Hey what’s happening into today? We’re, going to be fully loading. The fire stick with the best apps. A lot of people have been saying that Cody is not working the best for them. Cody 18 point for Cody 19.

Whatever the case might be today, I’m, going to be focusing on an apk so long. I’m gonna fully load. This fire stick for the best day. Peak is for free movies and TV shows and free cable TV stay tuned.

This is gonna, be a great video. We’re gonna fully fully load. It call it jailbreak and call it whatever you want. We’re, fully, fully loading it okay. So if you’re in a fire, stick device follow along.

All you have to do is just go to the settings from there. All you have to do is go to my fire TV click on that you’re, going to go into developer options, and then you’re gonna go and turn adb, debugging on and then apps from unknown sources.

Click on it and turn it on once, you’re done that hit that home button right there. What you want to do now want to go to the search icon. You can use the voice remote for this. You can hit that voice remote right here or you can search for downloader downloader.

I’m using the voice remote. This should come up. You’re, going to click on that download button. This will come up. Click on the download button right there, it’s, going to queue it and it’s going to download it.

Okay, once it’s finished, you’re gonna press that open button right there. Okay, let’s; first open button and press the allow button here: okay and then press the ok bond in download or once we launch it click into the downloader option.

This will come up and simply put into following URL. So we’re gonna put it get dot, file, link, okay, [ Applause, ] dot-com, so just put that in get dot file linked com. Okay, once you put that in press that Go button right there, once we put that in get file link comm on the screen shown as well, it’s gonna download file linked when it completes.

We are going to press the install button on file linked to install our file linked software. Okay. So here we are installing the file link software when it installs. All we have to do is press that open button.

Ok, it’s, going to launch file link. I’m, going to give you a pin number and a code so enter code. You’re, going to click into it and then put 8 exactly as you see it here. Ok, so I’m gonna put it 8 once you put in the 8 salt press the next button and then press that continue button, don’t put anything else on the screen and then click into enter.

Pin I’m gonna give you the pin 47:54 is the pin number and then I’m gonna fully load, our fire stick press next and then press the continue button. Ok, once you’ve done that you’ll, see the screen will come up press the dismiss button.

If anything else, pops up press the dismiss button. Everything is nicely organized here. The first thing you’ll see is the MX player. Click on that see how I said dismissed so don’t click on any of these continue without news.

Ok, you don’t need to get on the newsletter. Okay, so dismiss all the popups Alex player hit the download arrow. This will show you the MX player download once it’s finish. It press the play button here and then press the install button, and this will install MX player here’s, an installation of MX player when it’s finished.

All you have to do is press the done button. Ok, so MX player installed you’ll, see a category Kodi you can skip, you can load whatever you want. This. A category movie shows and apps once you reach that category, the first apk that I love and it works really great for me.

I think is the cinema apk. Ok, so I’m gonna get cinema apk hit that down. We’re, just gonna download cinema apk, and I’m gonna show you all of them as well hit that play button and press the install button when it ‘

S finished installing press the done button on cinema apk. Some of you might already have these so just because I’m going to show you just updated the free cable, TV, IPTV apps as well, okay and press the thumb bone.

Every time you install you’re just going to press the button down, but I’m gonna only get a few to fully load. Here I’m gonna get cyber flicks TV is the next one. So simply just press the down arrow and press the play button and press the install we’re, going to be installing all of them like this, just going along downloading and loading that in okay, when it’s finished all we have To do is press the down button again so done right there.

So we got to know what TV is our third one, that I really really love. So let’s, install nova TV and they’re all different, okay press. The play button on nova TV and press install bot, okay, cyber flicks is like Torian TV.

Those are the one that I’m gonna install and then typhoon TVs and ever great one like terraeum TV. So we’re, not gon. Na go crazy for a lot of clones, but I’m gonna go for the best ones. Okay, press, the done button on the bikini next, one we’ll, see is TVs.

Io TVs on is very unique. It’s, its own things, download hit that play button and press the install button once it installs press the done button. So we’re fully fully loading. These ap caid’s; okay, press the done button going along here, btv, okay and then typhoon TV, so B TV is gonna download play button and press the install button and then the next one is the typhoon.

I’m. Just doing a repetitive work just to loading and showing you guys how this loads load it up very easy to use. Okay, press the done button B, TVs installed; okay, next one is typhoon TV and as well.

