Hey what’s going on youtube? Today, i’m, going to show you how to fully unlock some people like to call a jailbreak the fire stick tv light the 4k, the cube whatever amazon device you’re using. We’re, going to fully load it.

This also works on android. You can follow along. I’m, going to give you access to my store stay through the video, and we’re, going to fully load this fire. Stick. Okay, so when you first boot up your device, the first thing you want to go to is the settings on your fire stick device and once you’re there in settings, all you want to do now is go to my fire tv once there Go to developer options and make sure you turn on apps from unknown sources.

Turn it on. Once you’ve done that you’re, going to hit the home button and you’re, going to go to the search and we’re, going to search for an application called downloader. Let’s. Do that downloader.

It should be an orange icon. It should come up as downloader just like that. If you’re on any android device, you can simply go to the store google play store and you can also find downloader there. It’s that easy, and then you just follow along with file link.

Okay, so android phones, any other devices. Google chromecast tv android tv downloader, is in the google play store. Okay, once you get downloaded on your fire, stick you’re gonna click, the download cloud it’s, gonna cue.

It download it and we’re gonna open it up. Okay, there we are downloading, and now we’re just going to pop it right, open. Okay, let’s pop that open. Now, when we pop that open it’s, going to ask us to allow or deny press the allow button press the ok button.

Now we’re going to go up here. One up. We’re, going to click into it and we’re, going to put in get dot file linked dot com that easy okay file linked dot com. Once you put in that url, all you have to do is press that go button.

Get.Filelink.Com once you press the go button, it’s connecting and it’s going to download the file link application there’s, the download and when it finishes it’s, going to invoke the installer, which means It’s, going to ask you to install it.

All we have to do is press the install button here on our fire stick and when it’s done installing. All we have to do is press the open button. Okay, this is super easy super simple. This screen is going to come up don’t press anything else on the screen just follow along you’re, going to click into this field, enter code and you’re, going to put in the following code.

One two three, four, five, six, seven, eight eight twos to be exact. Then you’re, going to press the next button here and you’re gonna press. The continue button. It’s. Gon na ask you for the pin number i’m, giving you the pin number right now – click into it and put in 47 54 for the pin number okay press the next button.

Once we do that, and we’re going to press the continue button. Okay, it’s, going to throw us into my beautiful store press, the dismiss button and press the dismiss on any other pop-ups. Okay. Now you’re gonna be on the first apk here you’re gonna see it’s already highlighted in a light green color.

It’s. The ipvanish vpn dismiss this pop-up and click the download button. What it’s gonna, do it’s, gonna start downloading the ipvanish vpn and all other applications are exactly the same, and i’ll. Show you why i’m getting ip vanish and i’ll, explain everything else shortly.

So when it’s finished downloading. This turns into a play button. Just like that. Okay, i’m, going to hit that play button and you’re gonna press the install button on the ipvanishvpn. Let’s, wait for it to finish, and once it completes, i don’t want you to press the open button.

You’re, just gonna press the done button. Okay, let’s. Go down here, scroll down, you’re gonna see a couple of things. The next thing you’re going to see is the mx player click on it. It’s, going to download the mx player for us same concept when it’s finished.

This turns into a little play button and we’re ready to go okay here we are – and this is gonna – be a play. Button hit that play button and press the install button right there, okay, mx player installs.

Now we’re gonna press, the done button again. Okay, let’s, see here and we’re, not going to open it up yet press the done button. We’re fully fully loading this for live tv movies and tv shows completely free, fully loaded fire.

Stick: okay, scroll down, we’re going to skip cody because you actually don’t need coding. The way i’m, showing you this now: okay, okay, you’re gonna get to a section called movie and show apps the first one i want you to get.

Is the cinema apk? Let’s load that that’s, gonna download play button, and then we’re gonna quickly install it okay. Here we are hit that play button and press the install button right there. It’s. Gon na install the cinema hd application when it’s finished, we’re, just gonna press.

