press the install button on zinny tavi. Okay, my number two favorite application. When it’s finished zany tv. All we got to do is hit the done button.

Okay, it takes a minute to install them. Some of them are larger. Some of them are smaller. Like there, you go dunban, okay, third, one we’re going to get is the btv, so we’re getting the third one btv.

Those are very, very well put together applications. So btv is going to finish. This turns into a play. Button and we’re, going to press the install button on btv and then we are going to press the done button.

Okay, let’s. Wait for that! So we’ve installed cinema, we’ve installed. Zeni tv and we’re installing btv, our third movie and tv show application. Okay. Fourth, one is ttv. It’s really incredible. This is my fourth favorite one and i’m just giving you the best ones for 2021.

Okay, hit that play button and press the install button on ttv that’s, going to install ttv and press the done button. Okay, and we’re off to the next one. Okay, very straightforward ttv is a large one, but i love ttv.

It’s. Gon na give you a lot of links a lot of content. Okay, let’s, wait for that and press the done button. Okay! Next one we’re gonna get is strix tv. This is for live television and movies and shows and adult content when strix downloads same concept install and done so we got a lot of them here.

Okay, so far, we’ve loaded. Many many applications that you’re gonna be really really happy with in 2021, okay press the done button. Okay, scroll down, we’re gonna skip some of them. We’re gonna get uk turks.

It’s, a really incredible apk used to have a cody adam, but uk turks decided to go the apk route now so, okay, so let’s. Get uk turks. You’re gonna see a download progress bar when it’s finished. This turns into a play button and we’re ready to go with that.

Okay, let’s. Wait until this turns into a player play button, and then we can install uk turks. Okay almost done here. It’s, a large one. This one’s, a little bit larger press, the play button and press the install and then press the done button.

Okay, it’s, going to take up a lot of space. Somebody asked me about space, but don ‘ T worry, i’ll. Show you how to clean up some of that space when we’re done, okay and then just keep checking my channel keep checking my videos subscribe.

Every time i release new content. You’ll, get a notification, make sure you hit that bell icon too. Okay, if you haven’t done so. Okay keep skipping all that i’m, going to skip all that. Okay next one! I’m.

Going to get a sofa tv so scroll down to sofa tv once you see it just play button and then just hit that play button very straightforward, install and press the done button. When you’re finished installing sofa tv, okay and then we’re gonna keep going and keep getting the next ones that, i think, are really great.

Okay, sofa tv is a great one. Okay press done. Let’s. Scroll down, we’re gonna skip a lot of these. Here. You’re gonna look for film plus. Once you see film plus, this is another great one. We’re gonna hit that play button, and we’re gonna install that we’re.

Pretty much. Almost wrapping up with the free movie and tv show apps, and then we’re gonna do live tv applications for live television, that’s right free, cable, tv. This is the best setup that you can have on your fire.

Stick fire stick tv light fire, stick tv cube whatever device, you’re using anything amazon, and you can do this even on your android device. Downloader is available in the play store. If you have an android phone or you have an android box, you can do this as well.

Okay, film plus, is gonna finish here, press done, okay, let’s. Keep scrolling down! We’re, going to skip a lot of these here. Okay, let’s skip a lot of these here i’m, just looking, which ones are still good.

Okay, we’re going to skip those. I think this is enough. Last one we’re going to get is cat and mouse. I think that’s is a must as well with film plus so cat mouse hit the play button, press, the install button cut mouse and then let’s, get to our live television, applications, okay and then, when it’S finished: we’re, just gonna press that done button.

Okay, let’s. Do done great! Okay! Let’s, keep scrolling down! Let’s, see a couple of things here: keep scrolling down, keep scrolling down and then we’re gonna reach an area called free tv. Okay, in this area, we are going to get the following applications.

We’re, going to get red box tv right here, so you’re, going to hit under free tv red box, hit that play button and press the install button on redbox tv and then press the done button. When we’re finished installing redbox tv, okay, press done okay next one we’re going to do is livenetv, so redbox livenet tv for live television.

This turns into a play button. These are really great. You’re, going to get us live television, uk, canada, all those channels, okay, hit that play button and press the install button on that, and then we’re going to hit the done button when we’re done installing That one okay give it a minute here: okay and the third one we’re gonna do here.

Let’s. Scroll down you’re gonna see tv tap. It’s amazing. So we’re gonna get tv tap, okay, hit the play button and press the install. So we got red box livenet tv. We got tv tap three great applications.

We’re gonna get the fourth one, our fifth one. I’m gonna show you five okay press done the fourth one is swift streams right below. Let’s, download swift streams. This turns into a play button and then the last one we’re gonna get.