We’re gonna hit that play button and install it, and we’re done with our movie and TV shows apks. These are really what you need for all your movies and TV shows. These are the top. Once I sifted through hundreds and hundreds of apks, you can go down a list, you can download them all if you wish, but this is really what you need.

This is the this. Is the butter right here press done. These are that cream and butter right here. Typhoon bt, bt b zion know about TV, cyber flicks cinema APK. This is really really what you need there’s, some other ones that are great, but you know what i’m gonna skip them.

Just keep scrolling down. You’ll, see a lot of them. There i mean go nuts. If you guys load more there’s, hundreds but, like I said I just showed you how to install the top ones. Okay, keep blowing, keep blowing scroll down until you get to free TV category.

You’ll, see it highlight like this, and then we’re gonna load, some of our best apks for life, free television, press, the download button live net TV. This is a new update in my store press, the play button and press the install button.

This is gonna install the live net TV for free life, television channels, exactly guys press the done button. Okay, keep scrolling down. I’m, going to show you just some of the best ones. I’m gonna get the HD streams apk, lock that in here press the play button and install HD streams, excellent quality, high-definition channels and HD streams.

Okay, when it’s finishes press the done button. Okay, the next one we are going to get is the V set right here. Click that download arrow you’ll, see visa download. I’ll. Show you how to use it as well: the visa application, ok and then press play by movie set and then press the install one and then press the done button.

Ok on visa, installing done, ok and the last one it’s which streams. Ok. So I think this is enough as well. There’s, many you can try, but these are really really good. Ok, so we got four here. We’re gonna get one more than its movies and TV shows, but it’s.

Also free TV. I have it here in a category screams, calm down scrolling down you’ll, see it here. There’s. Many like I said you can try them all. If you guys wish scroll up here it’s called the Live.

Lounge apk you ‘ Ll, see it here. Ok, so let’s. Click on the download for the live lunch then press the play button to install the light lunch apk. There is live lunch right here so that’s. The last one you’ve installed and press the Dumbo press the home button.

Let’s. Look at everything we’ve installed so far fully go to the our fire. Stick, your apps and channels hit C alright there and look at this. We got the best stuff here. Okay, we got the MX player. We installed.

Cinema apk cyber flicks, we got the nova TV, we got TVs ion we got B TV, we got typhoons, live, live TV, HD streams, visa and Live Lounge. This is going to give us a complete media center, which blows away Kodi.

I believe which blows away everything else out there. This is hours of hours of searching for stuff, giving you guys the best best option. Okay, now before I run any of these apks, I highly highly recommend and some of them.

Why not even give you channels, if you’re, not using a VPN that’s very important on the Internet, service providers started blocking links. How do you do this? You go in here and you go to the search icon.

It’s right in the Amazon store and you type in ipvanish, so like this IP vanish, just like that. Okay, once you find that click on it, it’ll, come up with this logo. Ipvanish click on the ipvanish VPN you’ll, see a download okay! Let’s, get a download it’s gonna cue.

It it’s. Gon na install it. So once we are done getting the ipvanish VPN it’s, gonna say downloading: it’s. Gon na install it obviously, and then we are just going to open it up. Okay, so installing let’s open that up! Okay and it’s, gonna come up with this screen to get your own username and password click.

This link right here. Okay, also in the pin comment description. You’ll, find a link where you can sign up for a VPN account. Once you sign up you’ll get an email from them, make sure you click verify in an email to make your account active and log right in.

I’m gonna log in show you the setup that you need to get the most movies and TV show links and get the most out of this VPN so log in and then I’ll. Show you exactly what to do. Okay: okay, once you log into your VPN account over here, hit that gear icon right there and say start ipvanish and then startup connection.

Action connect to fastest server, have Auto reconnect own and split tunneling. Select this only if you have Disney, Plus or Netflix or Hulu. So you hit split turn on and the select your Netflix Disney, Plus or Hulu.

Why am I going that and split online because those services don’t work with a VPN, so this VPN water will do it will prevent using a VPN with these three applications in split tunneling? Okay, that’s, basically how it works.

So I don’t want Netflix, I didn’t, select anything for a split tunneling country. Click on country, select United States very important, so United States, and when you’re done just press the connect button.

Okay, this will come up press the ok button and, as I said, the exam and password is in this link right here. Also a user native in a pig comment and description. You can get your own account once it’s active and we’re fully protected.