The done button. Okay, great next one we’re gonna get, is the zinny tv click. The download button zinny tv is going to download this is going to turn into a play. Button hit that play button press the install button on ziny tv and press the done button when it’s finished, so we are getting one by one.

All these applications fully loading okay. Next one we’re gonna get, is the bt v application, so btv is gonna download. This is gonna turn, of course, into a play button. We’re gonna press that, and we’re ready to go press the play button.

Press the install button and btv is installing right now. When it’s finished installing btv. All you have to do is press that done button right there. Okay, there you are next one we’re going to get is the ttd application press the download button and when it’s finished hit that play button.

Okay, there you go ttv and install and then follow by the done button. These are all movies and tv show apps, and then i’m gonna. Do the live tv as well guys i got you completely covered absolutely free, fully loaded fire.

Stick! Unlocked okay press the done button on ttv next, one we’re gonna get is the strix tv it’s gonna download strix tv. This is a play. Button hit the play button on strix, install and then followed by the done button.

Okay, we’re, fully fully loading it. Okay, look how fast we’re cruising here, press the done button. Okay! Next one! I’m gonna get, is uk turks hit that download button as well. It’s going to download uk turks, and you can do this simultaneously.

The next one i’m, going to get a sofa tv. So here see how they’re simultaneously downloading these two now because ut uk turks is a rather large one and then sofa tv has a smaller one. So this one’s downloading before uk turks.

All we have to do is hit the play button on these two okay, uk turks and then strix tv, okay, okay, sofa tv is done, and uk turks is almost done. So let’s hit! Let’s. Wait out here. We’re, just gonna wait for it.

It’s almost just around the corner, and this will turn into a play button when the download is finished see how they both are now at play button just about now. Okay, let’s. Install uk turks hit that play button.

Press the next button here and then install okay. Uk turks is going to install. We’re, going to hit the done button on uk turks. Okay, let’s. Do that almost there uk turks and we are going to press the done button on uk turks sofa tv? Let’s, install that great application press the install button when it’s finished.

We’re just going to press the done button. Okay, this is fully fully loaded with the best best application for the end of 2020. Until beginning of 2021, if you’re watching this video, okay press, the done on the sofa tv next one, we’re going to get the watch pro here.

This is for live tv and movies and tv show. I have the completely free version here, for you guys all set up so click on watched pro. This is going to turn into a play button press that play button, press the install button and then press the done button.

Okay, that easy! Okay, let’s. Do that i’m, going to press the done button and watched skip the other watched here there’s. Many other ones just skip them all keep scrolling down. Next one is going to be the king club x.

Let’s. Do that great great terrarium clone when it’s finished downloading, hit that play button and let’s. Install king club x apk when it’s finished with the king club x, apk press the done button there’s, some other ones.

We’re going to skip them, keep scrolling down, keep scrolling down, keep scrolling down. We have a lot of them now. Keep scrolling down scrolling scrolling down, skip all these scroll down until you get there’s a lot, you can try them out until you get to the newest movies.

Hd. Okay, i’m gonna download newest movies. Hd click on the download hit the play button and press the install button on us movies, hd that’s, another one click, one that i like. I’m gonna show. You how that works, keep going keep going.

Don ‘ T worry about this. Just skip all that and then you’re going to get to the free tv section under here. We’re going to get the redbox tv, so we’re going to hit the download on redbox tv. This turns into a play button press, the install button and redbox tv is going to give us live television, okay, uh, iptv, absolutely free, okay, redbox tv press done and the next one i’m gonna get is the livenet tv right here.

I’m gonna have to download on the livenet tv right here. Of course, when it’s finished hit that play button and then install it and done so. We’re doing the live, tv applications now install and livenet tv.

We’re, going to press the done button on this one. Okay. Here we are let’s. Do this done? Okay, let’s. Keep going down here, you’re, going to see a couple of the other ones. Uh, let’s skip all this now.