Is the mob drawer application? Okay, that play button and press the install button and then let’s, get the mob draw application, okay and then last one is mob drill. Okay, now you can come back to my store at any time.

So i’m downloading mobdro right here, hit the play button, install it and i’ll, have all the updated apks for you. So with that code and pin number i gave you earlier, you can always get back to my store and you can load your device.

Okay, very easy to do very simple. I try to make this as simple as i can for everybody, and this turns into a play button, and then we can install mobster. Okay, let’s. Do that let’s, hit that play button and install mobdro and then press the done button? Okay, okay! Now we fully loaded our fire stick.

As you can see. I have all these applications. They’re in your apps and games and they should be all here. Okay, let’s, see mob draw, although if i scroll down, they should be all here. Okay, so we got ipvanish.

Then we got our applications. We got file link. You can come back anytime, you got cinemazony, we got btv ttv, strix, uk turks, sofa uh, film, plus cat mouse red box, live net tv, tv, tap, swift streams and mob draw application.

I’m, going to be showing you all of them, but before i run any of these apks guys hit the home button, go to your apps and games and make sure i use a vpn with all these crackdowns and all this stuff going around.

I told you to download ipvanish just click on it, open it up. Okay, vpn is going to protect you. It’s, going to give you more links in some applications, or some inner providers are starting to block content.

So a vpn is a must. These days, when streaming content uh there’s, some scare scares going around that people. They’re, going to be going after users, and things like that. So i’m, not sure if these applications have the right licenses or not who develops them up.

So therefore, i recommend using a vpn, so i teamed up with ipvanish. If you scroll down below and uh there’s, a link, there, click on that link in the pink comment description it’s. Gon na take you to the ipvanish site.

You’re gonna pick your package, you’re gonna sign up for a package. You’re gonna get a confirmation, email in your email box. Click on that confirmation, email confirm your account and you’ll, be ready to log in once.

You have your ipvanish account. You’ll, be able to log in, and i have a big discount since i teamed up with them. I’m a part i’m under a partner uh. Therefore you can get a big discount by using that link below okay.

Once you have your account, let me log in and let me show you how to set it up. So i’m going to log into my account, but you would log into your account and then i’ll, show you the quick setup for ipvanish okay, so i’m logged into the vpn here.

Once you hit the gear icon, say, start ipvanish, startup connection action. You’re, going to put connect too fast as server okay, split, tunneling click on this. If you have netflix hulu disney plus, this will say that we don’t want to use the vpn with those services.

So, for example, i want to do prime, because i don’t want to turn vpn on when using prime. I want to keep it off. I would search prime netflix hulu disney plus or any of those, and then i would put a check mark on it.

What this means in split tunneling those applications will not use a vpn. Everything else will use a vpn very handy. Okay, make sure scramble mode is on hit, one back go right here, go to country and make sure you select the united states under country.

Once you select united states press the connect button right there and you’ll, be fully protected by pressing the ok button. Once the vpn connects, we’ll, be ready to go. We’ll, be ready to look at all the applications we downloaded going to launch them on.

I’m, going to show you quickly how to use them, and we’re going to get going. Okay hit the home button. So that discount is available for ipvanish in the pin comment, description. Okay, so let’s! Go to your apps and games.

Let’s, see all let’s start up some of these applications. So the first one we’re going to look at is cinema apk, so start up cinema apk when it starts up. You’re, going to press the allow button and press the accept button and press the ok button and you’re ready to go.

This is one of the best applications for tv shows and movies. You got your tv shows. You got your filter, your global search here, and you got your hamburger. Menu works with fire. Stick remote. We can click on movies and let’s.

Select a movie just to show you how this works. Merry christmas baby, we’ll. Use that click on that cinema apk starts searching for your movies and then it will come up with links and when we have a link we simply choose a link to play the movie.

So so far we have six links. I can scroll down and more links populating very quickly here and then you would click on the link and then you would just say, play or play with subtitles. Whatever you want, you can have closed captioning as well, not content available, very easy to use lots of links, lots of content tv shows the same method.

Cinema apk, one of the best apps super easy to use. Basically like free, netflix. Okay, let’s. Look at my favorite second one zenitv quickly show you quickly how this one works, hit, get started and then press this one.

The forward here button like this. It will jump to the yellow, little toggle press one down and then press the done button that easy. Okay. Now select this right here, which shows the tv, not the mobile phone press, the allow and this app will start up, looks beautiful.

You got watched, you got genres, you got downloads and then you got by categories like disney sony dreamworks. You can look for content like that or you got the global search or you can just go to genres like i do sometimes – and i say you know what today comedy movie and let’s, say fat man.