Now we can hit the home icon and we can use any of those apks. We’ve downloaded, so you see all will go to my HP case and you can see them all here. Ok, so I’m, going to go through some of them. So here’s, MX player! That’s great just leave.

It alone sit on my HP case, the first one I’m gonna start and the great thing about cinema apk press the allow button always on all the apks and then accept the license and then just say: ok scroll. All the way down.

You have to scroll press, ok and here in cinema apk you can just select your movie select your shows and you can enjoy it. You can also search for stuff and just simply click on it. So let’s, say Ip Man.

I will click on that and cinema apk will show you trailers and then we ‘ Ll show you streams and then you can select from the streams menu it’s already found 2 streams and click on that and I can hit play.

It will whip up my default player in cinema EPK, and if that link is up, we’ll start playing the movie. If it’s taking too long or if it’s buffering very important. I was watching a movie today and one of the links wars buffering and some of them weren’t working.

So what you do you just select another link and i’ll. Show you this out soon might be k. Has that so will show you that so i just selected another link. Ok, sometimes it takes 3 or 4 tries for a movie to actually get a link, but at least it’s, very quick.

It’s. Not that long. It doesn’t. Take that much ok, so there’s, another link. We could try, for example, let’s say we want Joe Curtis who just came out. I’m, not even sure. If there’s links, ok, let ‘

S have a lot of trailers. Since it came out and there’s there’s. Some links here, actually a lot of them. So I’m gonna select this one say: Oh joke round when I hit play and if the link is up, he’ll start playing.

If not, we can always try another link. It’s about getting a good link, and sometimes it’ll play right away, but the link will be slow and buffer through the movie just switch to another link. Sometimes it’s.

You know it’s. A hit and miss to get a link this has ads, but you can see you can close the app pretty quickly okay. So if that didn’t work, you can go to another good link. You can hit the play button.

This will spin up and then it’ll start playing there. You go this one that’s already playing. So let’s, go back here and of course, the ad as well so pretty simple, and it supports subtitles as well. If you have, an international will be very easy to turn subtitles on in this player as well.

So when you have this player – and you want to use subtitles, it’s here at the top. You can click that and that will download subtitles, that little button there at the top. Okay, so that’s. Cinema apk, I just watched parasite, which is a Korean movie on cinema, apk and or great I couldn’t, find it on any other AP case.

So this is why I’m, showing you how to install multiple ones. Okay, click on cyber flicks TV and, if you see in parasite, drop a comment below, let me know it’s, pretty twisted movie uh. Let me know what do you think if you, if anybody watch that movie okay press the allowed one? Ok, cyber flicks press, the ok button, select exoplayer and cyber flicks press to accept the licence and then go here.

Movies and TV shows, for example, I can go to movies and then you know what let’s. Do I pee man, because cinema? If you can only showed us two links, one of them wasn’t working, so just play devil’s advocate I’m, selecting Ip Man as well here and hit that play button and let’s, see If this gives us more than two links of Ip Man, verse, cinema, apk, ok, so try to kind of see, compare some with different movies.

Like I said, one will work better than the other one. So let’s, see what cyber flicks spits out for Ip Man. As you can see, it’s a little bit slower because the screw the way it does. This great thing it’s like terrarium TV, but good.

I’m gonna. Let it run, let us see what it brings back to us. Maybe nothing, maybe I fear an is not the example for the movie okay and there’s, no links available. So so now my apk actually gave us more links for Ip Man, then actually cyber flicks.

Okay, let’s, select something else here. Let’s. Go that’s; the new John wake here, let’s, see how many links that gives us okay. So let’s new John wake! 2014. You can verify the couch or you can just skip it.

That would just give you more links if you press that verify CAPTCHA. So I’m searching for John wick. We’ll, see how many links that gives us or if it just tells us not like so as you can see, John wick gave us a lot of links so that’s like I said it’s, a hidden, Miss I have foreign buffers.

Try another link, it’s, not perfect, but it does work you can get around. So let’s say the SGG. You would hit up play. This is CMD fast server and then the movie for me here. It looks like a good link.

The movie just started: okay, so that’s, cyber flicks, so you could see the advantage but verse cinema if you care cyber flakes different content, different links, sometimes so that’s, it let’s, try Nova TV now! I know everyone, and then we’re gonna look at the free cable ones.