The next one is the tv tap application. So this is our third one. Now, when it’s finished hit that play button and press the install button on tv tap application. Okay, and now we’re gonna press, the done button.

Okay, keep skipping these and the next one. I’m, going to get is mob drawer tv, our last one here, and that should be enough for live tv. This is great. This is tested works. Well, doesn’t go down much and it gives you a lot of live tv.

Okay, press the play button press the install button, and now we fully loaded the fire stick. Now you can come back to my store and get all the updates all the time and be updated press done. When you hit the home button now you will see you can go back into the filing store with my code and pin number at any time under your apps and games.

If you go here, you can see that i have all my applications that are now loaded here: okay, file linked um mx player, cinema, hd, zini tv btv, ttv, strix, uk turks, sofa watched king club x, us movies, hd, red box, tv, livenet, tv tv tap mob.

Fully loaded fire stick isn’t that great okay before i run any of these applications to get more links to get block content, a seminar service provider start blocking content and to be fully protected and fully anonymous.

I recommend running a vpn. The one i use is called ipvanish and i’ll. Show you why i use that we installed it at the beginning of the video just start up ipvanish before you run any of these apks, i’ll.

Keep you safe and i’ll, give you more content, as so many service providers are blocking links. So when you start up ipvanish, you’ll, see a username and password. Now, if you scroll down right below you’ll see a link.

There. Click on that link, it’s. Gon na. Take you to the ipvanish page from that page. You can choose your package and sign up with my link. You get an exclusive discount anytime from 50 to 70 off. My link changes all the time, but i’m, always going to hook you up with that discount.

So click that link sign up for your package. You can even get one month to try. It if you don’t like it, you can cancel, but it works really great and you’re fully protected. I use it all the time. So, once you sign up for your package, you ‘

Ll get an email from ipvanish click on that email, confirmation it’ll, activate your account right away, and then you’ll, be able to log in i’ll. Show you quickly how to set it up. So i’m gonna log into mine, and i’ll quickly.

Take you through this how to set this up. So let me log in here and i’ll – show you how to do this. Okay, okay! Once logged into the ipvanish, with your account click on the gear icon from here say, start ipvanish, say: startup connection action connect too fast to server.

Auto reconnect click on split tunneling here now, if you have netflix hulu, disney, plus dazn or any other applications or prime you, don’t want to use a vpn for those. But how do you get around it if this is going to be always turned on? You simply go to the split tunnel list.

You search for applications like netflix like prime and you put a check mark on them, so that means now the vpn will not be turned on for those applications, see how i found prime. I put a check mark on.

That means. The vpn won’t be on just for these applications. This is why i like ipvanish – and i like these features and options. Okay and ipvanish works on all devices, iphones android devices, and it’s.

Unlimited devices right now. If you get an ipvanish account from my link, okay make sure scrabble mode is on go here and now for the most links and content click on country, and then you are going just to select united states.

Okay, select united states and it’s. That easy press that connect button right there. This is going to pop up just press the ok button. Now it’s, going to connect you to ipvanish there you go connect it hit the home button.

You boot up your fire stick at any time. You’re, going to be always connected now. I can start up my favorite applications and i can show you them one by one and show you the setup for all of them. Okay, first one you want to start up after you have ipvanish running.

Is the mx player, so the mx player will start up just like that. You’re, going to press the allow button it’s, going to ask you to update you’re going to say not now let’s, not update mx player and that’s it.

That means we can select this player for our applications. I’m, going to hit the home button now and i’m gonna go your apps and channels again or games, and i’m gonna now start up. Mx player we started now we’re gonna start up cinema apk.

This is great, looks like netflix very, very good and apk has all the newest movie releases press the accept button and press the ok button. If it ever asks you to update it, take the update, but i’m, going to try to keep it updated in my store for you here’s, cinema apk popular you can click on this category.

Here you can say you know what what’s, the dvd releases right now, click on dvd releases. You can even search, you can even filter and it’s. So easy to use you scroll through this and some of them say tv, which means tv show.

