Hey what’s happening youtube today? I’m, going to be showing you how to fully load the fire. Stick: fire tv or any android device. I’m on a fire stick, but you could also load an android box as well with this tutorial.

It’s very easy to follow very simple, and i’m, just gonna jump in and tell you if you’re on an android box, what to do, but let’s. Follow along on the fire. Stick, this is primarily for fire sticks fire tvs, but if you have an android box, it’s.

Super simple because you have the play store. Amazon, doesn’t have a play store so in a fully load. The fire stick for the best apps for movies and tv shows and live tv. So my fire stick here and i’m, not even using a fire.

Stick remote! I’m using this air mouse called zer air mouse z10 works incredibly. Well, you just need a little dongle. I’m, going to link that in the description and also to the air mouse. I’m, going to link that so the air mouse allows me to have a physical mouse in the applications it’s really cool.

I’ve, been using an air mouse and i really like it, but you can use a fire stick remote. These apps will support a fire, stick: remote, okay! So what i’m, going to do here to fully load this fire stick.

I’m, going to go right at the top here. You want to go up the top to the menu and you want to go to settings and in settings you want to go to my fire tv. Okay from there. You want to go to developer options once you’re in developer options.

Make sure you turn on apps from unknown sources. So i’m, going to click on that and i’m going to say turn that on okay. On an android box, you would just go to the play store, so i’m gonna hit the home button on your fire stick or whatever device you’re using, and i’m gonna go and search for An application called downloader, so i’m gonna go click in that and i’m gonna type in.

If you’re in a firestick remote, you can use the voice search command as well makes it faster. So we’re searching for downloader right here once that’s found you’re, going to see an orange icon like that click on that orange icon, it’s, going to take you to another screen and You’re, going to click on the download button.

It’s, going to cue it and it’s going to download downloader for us. Once we have downloader, we’re, going to install the file link store. Okay, so if you’re on an android box like bus tv or any android device, or even your phone and you have the play, store, just search for downloader as well, it’s available there in the store.

And then you can follow along from this point. Okay, it’s in the play store. So i’m gonna hit the open button and i’m going to press the allow on the downloader very important. Once we press the allow button press the ok button, it’s going to take us into downloader.

I’m, going to click one up and we’re going to click into the url box. The keyboard is going to come up when i click into there and i’m going to type in the following url. So we’re going to type in here, get dot file linked dot com – you don’t, have to put the http okay, so don ‘

T worry about that, so get dot file linked. Just exactly as you see it. On the screen so get dot, file linked and dot com; okay, so let’s type that in and then we’re gonna press the go button once we type that in okay.

So let’s, press that go button right there. Once you press the go button, you’ll, see that’ll, say connecting and it’ll start downloading. The file link application once it’s finished downloading it’ll.

Ask us to install it. We’re just going to scroll down and we’re, going to press the install button right there. Okay, it’s, going to install the file linked application. Now we’re, going to open it up, and i’m going to give you a code and a pin number to get this going.

Okay, so it’s, done let’s open up the file link application. It’s, going to come up with a screen on this screen. You don’t want to hit or press anything on the screen. You’re just going to click into the enter code box and in here once you click into that enter code box.

Okay, there we are, we’re gonna put in the code, so i’m gonna put in one two three, four, five, six, seven, eight, we’re gonna put in eight twos, okay and i’m gonna hit the next button. Okay, then, i’m going to follow by hitting the continue button and after putting the a2 it’s.

Going to ask me for the pin number, so you’re, going to go into enter, pin click into the enter. Pin box with your fire stick remote and the pin number is 47 54 okay, and then we’re, going to press the next button 47.

54. Once you do that it’s going to go to this screen. You want to press the continue button and that’s. Gon na throw you into my store, dismiss any pop-ups that come up okay and you’ll, be in my store and i’ll.

Follow along. We’re gonna download the best applications for live television and movies, and tv shows okay. So i’m gonna dismiss this pop-up here. Okay and the first thing you’re gonna see, is the ipvanish vpn click on the download arrow to download the ipvanish vpn and when it’s finished downloading.

This turns into a play button. Then you’re. Just going to hit that play button, we’re, going to go one by one and you’re, going to press the install button on the ipvanishvpn, but very important. I don’t.

Want you to open this app right now or any other apps, because we’re, going to fully load it first and after you’re done, you’re just going to press the done button. Don’t press the open button. Okay, now keep scrolling down.

You’re, going to see a couple of things you’re, going to see cody. You want to skip that and you’re, going to get to the section called movies and show apps. So we’re gonna get the cinema apk. We’re, just gonna hit the download just like that.