I’m gonna show you quickly how to use them here is know about TV. I’m just gonna start. It up and press the alavΓ©s, like I said always and it looks like we have enough. They didn’t know what TV good thing this came up.

I’ll update in my store, so you don’t mind. You will not have to update it, but if there’s, an update press, the update – and this should update itself – it should download it. So most of these apks will update itself, including typhoon TV.

We just added an update, so we’re gonna hit, update press install, and you might have to do this for some apks. If I don’t have did it in my store. Usually I I’m, very thorough with that I updated, but if that happens just press the Update button, very simple: okay, once that’s finished updating all you have to do now is install it and then open it back up and Then we have the newest version this: how quickly we can do this stuff.

Auto updating is amazing, most apks have it some don’t most, do have it. Okay, so here’s, know about TV. We got TV shows we got movies. So let’s. Go to movies! That’s. What I’m interested in and interested and some of this stuff here see we can do.

We can do Joker. I guess yeah, let’s, see how many links we get and how fast it scrapes. So you can select your movie at the top. You can select categories as well, very simple. To use we hit that play button, and then it will ask us for one player, this is very important.

Press cancel. We can’t install one player on the fire stick and we don’t want to use one player. Okay, once you hit that it’s, going to start searching for the links, for example, we’re searching for word Joker and there’s, our links.

Actually, we have a lot of links below so click on the link. Joker, let’s. Click on the first link, I was like the first link comes up and start playing. It says, link not ready. Okay, that means it’s, not working.

We can always hit back, say, exit our player and then we can try another link and then same deal play our little spin up. We’ll, go can start over or resume, and this one’s, not ready as well. So it takes a take some time to find a link that’s, ready okay, that’s, an ad that came up.

You can get around it by exiting right from the player and going back so no problem there. You know some some links work, some links, don’t, I mean it’s a hit and it’s. A hitting miss okay, but you won’t, get content to play depending what exactly you’re trying to play so maybe for Joker cinema here was a better choice for that: okay, so that’s, Nova TV and over Another great apk also for shows as well.

So let’s. Keep going here! Ziya! I really like. So let’s. Go TVs! Ion we’re gonna test this out as well. So let’s. Go in TV’s on this will come up it’ll, say some stuff press, ok and then you ‘ Ve got movies and TV shows there at the top.

So I can select movie. I can also search for a new movie I want, and then we’ll load, our categories as well. Here we are just to play: devil’s advocate for Joker again and see what does hit the play button, but this will automatically play for us.

So that means do not select any link or just search for five, and then it’ll start automatically playing the first Lake; okay, not the first link, but the link that, but it actually found a lot of, have found 15 links already.

Okay, Auto Select, link, number 5 link, 5, ok, finished, collecting links, found 24 links and then we can play something or it’s trying to autoplay. But let’s. Let’s, select manually a link. It looks like a lot of cam versions here, so this looks like a cam version.

Ok and then it tells us, and then we can hit play so since this is a new movie R, that’ll play that, for some older movies are out of play. I’m gonna white. It now to play this one, but you can see this probably a bad link bar it doesn’t work, no problem.

We can try another link here. It shows us the speeds, the MS, you always want to pick the slowest and that’s. This is a G Drive link, didn’t work shine over link, okay, that didn’t work, so it seems like a lot about links for joke.

They’re, just not the best example right now. Let’s, try something popular like Black Panther right hit that hit the play this an older movie now. So this might be better for that. So I’ll, go again for older links and then it’ll.

Try to hit that play bond there you go for links bounces, it gets a fifth link. There, you go Black Panther and then it should start to play. If that link is working. If it’s, not working, it’ll skip to the next link for you automatically until it plays that movie.

Ok, it selects the fastest link and it will link with the best MS. But if she doesn’t play, then you can always go back and then you can select your link here manually that’s, some 720. So there you go bond limit and I could say this is a blu-ray supposedly and I can hit that play button and the movie or link shoot play like I said it’s.

These apks, these days it does take a few tries to you, know, hit a link to get a link just 11 links here for this movie, and then you can try any of these links. Okay, so not Zion right there, another great one btv works very similar as Nova TV, ok.

So here we are. We’re gonna start that up here’s B TV, give it a minute and press the allowed one internal player is fine, let’s, use the internal player, exoplayer press English, and this let’s. See some shows so I’m gonna go to flash.