So these are tv shows let’s, go for a movie, so let’s, go to movies and then christmas, jolly movies. All the christmas movies, because it’s christmas coming up, i guess now, but let’s say i want new hd releases.

I like to watch new hd releases. So let’s, go to let’s, say yeah, let’s, go to arab blues sure and it’s, going to start looking for streams. And then all your streams are going to come up here and you can watch the trailer, but then you’re, going to see 720 or 1080p.

You’re gonna get a lot of links. So far we only found one link, but if you wait a few minutes or a few seconds, more links should populate unless the movie is really really new and it’s not really available everywhere.

I think i picked something very new, that’s, why i got one link but anyways, let’s, click on that one link and hit that play button. A player will come up and the movie should start playing or the content should start playing.

Okay there you go that easy. So let’s, try another one! Let’s. Try a tv show now. Actually, tv shows and let’s, go to yeah, let’s, go to outlander as an example and let’s, pick our episode and season and then pick our episode inside of the season press.

The play button same thing happens: you can click the autoplay and now here’s. Our links look at all the links, populated right away, 12 streams even 1080.. You would just click that and you would hit play and that would play if you want there.

You go that’s playing very, very fast okay, so i’m, going to go back exit back here. I’m, not going to exit the app i’m, going to say no, but if you wanted to use an mx player, now go to this hamburger menu and we can speed this application actually make it faster.

Because mx player is faster, but not application, support go to settings and choose default player at the top. We can say mx player and then we can go back and i’ll show you now. I’m gonna play, uh, which one did i choose? Well, whatever we’ll just do outlander again, we’ll, do season two episode: three okay cool! We’ll hit play, and now this is gonna start up and try it with a different player.

So let’s. Try that link with a different player. Now you’ll, see a blue little spinny thing, which means mx player now kicked in, and now we’re using mx player to play that actual link. Okay, mx player will start up and it’ll start playing the content as well.

The reason i like mx player is see how it took a longer to play and exit back it buffers more. It pre-buffers more content, so you avoid buffering. This is why i like mx player, okay, a great application.

Let’s, go to the other ones. We got lots to show for you, uh, let’s exit the application. Okay! Next one i’m, going to show you is any tv, let’s, click on that application and welcome to zenitv get started, and it’s.

A little bit set up here different now you can change human settings up that’s, fine enable subtitles. If you want uh, we’re gonna just go with english. We don’t need subtitles and you can see you got a ton of subtitles here and we’re gonna there goes any tv just started up for us, but let me just shut it down.

You might get an issue like this with that no problem. So if that happens, for you go to applications that’s, some rotation issue so manage installed. Apps, okay and let’s. Look for any tv! Okay! I’m gonna force.

Stop it. I’m gonna relaunch it. Okay, okay, i’m gonna press. The l button and i’m, not sure why my orientation is like this. But if you do get an orientation like that, we can easily fix that. Okay, let’s.

Go to settings. I think i started up in different orientation modes. So i’m going to go to settings and i’m. Going to fix that no problem, you can run into this issue as well, so let’s, fix that clear data, clear cache and let’s re-launch it.

This is a great application. This is why i want to show you okay there. We go get started so i must have picked the wrong mode: okay, english and then press the done button. And now you want to select the tv i selected the tablet when i started it so a little little boo-boo by me.

Little mistake: press the allow button and there’s. Zeni tv looks perfectly nice and flush now, okay, so if you run into that issue, no problem easy fix, clear data, clear cache. If you set up the application in the wrong way, okay, fire stick remote and we got genres downloads.

We got the search option. Everything is here uh by dreamworks by sony filtering. We got the global search for anything. You want uh. So let’s. Pick something random here and i’ll. Show you how this works.

Let’s, pick an old movie fast and furious. Talk your and you got related movies. You can see the crew cast related stuff. This looks beautiful. I’m, just going to hit watch now and whittle. Does it goes out and looks for a link and it tries to auto play that link for you, which is really really cool? Okay, and as soon as it finds that link the timer will kick in and see the contents already playing.