It downloads this turns into a play button as well for us, so there we are. This is a play button and then we press the install button on the cinema. Hd apk. Okay, when it’s finished, we’re, just gonna press the done button.

Okay, we’re gonna skip tv’s. Ion that’s, no longer available it’s, got it got shut down, as some of you know. Okay, the next one that we’re gonna take is zinni. Tv right here hit the download arrow. Let zinny tv download, okay and press the play button so so far and then press the install once you press the play button and press the done button, so we got cinema apk as our number one.

Our number two was zeni tv and press the done button. Okay, let’s. Keep going the third one we are going to take is btv. So let’s. Click the download button on btv, fully loading this play button as well, and then install same process and done so cinema apk zinni tv btv.

Next one, we’re going to get our fourth one press to done is the ttv application that’s gonna download ttv play button as well, so that’s. Our fourth application – i’m gonna hit that play button and press the install button and then followed by the done button.

Okay, here we are let’s press the down button once it installs; okay done so: ttv, btv, zinni, tv, cinema, apk, okay, so that’s. I believe that’s, four one, two one, two, three, four: okay, the next one, the fifth one.

Okay, you’re gonna scroll down you’re gonna see, watched, who so watch and then huhu scrapers. I’ll. Show you how to set that up is really incredible. It’s, a new app now many people are showing it. You see it on my channel.

I’m, covering this apk. It’s. Incredible! Okay, it’s, a large apk, so it’s. Gon na take a minute to download from my store, but it’s very fast. My store is super quick. You’re gonna have a play button here.

Okay, there you are, i’m gonna hit that play button and then press the install button and then press the done button. Unwatched, apk, okay, very simple process. Okay, let’s, press the done button; okay, so we’ve installed five.

So far. Okay, so watched ttv, btv, zeni tv and cinema apk. Those are great amazing. Five apks, okay, keep scrolling down. You’ll, see a bunch of other apks yeah other ones. You, if you want to get sofa tv, i’d, recommend it if you want a sixth one, but i’m, not going to get into it now showing you.

I think this is plenty of enough okay, so we got five loaded on here. There’s, some other great ones here as well, and my sixth uh favorite, one that i’m going to show is the cat mouse apk just updated.

This is incredible because it leans on the terrarium. If some of you remember terrarium tv, this makes a great viewing experience, hit the play button and press the install button and press down. So we’ve loaded, six applications for movies and tv shows.

This is incredible: you can do this on any android box. Okay, press the done button. Okay, keep scrolling down. We’re, going to get the live tv on here. Like i promised you guys, keep scrolling down cat monster is installed, keep scrolling down until you see a main heading here and the fire stick remote.

You can hit the fast forward arrow to jump between categories, see the free tv category. Now my favorite redbox tv hands down, live sports, live events, everything okay, so let’s, do redbox tv and then press the install button download it play same process.

I’m, just repeating it, but i’m just showing you the best ipk’s and the best apps. Okay. If you’re an android box, you could do similarly the same same thing: okay and press that done button. Okay, so we got redbox tv.

Now let’s, go to other ones! Uh! You can get vola sports. If you’re into sports great apk for sports nfl nba, all that stuff, i’m, not going to get into it, but vola sports is available for you guys. Next one is livenet tv for live television that i’m going to get so i got red box and i’m.

Getting live net tv; okay! It’s, going to turn into a play button and press the install button and then press the done button. Okay, very, very simple process: let’s, press that done button and let’s get our third one.

Now we’re gonna skip all that and we’re gonna go with tv, tap, okay, fire, stick edition tv tab, hit on that and then play and then press the install three amazing amazing apks for live tv also watched.

Also has live tv, and i’m gonna get into that as well. Okay, tv tap and those are three and then our last one we’re gonna get is mob draw. So i’m, going to show you four really stable ones are really good ones.

Don’t want to show you junk. These, in my opinion, are going to have you covered everywhere and if you want to throw sports in go for voila sports. Okay, that i showed you above okay and then press the install button and that’s.

Mobbed, okay and we’re gonna press. The done button installing that so we’re fully loaded. The fire stick: uh. You can hit the home button and you can see these apks will be here now for you. We got the ipvanish that we downloaded okay, but if we go to see all you’ll see all our apps here.

So we got our ipvanish and then, if you scroll down, we ‘ Ll find all our apps like downloader and all that stuff. Okay, so you can go back into my following store at any time to get any apk, so filing store is always available here for you.

So if we scroll down, you will see the file link store. You can always go back and get the newest updates. Okay. So now what i’m gonna do before i run any of these great apks for live tv and movies and tv shows, i like to keep myself protected, guys use a vpn.