I’m gonna see how it works for the shows just to try a little bit of different contents season and then let’s. Go to season two in flash and let’s, see the man who saved central city. They’ll. Ask you to install one player press cancel and you can switch also from that hamburger menu in the corner to movies and TV shows, and then once it finds a link it ‘

Ll show you very high quality, good links, lots of links, click on the link, if not play button. This will spin up and then I’ll show you the other episodes at the bottom that you can select. So this is a neat feature, so you can jump between the episodes and you know see the other episodes all right.

So this has like an ad, but the ad will disappear once it starts playing no worries there, that’s. How T player works? Let’s exit over here before it starts playing, but you get an ad as well, but you can count us out if the ad soon, as you get an X same concept as Nova TV and I usually go for the very high quality and High speed, so let’s.

Try a Google video link here and see if we get a better results with this one and we do yeah, we got, we got to play it. We it plays right away so, instead of like the other one, was spinning right. It’s, always told with that very high quality.

Very, very speed done well. Ok, let’s go back here, so this is the hamburger menu. I was talking about right here and then you can go to movies as well. Then we remain there, you go and that will take us to movies.

Let’s. Exit application that was B TV same concept does know about TV, just different scrapers different lengths, typhoon TV and then I’ll, show you the for live television ones or free cable TV. This is the last one for movies and TV shows press the 1150 okay, but typhoon is Greg exoplayer.

You would choose and then accept the license. Ok, so like I said I was watching parasites so out here you can search or you can just try any movies. Just want to show you the search functionality of these apks, so I’m going to search for a parasite.

The movie I watched today there go up arrow side and press next and then it shows you the TV shows and then movies anything matching parasites. This is the movie. I watched parasite. 2019, ok and press.

Ok, press that play button at the top. You just kind of scroll up there. There you go hit that play button, gets you in here I’m, gonna say: got it and then I’ll. Show you the link with that movie. Ok, you should show you a few links.

I believe I use cinema EPK for this, but typhoon TV did show me some ones as well. So here’s, the links select. Your link then simply hit the play button and I’ll. Try to spin up the link and if the link is active, it’ll play you that movie.

Ok, let me see if I remember, which link up used. I think I used only stream. Let’s, try that okay and they should start playing the movie there. You go it’s, playing the movie already, okay, so great a great apk typhoon TV is good for a lot of movies and a lot of shows people really really say it’s.

Great ok live net TV now free, cable, TV or IPTV. As you call, it live in the TV press to continue one, and these work really excellent press the allow one if it asks you for access. Ok, we’re using a VPN, so it doesn’t matter.

If it asks for a location, it’s not going to show our real location, because we do have the VPN on it’s, going to say loading and it’s. Gon na update it’s. This app right here and everyone who reaches a hundred percent, you’ll, be able to select a lot of channels and simply hit play.

This is the reason we installed MX player because when a utilize have explained here, ok, so you got all your categories at the top, see how I can access them. So I can go. You know what Canada, for example – and I can say you know what I want to watch AMC Canada hit on that and then I’m X player or you can use the entered player as well.

We’re, going to use MX player since we have it since it’s easy. If you don’t have that Mex player. If you didn’t install it press the allow one when this comes up then use the Android is equal and her player that plays right away very fast, live net.

Tv is a great application, as I showed you that channel loaded like almost instantly free, absolutely free works with WP and on ok HD streams is my other favorite one. So let me show you HD streams. Okay, you’re gonna press the agree, but here’s, HD streams here and how it looks like it has been just recently updated – and I reviewed this a long time ago, but we had a new update on this press.

The allowed one okay, it has a lot of Indian channels, but no problem. We can scroll down and we can get to the category. We want as an example, we can go to UK. We can go to let’s. Say I’m going to watch a and E here in HD streams.

I’ll click on an E, and this is the trick. It’ll show HD streams choose the MX player. We need an MX player for this. One HD streams player is not great. It’s. Gon na show us a small little window. It’s hard to navigate okay.

My name is MX player. It’s, gonna start up and when the channel is up you’ll start playing there. You go excellent quality. Just plays very fast HD streams. You’ll, be very happy with okay, our last tool.

Let’s. Look at VSAT! I love her great one. So let’s start up visa. This one’s a little bit different. Not always you can get in so you can hit on the TV. The movie selection really sucks it’s, not good.