But if it didn’t play, you can always scroll here to the s-link, which means source and you can select a different source here from the list. Like 720 1080, if a link, didn’t work and he’ll switch to that link and it’ll.

Try to play that link. This is a great great little apk. So now we’re trying to play another link and when it connects, it will play that link. So that was a movie from 2006 and it does work. Okay, so watched it tracks.

What we’ve watched, so it tracks within the application for you, you got favorites, you can go by genres. Genres of movies, john as a tv show works. Really nice zeni tv is an incredible apk. Then we got the settings icon here as well.

There’s, some general settings uh, you can go real debride, you can do tracks and then select device type. We can’t change the player in this application, which is fine. We can still use the android built-in player instead of mx player.

Okay, let’s, exit zany tv, great great application. Let’s hit home, let’s, keep going through them. I got lots to show you that we downloaded. Okay, the next one is vtv, so let’s. Click on btv, our third one.

Here i’m showing you so once you click on btv. This will start up and be tv. Is a nice one press the allow button? Now this choose the mx player right off the bat we can say: mx player, we can say english.

This will start up now. We are started up in mx player. Okay, and you got the search. You got the filter, you got your hamburger menu. Okay, if it says fail to load, try again, no worries, click here and go click on movies, and this which should reload for you, okay, little bug, but no worries.

Okay and we already got an mx player. So same concept, movies tv show, let’s, say boar at sagdayaf and hit the play. Button shows you nice related things. When it says one player click cancel, we can install one player.

This will go off it’ll. Look for links once it finds the links we can just hit that play button here you go, uh trusted source are good tons of tons of links. Okay, so i just picked 1080 trusted source hit.

The play button, mx player will start up, will spin up for you and as soon as it connects to that link, it should play for you. You should be able to enjoy the movie there. You go it’s already playing okay.

That easy. I’m just gonna go back and movie tv show same concept: beautiful, beautiful application works very well, btv, okay, let’s, keep looking here your apps and games and let’s. Look at our other apks! Okay! We got quite a few to look at to fully load it and then you can decide which ones you like, which ones you want to remove or keep.

But i’d. Keep them all! Let’s start up tv, another great application. This one works very well as well. I just got the newest, updated version for you guys press the allow button and press the accept button, press english same setup.

You got top rated on the air, but the cool thing about this apk is: we got live tv as well in here uh, which is not set up yet uh, but you can press update that will update a playlist okay and then you can add your own Playlist i don’t want to get into that.

But if you have playlists, you can add them right in here and then also you can have movies hd releases. You can have a calendar, you can go by categories collection, okay, so click on settings and then it ‘

S got tracked real debrid premium eyes, but i’m, going to look if we can have a different player. Let’s, see here, choose default player, it & # 39; s, got internal, so t play and internal. So we can’t, choose mx player, leave it on internal player, let’s, go back and let’s, go to movies and then same concept, search for movies, click on movies.

It’s. Going to ask you for t player hit, cancel press, the watch now goes off and tv looks for links for you. Ttv has been around for a long time and when the links come up, we just hit the play button on that link and that should play our content.

It does take a minute to scrape for links, especially if you’re. Looking for some older stuff uh, they do come up. Eventually, though, and then you click on that link and then you have the option here to use mx player.

Probably let’s. Try it out. I never actually tried it, but i’m gonna say play with external video player. Look how many 1080p links we have. This is a great great application play with external player, and then i can select mx player and i can say always now, ttv from the settings.

Doesn’t. Allow me to use mx player, but i can play with an external player and boom. Look at that that just works and look how many 1080p we have. Ttv is great great application, keeptv, okay, great great application, let’s exit ttv and let’s, keep going let’s.

Keep looking at all these great great applications? Okay! So what do we got next? So we looked at this okay, we got strix application, so this one has some live tv. It’s being updated right now. It might oh, may not work, but it does have awesome sections.