I want to watch. You click on fat man, it shows you similar stuff shows you recommendations shows you the cast the crew. This is a beautiful application. You’re, going to click on watch now and automatically it’s going to start up and it automatically is going to select the best link for you and it’s going to play that zenytv, incredible incredible, app! Okay! So there you go it’s starting up and then as soon as it finds a source or play it.

If it doesn’t play that source, which you can do. You can click on the little source here and then you can switch between sources if it’s taking too long to play that source. So i can switch to another source hit.

Play timer will kick in just like cinema apk and the movie or the piece of content will eventually start playing. Okay, it takes a little bit of time. It’s, got a pre-buffer, it’s, going to catch some content and when it connects to the actual server it’ll start playing the movie.

Okay, just pause it here. Let me hit back tv shows the same method. You just pick a season episode and then hit play very. Very nice apk here’s, all the related movies. So if i want to watch this one, you would click on it.

Same concept might just jump to fantasy. You can go back and because it’s under three genres hit the watch button. It’ll spin up the player should pull up, and then it should start trying to play the content.

Okay hit. The sources streams will come up here. It’ll, show us the sources and then eventually, we’ll start playing the content. This one’s a little bit slower in cinema apk, but it’s still. Another great addition to have in your tools.

Okay on your fire, stick: okay, great great little apk! I like it some rare content. So if you don’t find some content cinema apk, you might find it here. Okay, my third one that i really like is btv.

Let me show you why this one is a good one. It shows trusted sources, it shows fast sources. I’ll, explain all that in detail. So let’s start up btv press the allow button – and you got your tv shows here.

You got your filters searched these apps look very similar the same. You hit the hamburger button and you hit movies. So you ask me nutec: why would you want all these apks that look similarly the same? Well, the reason is, it has different links and different sources.

So let’s, go and pick something. Let’s pick a movie here. So i’m gonna go with scroll down here. It’s categorized by year. Okay, let’s hit! Let’s. Try something rare calm. Call me by your name. Okay, shows the act.

Actors shows the trailer. You can hit the play button. What will start doing you & # 39? Ll start looking for links when links are available. It’ll, start spitting the links right here. I picked an old movie and, as you can see, look at be tv.

It’s, just going bananas, we have 19 links already. We have 38 links for an old movie. This is a great great apk shows us the speed quality. So let’s, go with uh speed, normal quality high, let’s, go with normal quality and high speed hit play with subtitle or hit play whatever you choose.

You hit that play button, it’ll, start up, it’ll spin up and then, when it connects to the actual link, it’ll start playing the movie for us and there you go it’s already Playing i’m gonna exit, the player and very, very nice apk very fast.

You’re gonna be very, very happy with btv. Okay, let’s. Look at the next one! Let’s. Look at ttv another incredible one: lots of links, lots of content. These are the best that i can show you guys press the allow button press the accept button and same thing.

We got airing today on the air a little bit different, so popular, let’s say i want to look at something popular and right now, cobra vikings, these are all the popular stuff. So let’s. Let’s. Try cobra press cancel, we can install cobra kai, let’s, not install t player.

We can’t do that. So i’m gonna say you know what watch now cobra tie season, one episode one. So this is a tv show, you could actually go into other seasons as well and when links are available, it will spit out in ttv there’s.

Some links coming up 1080p on clip watching just play and play with subtitles depending what you wanted and then below here the interesting part, the way it works below it shows you, the other uh, the other episodes in the season that we’ve chosen.

Okay, so there you go it’s playing okay, i’m gonna exit that player and that’s, cobra kai, very, very cool and same with movies, same concept. You guys get the idea a very beautiful, app okay, but t player can’t, be installed.

Let’s. Look at the next one! Let’s. Look at sofa tv, okay and i’m going to skip the live tv apps till the end press the allow button and it’s, going to ask a sofa player. Just hit, cancel, hit, cancel and telegram group.

This is super easy to use. You got tv shows in hollywood, so let’s, say hollywood movies and then tv shows, if you want to tv, shows right here. It shows you movies uh the cool thing about this, so you can search global search as well.

So let’s. Go in here and let’s just pick something out of hollywood, say wonder, and then you just hit that watch now button it’s going to say loading shows us the links hit on the link and hit play, and that’s, it it’s.

One click doesn’t, scrape it’s; a direct link application. When this player spins up sofa tv will spin up. Eventually, it takes a little bit longer with sofa tv, because these are direct links. It pre-buffers quite a bit of content, so it does take about 30 to 40 seconds, sometimes for the movie to show up be patient.