So I’m gonna go straight to TV and it’s. Gon na say 2000 users maximum. So I can press the login button to log in I’m gonna show us some that I can hit back on the ad and it’s. Gon na get us in okay and it’s.

Gon na start playing the channel right away with XO player, but what I can do here I can hit here, see it’s like a new show right away, and I can select the categories from here from the side and I can choose another Channel or another category can scroll through here, but it’s tricky to get into this menu here on the side, I’m.

Just gonna turn down the sound here, so it doesn’t bother us. So I can talk because it’s kind of hard for me to talk and tell you how to get into this. Okay. So here’s, the trick, what you want to do to get to the other categories, because, as you can see, if you click like that – and you go all the way to the top – it’s.

A little bit tricky too. Now gate, so what do you can do there? You go when you hit that on the firestick remote this button right here, the fast-forward one, you can see it switches categories yeah! I’m going to another category until I’m in Canada, and now I can select something from the Canada one and I can click into that and it ‘

S plays me that channel after the ad and crisp quality. Okay, so I can exit the app and then it will load. My Canadian channel okay should take me if it doesn’t click on it again and then it should take you to it.

Now there you go to the channels live and if you want to get rid of that thing, you just hit the middle d-pad and you get the middle d-pad right here and then you get rid of that that menu. So that’s.

How it’s navigated, a little bit tricky just hit that fast-forward button to switch up the categories yeah I’m switching them. They’re, all switching that fast-forward button and it’s. An excellent excellent APK visa: okay, only a thousand users are once so.

Hopefully it doesn’t, get that busy, but usually doesn’t from what I found out. But then you have other options as well. If it does get very busy Live, Lounge is my last one. I want to show you, and this is excellent.

The new update is really really incredible and really cool. I’m gonna start up life lounge and I’ve. Actually, chatter of the developer, before a pretty cool guy, he showed me how to develop some Android apps and things like that.

Press allow and helped me out a little bit. So a great great guy movies TV shows as well and the great thing this has movies and TV shows as well. So let me click on movies, and this is great because if you don’t want to look for links and you’re, fed up trying to sling triangle that link in this buffering and it’s.

Giving you issues right, just click in here into movies, and the great thing about does its like direct links. So if I hit Dora, it shows me a couple of links. Serve HD usually works great, so I select server HD and then H.

Other lesson it’s, gonna download player and it’s, going to automatically play the movie right away and there’s. The movie it’s pretty fast. The movies work very good, as you can see. Very very little buffering and a huge selection of movies humongous selection of movie.

I’m scrolling and scrolling through movies and movies and movies and movies and movies. This is huge and all of the movies work. So let’s. I’m gonna pick up every one here. Just to show you let’s, say Maze Runner.

This will come up and once again I’m going to say server HD. This will come up dad. You can X that up and server HD let’s. Try that again and there you go, learn more okay, be awed. So let’s, see okay, so I have to sit through the ad and watch the ad and then I’ll play the movie.

Okay, no problem still works great. I you can sit 10 seconds through the ad. No problems, no issue enters accident by accident. As you can see, I’ll start it up. I’m, going to check out the live TV section as well, but as movies and TV shows one click direct link, so that’s.

Great works very well. Okay, so here we are world IPTV sports IPTV. So let’s. Go to world IPTV. Then select your country, let’s, say: USA. We can choose player login, so it’s. Someone internal player, that’s.

Fine, we don’t have to change anything on that. So I’m, going to go into the USA category and then I’m going to select my channel. Ok and you get an ad. Let’s. See if IX are on beatiful play, no, no, there you go it play so I can excel in via you just started playing.

Ok, that’s, how it’s easy to use. I hope this tutorial has helped you. I hope said alternatives encoding. This is probably the best setup for streaming right now. I know this video is a little bit long, but I want to explain everything and by the way anybody saw tried Disney Plus.

Let me know in the comments let me know which of your which one of those apps are your favorites. Let me know which ones you think suck, let me know which ones you use for movies live TV. Let me know in the comments below and of course, if this has worked for you and a fully loaded, this fire stick and you kind of enjoy the video and you’re new on my channel share.

My video hit the subscribe drop. A comment below. Let me know how it worked out. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here and I ‘ Ll, see you all in the next one. Take care guys bye,

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