You’re, going to love. Okay, when strix tv starts up it’s. Going to ask you for a parental pin can be zero zero. So i’ll. Just set mine to one two: three: four: that’s for parallel parental stuff, press next and press the okay.

If it’s, tricks, ask you for a code. The code is available. I’ll, put the code right on the screen right now here. If it asks you for a special code to get into the application, the code’s right here, it may in the future.

Okay. So now here you can search movies. All movies you got tv shows you got the light tv, you got your sports and you got your adult section. It’s, a complete media center. So i’m going to go off here.

I’m, going to go straight off to movies, but you could go live tv here as well, and i’m, going to pick a movie just to show you how this works. So i’m, going to pick citation from 2010 and all your links come up like this and then you would just click on that link and then it will start up, it will spin up and it’ll.

Try playing the movie very fast application very nicely put together uh by a developer that you know. I had some contact with him before great already started: playing good guy. It’s, been developing for a while build solid applications.

Okay, so that’s, it you got full full media, centers tricks, tv, incredible, incredible, apk, okay, press the allow, if it ever asks you that usually asks on the exit. I don’t know why it was like that, but it does work.

Okay, uk turks, pretty new haven’t reviewed this much. Nobody has reviewed it much. This is great used to be in kodi with uk turks. You’re gonna get live tv, you’re going to it’s. Another media center – i’m.

Showing you get tv shows you get. Cartoons concerts, are great radio, stand up, documentaries movies, complete media center. Why would anybody need cody? So if i want to watch, you know movies, i’d click on movies.

I would get my categories i would choose my movie. I could search for movies uh great great, great apk. Okay, let’s. See here tv shows catch up. Current tv shows, you got documentaries. Okay, you got our movie section.

It’s, taking a while to load now new movies, martial arts movies, western movies, awesome awesome categories. So let’s, say western movies. Okay and then even it’s categorized by by by year. So if i i can search, i can go to the newest one.

Look at this 1967 western, let’s, see if it works, got one link 1967 western. It would start up and try playing that movie. For me, we’re playing some really really old content. That’s. What i love uk turks! This has a lot of old and unique content and i believe our movie is just about to start playing here.

Uh i’ll just back out, but you have lots of lots of content here: okay, very, very old movies. I’m. Trying to play, but you also got new hd releases – why this application is great: okay, not only new content, but also uh, very, very old releases, as well here tons of tons of stuff in uk turks apk got stand up comedy look at this two one.

Two three links: so if one links doesn’t work, you can always click on another link and that should pop up for you and that should start playing for you get a black screen, wait a few seconds and the content kicks in.

Okay. Very very easy to use nice nice beautiful apk also has live tv as well live tv is getting updated right now. This will eventually be all updated and it works great okay. So let’s. Go look at the next one, one of my favorite ones, sofa tv and we’re mixing some live tv in here already and then we’re gonna look at the live tv and we’re done.

Let’s, press the allow button on sofa tv it’s, going to say sofa player. We’re going to hit, cancel telegram group cancel. Now this is so simple. Basically you got the gear icon. You click in here, not much here.

Okay, you got the bollywood movies, you got the hollywood movies and you got tv shows okay, so let’s. Go into hollywood movies. You got the search icon. You got the favorites, of course, and then just click whatever you want to watch and this is pretty cool and you just hit that watch now button and it gives you options.

1080P. 720. I’m gonna go for the 1080 and you can play or you can play with mx player. So i just hit play. This is gonna start up mx player or play with mx player. Just like the other app you will select it, and the movie will kick in.

This is cool works very fast, high quality, direct links, you’re, not scraping great great apk. I think you’re gonna love, sofa tv, amazing. Okay. Next one i’m gonna show you which has live tv and also movies and tv shows, but it uses some torrents also make sure your vpn is on is the watched, apk uh? This is a pro version.

You i’ll. Show you exactly how to operate and how to use that here’s, it’s going to say, enter password, click into watched enter password and we are going to put in mine okay, one one three and then we’Re gonna hit next, so the password is my one one: three: okay, it’s.