While this player is spinning. Eventually, this will play and the reason i like sofa tv there are direct links and a lot of links will work. 90 of the links will work, but it does take a while for the content to load, as you can see, it’s.

Spinning and spinning for me, but eventually it will load okay, so i know this for a fact: it does load. It just takes a little bit of time. Okay, i’m, not going to be waiting here for a minute or 40 seconds whatever it is.

So i’m gonna back out, okay and exit the player, and then you can choose anything else and it will play okay. Let’s. Look at our next one. Film plus. This is good for tv shows. So i’m gonna start up film, plus okay, let’s start that up: okay, press the allow button and film plus.

This is great for tv shows. I’ll. Show you why so let’s. Do cobra kai! You got search. You got hamburger menu, similar thing favorites! You can go to movies as well very easy to use. So we’re gonna do cobra, kai and press cancel on one player and then similar thing.

We can go to seasons and let’s, say cobra kai were on season three season: three: okay, that’s; fine episode! Four, just showing you how to use that and then hit that play button at the bottom or at the top, and it’ll scrape for links for you.

This is a terrarium tv clone. This is an incredible incredible. Apk has gone a long way. Film plus, i’m, really really enjoying this one and it’ll start scraping for all your links. As you can see, look at all the amount of good links we have all you have to do once we get the links we got.

We got more than 54 links which is incredible and play or play with subtitles. This will start up. You got closed captioning. If you want it, timer will kick in 36 minutes. The episode starts playing very, very happy with film plus okay, i’m gonna exit that very nice apk.

You’re gonna really really enjoy film plus next one is cat. Mouse, let me show you that, similar to film plus press the allow button and press the ok button and exo player and then proceed and you’re ready to use cat mouse.

You got your search, terrarium tv clone as well, so cobra kai. We’re going to go with, but we could go with movies as well same layout, same concept, season and season three okay season, one whatever we’ll do season one we’ll, see episode six.

Okay! Then we go here at the top hit that play button a little bit different than film plus. There was no button at the bottom hit back on the pop-up and then it’s, going to go off it’s going to find us links when the links populate.

We just simply click on the link and boom. It will play the content. Okay, there you go there’s, our links clip watching hls. I can go with the first link or i can just wait once more links come in or i’m impatient, so i hit play and boom there.

You go it’s already playing okay, so another good one, uh, not as good as film plus, but another good one to have okay. So now let’s. Look at strix tv! We got uk turks got a couple left. So let’s. Look at strix tv! This is a great one, because this one’s got live television; okay, when strix tv starts up it’s.

Gon na pop up uh parental pin, you’re gonna click into it, and we’re gonna say you know what parental pin is. Four zeros i’m gonna make it you can make whatever you like, because it does have an adult section: press, okay and please set a parental pin, cannot be zero, zero figures.

Okay, so i’m gonna make it six. Seven: six: seven: okay, whatever you wan na, make it, and then you got your movies. You got your tv shows. You got your live tv section that you can click on the bottom.

You got your sports section for pay-per-views major events and you got the adult section. So let’s go to movies. Let me pick a movie here sure i’ll pick avengers and what happens? This goes off and starts looking for links and when it finds you a link, all you do is click on that link hit that play button uh, it starts up the player and it’ll start playing the movie.

This has a lot of links. A lot of content, and if you get sluggish link, you’ll, get an error or it won’t play and it’s. Time to move on to another link hit that play button, try another link and that should be playing.

If not, then you try another link uh, but the great thing about this apk might not be the best for movies. Like you see, i’m, i’m on my like third one and it didn’t work. I’m trying another one here on my third one.

Now it doesn’t work. Try another one playing the streamer will be live again soon, so it looks like some of the links are off. Okay for this movie specifically, but the good thing about strix tv is: there is some movies there’s.

Tv shows it’s, not a perfect application. As you see, i tried four for avengers didn’t work. I could keep clicking through the links, but the live. Tv section is incredible: you’re gonna, like it and the sports and the adult.

Unfortunately, on youtube i can’t show you those sections, but you can access them, click right into it and then choose your channel. That’s. All there is to it. Okay, so strix tv, another one, uk turks is very unique.

I like to promote this one i like to show you guys this one, some some of you that haven’t heard of it, because it has very unique concept. It has live tv, it’s, complete media center, like kodi kinda.

It’s got cartoons. If you got kids, it’s got concerts, it ‘ S, got all this stuff here and it ‘ S, got live tv, okay and it ‘ S got movies. Tv shows everything’s here, documentary section i love the documentary section in here.