If you have a vpn of your own turn it on, if you don’t have a vpn. I’ll drop a big discount in the description special promo through my channel i partner with ipvanish. They work great. I’ll. Show you really quickly how to set it up.

So the link is right here on the screen. This bitly link you can go to that and sign up. You can also sign up from the pin comment, description. Click that link you’ll, get the discount yeah, you create an account.

Uh choose your plan, make sure you verify the account very important. You’ll, get an email once you sign up to verify the account and then you’ll, be able to log in ipvanish. So i’m going to log in this now.

So when you get your account guys from the link in the pin comment, also description and right here on the screen start up ipvanish after you get your account log in i’ll, show you the quick setup and that’s, going To protect you, as so many service providers are blocking links, some apps are going down as a user of these apks it’s highly recommended you guys stay protected, stay safe, stay anonymous and also get more links.

Uh on some movie apks as internet service providers are blocking some movie site links, okay and tv show, site links so get yourself an account. It’s in the description and comment like i said, i’m gonna log into mine.

Once you have an account it’s, super simple to use! Let me show you how okay, so i’m gonna log in here and show you how to set this up before i run any of these apks okay, once you’re logged into the vpn, all you have to do here.

I’ll. Show you how to navigate around so you can navigate very easily around you want to go to the gear icon at the top here and you want to say start ipvanish that’s, going to start it at the start time startup connection action.

You want to go to connect faster server, auto reconnect on split tunnel and click on split tunneling. If you have any paid apks like hulu netflix prime uh, you would select this from here, because a vpn won’t.

Work like prime, like amazon, prime movies or netflix, will not work when you have your vpn on. So it’s. Very easy: now they’ve made it super super simple. You can basically select your amazon prime, so you just have to scroll down and you can select your amazon prime, not to use the vpn so that’s.

What split tunneling does so if you don’t want to use the vpn while using prime or anything else, you just select this from the menu, so obviously you ‘ Ll see a lot of things here like, for example, if i didn’t want to use the vpn with ctv, i would put a check mark on ctv.

This is one of the only few vpns that i’ve. Seen that support this function, which makes things really great so netflix, i don’t have netflix on here, but netflix. Definitely you would choose this from the list and you do your split tunneling, with netflix or hulu plus, okay, you get the idea there’s, amazon, prime somewhere in here as well.

You can search for it to make it easy if you want to do the prime, so it lists all the apps so to search for it. You could literally just go here to the top with your fire: stick remote or use your air mouse.

If you’d like and then you could hit the search icon and then, for example, i could type in prime [ Applause ], and then i could make sure that my prime still works when my vpn is on. This is great great functionality of this vpn.

Okay and there’s. Prime video and i’m gonna say you know what prime video should not use a vpn. I’ll, put a check mark on it that easy very nice feature in ipvanish okay. So i’m gonna go back when i’m done with the split tunnel link set that up hulu disney plus amazon prime netflix, now supported with ipvanish.

Okay. Now you’re gonna put scramble mode on make sure you do that, and that’s, pretty much it. You’re gonna hit one back, and you’re gonna go to this side here and you’re gonna go to country. I want you to select united states server.

This seems to work the best for me, but if you have any troubles, try united kingdom as well and try. Switzerland is good, okay or canada, so united states, usually what i use that makes things simple hit the connect button.

This is going to come up. You press the ok button and it’s, going to reconnect the vpn for you and you’re, going to be fully protected here. I am in new york united states that simple now i’m fully protected, and now i’m going to hit the home button and i’m going to open up all my favorite applications.

I’m. Going to show you one by one all these apps that we downloaded and fully loaded on this fire stick device. Okay, it’s a little bit of long video, but i’m going through all the details, for you guys and i’m, going to show you the apps and i’m, going to show you how To use them okay, so you scroll down to the bottom.

You have your apps, you have your file length, so we got our cinema apk. Let me show you quickly how to use this so make sure you always press the allow button on any applications. When i start up, we’re, going to accept the license here and we’re, going to scroll down and say, okay and very simple.

To use. We’re on tv shows, but if you want to go up here to the hamburger menu you can switch to movies whatever you like. I’m gonna just present a movie for you, and then we got all these movies. So let’s say i want to watch uh.

Let’s, see here let’s say i want to watch yeah, let’s. Watch scoob scooby, not scoop, scooby click on scooby and right away. It starts. Looking for a stream make sure you don’t hit the download button that’s, going to take up a lot of space.

So, as you can see, we already have so many servers that are literally 1080p 720 and all you have to do to get the movie click on the movie and click that play button. It’s, going to start up the player and the movie should kick in and it should play like it’s playing for me right away right now.