Gon na start up the watched apk right now and when it starts up, i’ll, show you a little setup to the hoohoo scrapers. So when it starts up, you’re gonna go to manager, click on manager, click on here enter url and put in the following url put in hu okay.

If it pops up and asks you to update. I just clicked ask me later don’t update, because if you update the apk it’s not going to work anymore. If you’re updated by accident, uninstall it and reinstall it from my file, link store.

Okay. So let’s, go back to manager and let’s put in who dot to okay. Do not update this apk because it’s going to ask you to pay for it. Okay, this is a modded version for free. Okay, press the next button on huhu.

t.o.hu.t.o and it’s, going to load all your content. You got your live tv here and then you’ll. Have your movies and tv show on the screen? Uh tons of stuff, so here’s, your live tv channels, you can go up and click on them and go by category it’s very easy or go to the live tv section i can ‘

T show you now, but i don’t want to, you, know, get any problems with youtube, but you simply go to live tv and you can play anything there for tv shows and movies same concept. Let me show you something: let’s, go to, for example, let’s, go to down unhinged and you would click on that.

It would show you servers if one server doesn’t work, you can always click on other server, so choose a server and then it will start automatically trying to play once it resolves. It should play if it doesn ‘

T resolve like this one. I got an error on recognize file format. You can go here and we can try another server, let’s, try server six and then one of the servers should play and your movie should play uh.

It’s, a hidden, miss, but most of the stuff works. Like 80, 90 of the content will work starting playback. This one worked and our movie is going to play now. Timer kicks in beautiful, beautiful crisp quality movie.

Okay, very easy live tv is here as well. Watch tv watch you’re gonna enjoy enjoy okay, let’s start up the next one king plus x. This is a terrarium clone, but i really like it works wonderfully well. Press the allow button press the ok button same concept.

Yes, i understand, go here and you got your hamburger menu. You got your movies shows and then the cool feature here you can discover by actor. So i’m gonna click by actor, and i’m in the mood for dwayne johnson.

My boy, i’m. You know in the mood for movie by him, so dwayne joyce johnson is here okay overview and see. Also there’s, all the movies by dwayne johnson undersea also walking tall 2004. Let’s, click on that and let’s.

Click on play here and it’s, going to look for streams, and then we just hit the play button and we’ll play that movie by dwayne johnson. That’s simple there. You go, click on the link play boom starts up, timer will kick in and it will play that movie if it’s available.

If the link doesn’t work jump to another link. Is that that simple super super super easy? Okay? I’m gonna give it a few more seconds here. Probably three one, two, three: okay, it doesn’t work. I can back up and i can wait for more links to populate and i can try playing it.

Lots of content. Lots of links guys, king plus x, you’re gonna enjoy okay, let’s. Keep going here. We got a little bit more to cover and we’re, almost done uh, so the next one is newest movies. Hd. This one i like because it’s, one click.

So let’s start up newest movies, hd and i hate this white screen. I i wish really they did different splash screens colors, because i think it makes me really dark in front of the camera like makes the light dark, not me uh press later, okay – and this is cool – this has movies and tv shows – and this is one click Very easy to operate.

I just hate the colors that they chosen here. So here i am, i’m gonna go from the left, you can go navigate, you can click through categories, tv shows and movies, or you can just go here all the way at the top click up and left to get to the menu It’s a little bit hard to navigate.

You have to click a few times up and left many times to get here movies, but the cool thing here is see how i’m clicking through movies. Now, up and down the cool thing is i’ll show you so you click on the movie and then you click on episode and you got 1080p links.

One click you don’t need to scrape you hit play, and then you can hit the play button and your mx player will start up and the movie usually works as one click that’s. What i like about this, and it works very very fast – i can scrape through the movie very fast through the player and it’s.

Direct links, pre-buffer and it just works, look at that. It just incredibly works well. This is why i like newest movies hd, you guys, can highly enjoy it. No many people are showing this apk. I’m, showing it to you guys.