It’s very simple. To use you click into each section, say biography, documentaries and say: love, maryland sure and then choose your link and it goes off. It gets the link and then screen turns black and then eventually plays the content.

Okay, it ‘ S got a lot of content. This apk is fully packed with very rare content. Concert, like i said, documentaries, uh, movies tv shows live tv sections for live television. If you want to watch major events and things like that, this is fully loaded if the black screen stays too long for about two minutes.

That means that link is down. Try another link. This one is already playing for me. I’m gonna exit that so that is playing already. It does take a minute to load, like you see in about 20 seconds, might take 30 seconds on some links.

This is an incredible incredible apk i’m, going to exit that and the next one i’m going to show you now is the live tv applications, let’s. Look at tv tap and i’m. Going to blur some of this out so here’s, tv tap! Okay! When tv tap starts up, this is eventually all blurred out.

You can go here in the hamburger menu. You can go by entertainment movies, whatever you like and then beside will say. The language of the channel like this one’s in us. I’m, going to click on that and it starts playing already.

I’m, going to go full screen and i can enjoy that content live television, no buffering! Very clear tv tap is very, very well built application for the fire. Stick, let’s. Look at swift streams, our next one, so startup, swift stream same concept very easy to use simple.

Like free, cable, cable, box, you got your categories. I’m gonna click into one of our categories and from here select your channel. I’m going to say, amc us! I’m, going to pick android player. You make sure you pick android player or built-in player.

Just say always: okay and you’ll start playing the content. Same type of deal. Content will play in the background, give it a minute and then you can enjoy live free television, okay, we got lots of channels here.

You can try another channel and then timer will kick in, and these are all live television channels. Okay, the next one i want to look at is one of my favorite ones. Redbox, just updated very nicely put together apk.

So let me just start up redbox tv right here: okay, when redbox starts up it’s, going to take a minute, it’s, going to load all your categories with your live television movies tv shows are not here. It’s only live television in red box, so you got your categories at the top.

You got us uk, canada just choose your category. For example, i’m, choosing us choosing a channel and simply saying android player again and saying just once, and then it spins up and then redbox should start playing that channel for me, give it a minute and eventually the channel will play there.

You go. The channel is playing okay, very easy to use very nice red box. You’re gonna be really happy with this apk. Okay, let’s, go back and keep looking at them. So we just looked at redbox and we have a couple of more and then we’ll, wrap up this video.

We got mobdroleft and livenetv. So let’s. Click on livenet tv to look at that very quickly same concept as red box. Very easy to use. You’re, going to just click a couple of things and you’re, going to be ready to go so here’s, livenet tv when it starts up it’s.

Going to ask you to press continue. Press the continue, okay. This is either going to show ads. So you’re. Agreeing to that press the allow button and it’s, going to start up the app okay so give it a minute once it starts up it’s, going to say loading, then it’s, going to load to a Hundred percent, and then you can enjoy live television channels with red box.

Okay, so here we are. Sixty percent takes a minute to load all the channels because it’s, updating all the links, so it’s, always good links. It’s, always links that are working, so you, don’t, have to update the actual app where there’s, an update, make sure you do update it, but this will give you a lot of content.

A lot of links uh it’s, updating all the links automatically within the app okay. So now same thing at the top, you got us, entertainment, canada, us uh lots of categories. You can also global search for a channel.

I’m gonna block. All this out say i want to play this channel. Android player say just once: it will start up and player will start up and then it will play that channel live television, no buffering whatsoever, beautiful picture playing.

Okay, very nice, red box. Very nice live net tv, very nice tv tab. Okay, now mob drawer, let’s. Look at our last one mob is a great one. Unfortunately, it ‘ S got to be blurred out here. Press the agree button when it starts up press the allow button, then under channels you can, when you click channels, this will come up and saying: can it use your idle resources of your device? If you don’t want that, you can say, keep ads to use don’t use idle device resources.

So i like to keep ads and say start using the app okay by keeping the ads. I’m, not going to have my fire stick boggled down with the app that’s, a good option. Click on the channel you can search on the channel.

Has the major pay-per-views all the major events you can maximize the channel full screen when it loads starts playing the channel you’re ready to go. Uh mobdro is a great apk. There you go. The channel is playing okay, very nice, apk, lots of channels, global search for channels.

This is blurred out. I’m gonna go back to the home screen, enjoy this application guys enjoy all of this stuff. All of this content highly highly great great apks. Hopefully you like that video. Please, give me a favor subscribe to this channel.

If you can hit the subscribe button, hit the bell icon notification button: okay, to make sure you get all the updates. Okay! Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here and i ‘ Ll, see you all in the next one.

Take care!

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