I just paused it. I don’t want to show any logos or anything like that for my protection. Okay, so i’m gonna go back here and that’s done you can switch to tv, shows pretty straightforward. I’m, not gon.

Na exit, the app i’m. Just gonna show you the tv show section because it’s a little bit different, but this is way better than anything you guys ever used like has way more stuff than netflix. It has pretty much everything you’d ever think of game of thrones.

I’m gonna say you know what season six and then you can choose your episode here and hit that play button and the same thing happens looks for links and then you select your links, and this is links. Galore hit the play button.

This player will pop up and, as you can see there, you go it’s already playing very reliable, very good. You’re, going to get a lot of links works very, very well, okay, so i’m going to exit this app movies and tv shows, got you covered on cinema right there, okay, btv or is that an excel? I’m, going to present to you.

I really like this one. It works a little bit different. Let me quickly present this one to you, okay, so this one is a simple one, too press the allow and very important here, as you can see there’s, an update on btv.

So i’m going to take the update anytime. You get an update, make sure you take the update, as you can see, btvs are going to automatically update for me and it’s going to install the new apk. So always you want to take the update.

I’m, going to try to update in my store always, but sometimes i don’t, get to the update in time like this one and you might have to update the apk. What i’m doing right now. You can do it right on the spot that’s, a great thing about it.

Okay, so i’m, going to open up the btv. Now we updated it, and now i can show you btv that’s. How easy is to update? So if you get the update message, take the update, install the update it’s, going to make things work better, okay, so right now we’re on shows as well and we got the hamburger menu and then we can go movies And then i like this one because it’s anime and it has hd releases.

So i’m gonna go in hd releases and here’s. All my hd releases. Let’s, say oh judy. I want hd release of judy. I’d, hit the play button here. Now it’s, going to ask you to install one player. You want to hit cancel don’t hit, install on the one player application, and this is available all with the fire.

Stick remote, you don’t have to use the zer air mods that i’m using, but i highly recommend this one. I’ll drop a link if you guys want to pick it up, but fire stick remote works. Well, but this is a great little device i like, and the company was fortunate enough and nice enough to send me one okay, so click on that and then click the play button same thing make sure you don’t install one player.

This will spin up and when it catches the movie you’ll, see an ad here. This ad will disappear. Don’t, worry it caught it already. Okay, i’m going to exit the player. I don’t want to display any movie info and that plays the movie or tv show right away.

One thing i wanted to say pick the trusted source. If you just see my screen flicker back there, it had trusted sources recommend using trusted sources, but you can use any sources because you do have a vpn on hopefully on, if not through my link, probably your own.

Okay, always do your due diligence and use a vpn like i said. Okay here we go okay. I’m gonna exit that and i’m gonna just go home. So we looked at cinema apk btv, my vpn’s running in the background, so i’m, always connected the next one.

I’m going to show you is ttv our third one and then we’ll. Get to watch the apk as well. Okay, so let & # 39! S. Go in here now, ttv great great little apk press the allow button it’s, going to give you some information, except we’re, going to press the english.

We have top rated on the air airing today shows and then on here we can discover and we can go to movies uh hd releases, all that stuff. So i’d say you know what hard kill, let’s! Click on that it’s. Gon na ask you for a t player hit cancel just like btv one player.

We don’t wan na install that and just press the watch now button it’s. Gon na go off it’s, gonna spin up and it’s, going to spin up a lot of 1080p links, usually 720. This is a new movie, so i might not even get anything on this.

Let’s, see uh yeah. I got some hd web stuff, so you just click on that hit the play button and that’s, going to spin up the player here and it says, link already choose another link, so you can always go back when that happens.

Good thing i can show you, you can exit the player and you can go with another link here. So i can say you know what upstream 1080p i’ll pick that and i’ll say you know what let’s start this over. You can resume as well in this player, which is very good and when that starts playing, this spinny thing will disappear and it’ll start playing the content.

Okay, so i’m, not gonna wait for this to pre-buffer and load. I’m, just gonna pause it here, but that is the process. I’m gonna exit the player similar way, the other ones i showed you you get an ad except that’s, the difference here.

So we hit home, you can do movies and tv shows as well. I’m just gonna head home, so we don ‘ T have to stand through that ad, but you know the ad only comes up after you’re finished, watching the movie or when you start the movie, so it’s, not too intrusive.

Some of these have ads, but not very, very uh intrusive. You’re gonna highly really enjoy okay, let’s. Do it watched one of my favorite ones? Fourth, one uh right now that we’re. Looking at we’re gonna start up watched.