Okay, i’m gonna exit here, great app movies and tv shows. Okay, we got our four more iptv ones to show, and we’re done here: okay, redbox tv, let’s. Look at that! I’m, so excited because i’m, giving you guys the best setup here.

Okay, make sure you always have your vpn on and, like i said that discount is available in the uh, pin, comment and description. Okay, so all your channels will start up. This is unfortunately blurred out, but you’ll select your category.

I’m, going to go for us and i’m, going to hit a channel and i’m going to get a pop-up. It’s going to say mx player. I’m, going to choose mx player and the channel will play so. I’m selecting categories at the top.

This unfortunately, blurred out mx player, i’m, going to say always and mx player is very handy for these iptv applications that’s. Why i showed you how to get it? This will come up beautifully. It’s already playing okay, you’re, going to love this for iptv, okay, livenet tv, same concept got ta blur all that out, but i’ll.

Show you how this all works, very, very beautiful application. Here i’m gonna press. The continue button and press the allow button it ‘ Ll start up for us here. It’s, gonna, say loading 100 loads same concept as our redbox tv.

I’m. Going to select the channel select the player, mx player, hit, play and boom sports ufc events pay-per-view events, all that we can catch right here in redbox, livenet tv, uh, okay, once it loads here’s the channels.

Unfortunately, i’ll blurt out i’m gonna go right to sports, let’s, say um. I’m going to sports and i’m. Choosing my sport channel under you international or us. Yes, i’ll choose another channel and then i’ll, say mx player just once same concept or say always mx player.

This will spin up and boom. The channel is playing blurred out, but we’re on fire. Okay, there you go beautiful, beautiful guys. What would you want? You know it’s, going to cost you a few bucks a month less than a coffee.

Maybe – and you get all this content – okay, okay, tv tap and then one more mob drawing. Then we’re done, so let’s. Tv tap is one of my favorites uh people love this. So you got all your channels here and then it’s, gonna say a language.

Unfortunately, this is blurred out uh. So you can go to the hamburger menu and you can say, entertainment movie channels, news whatever you want to watch, let’s, say entertainment and then i pull up my channel.

Some are in spanish, some are england. English choose the english channel. If you’re speaking english or spanish channel’s already playing, you go full screen, beautiful, iptv, already playing okay, that’s; it that’s, simple! Okay! Last one! Let’s.

Look at mob draw apk and when mob just starts up press the agree, button and press the allow button – and here you got all your channels – movies tv shows. Unfortunately, it’s, a lot of it’s. Blurred out, you click on what you want and then once you click on the channel, it’s, going to ask you if you want to remove ads, use this device idle resources or you can keep ads and not use the idle resources.

I just i don’t care about ads. I’ll, say, keep ads and start using the app i don’t want it to use my resources and you got movies. 24. 7.. Uh. You got a bunch of stuff. This is fully loaded, jackie chan, movies, 24, 7.

hit the play button, full screen it and then enjoy all that content and mob tv. Of course. Also there’s live channel. I’m gonna stop this uh there’s live channels as well in here, so you can go to let’s, say channels underneath the channels.

This is blurred out. Click on your live channel. It’ll spin up and that live channel should start playing for you. So mobdro has some things to offer there. There you go, the channel is playing and everything is blurred out.

I’m just gonna exit and we are finished with our review, took a while uh, but i went through everything showed you all the nice stuff guys. Let me know how you like this setup. This is the best setup end of 220 and beginning of 221.

Let me know guys: where are you from what city are you from? Let me know your favorite application. Is this too much drop? A comment i want to know know you guys don’t, be shy, drop a comment where you’re watching from which city you’re checking in from and most importantly, let me know how you found this video.

Thank you guys. Thank you for all the support. Thank you for watching me. Thank you for everything hit the subscribe button and, if you want to take that discount for the vpn, that link was always available for you.

Thank you guys, take care and see you all in the next one. Take

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