This is a big one, and this is a great one. I’ll. Show you why? Okay, it’s, gonna update some stuff and it’s. Gon na come up and it’s, gonna be pretty much blank and you’re gonna be like new tech. Why are you showing me this apk when there’s? Absolutely nothing here and it’s completely.

Blank live tv is blank. Everything is blank, no problem go to settings at the bottom here. This is a little secret. Okay, make sure your tv mode is on fire stick. Usually, you should be on that’s. What i wanted to check okay and go to manager.

Okay in the manager right above settings, click into enter url and in the url put you don’t have to put the http you’re, just gonna put who who those are the scrapers for the apk, okay, hoohu, dot, tio And hopefully i got that right.

If i recall it’s, huhu dot to okay, hit the next button, and that should analyze things and start it up. Huhu dot, t-o-h-u-h-u dot, t-o it’s. Gon na throw everything on if it doesn’t do that. That means the server is down it’s.

Getting hammered, try another 10 minutes 15 minutes next day, something, but once you catch on to the server, it should scrape everything. Okay, it’s, kind of like uh web sharing servers like ambly, or what’s, the other one uh forgot the name but anyways.

This is a cool concept so, and you’re, going to have a lot of servers. So you got your dashboard here, you can search for a movie or tv, show very easy uh or you can jump to live tv. So you got popular series, you got your trending movies and then you can search for movies as well.

So let’s say i want to watch the war with grandpa right away. My server spit out us if a u.s server, doesn’t work. Try a german server. Sometimes german servers work for me. So i’m, going to go server one in germany, 720p.

It’s, going to say resolving who servers it’s going to start playback and hopefully you’ll play the movie. If not, i’ll jump onto a u.s server. If i’m having a problem with the german server very easy to use as well, so let’s, see if that playback starts for us, oops and uh.

I don’t have to jump any servers because they already done it for us. Okay, hit back, you want the live television, you hit live tv, and this is awesome. This is the live. Tv is always updated and it’s.

Awesome! Okay, so light tv will take a minute to load, but once it loads. Ladies and gentlemen, you ‘ Ll have an incredible list of channels. Okay, you select any channel here in hd. You can put a star to add it to favorites and very important.

Go up here at the filter and there’s a filter up here. You can filter by country, okay, that’s very simple, very easy to use simple as that. Okay, any channel you want is here in huhu and huhu dot to server on the watched, apk, incredible.

Okay, let’s, hit the home button, and so we looked at these four. We’re, not done yet, because we still have the iptv the live television stuff. Okay, so let’s now go to. We did one two. Three: four: five: let’s, look at our fifth one and then zinny tv, our last one there at the end.

Okay. So this is great press. The allow button cat mouse is kind of like etherium tv pick, the exo player built in and then say proceed and all your movies tv shows work. If you ever use touring tv, this is it search button any movie.

Any tv show click that thing movies. If you want – and then you know what i say, you know what one night in bangkok is what i like today, you click on the movie and press that okay button hit that play button at the top.

So we can go all the way here at the top hit that play button. It’s, going to come up with a little thanks. Just click on that thanks now it’s, going to go off it’s, going to scrape for your content and you don’t need to verify any of this stuff.

I never do it. I still get a good amount of links. It’s, going to show you a bunch of scrapers here sites and you can wait for direct links or you can click into one of the scraper sites. Here it’s like clip watching is a good one.

Uh there you go a movie 25 tv, you’re, going to get a lot of content. Okay and you can click on one of these and that’s. Going to resolve inside of a scraper and then once it gets a link you can just hit play and then hopefully the content should play should start up.

You’ll, see the timer kick in here, like it just did right now. I just played two seconds of it and you’re off. You go see how easy how quick movies tv shows available as well. Everything is here.

If you want tv, shows no problem, you can filter movies. Tv shows you can jump back and forth. You can go most popular, you can go. Let’s see here. You can go seasonal action, adventure, sci-fi fantasy, whatever you like the world here is yours, cat mouse, incredible, incredible apk and let’s.

Look at our last one, not not the worst, probably one of the better ones as well zinni tv. So i’ll quickly. Go into zinny tv select your device. You can go more settings to adjust, so we are on this type of device, not a phone or a tablet.

So let’s. Select that device press allow. If you’re on a phone, you would select the other one. If you’re fully loading a phone, but if you’re on android box or fire, stick, you’d. Select that what i selected okay so and then i would just press the ok button, and here you got home.

You got watch favorite, genres and settings not much here, but you can search for movies and you the cool thing here. It shows you recommended stuff, but then you can go here and you can go by sony and all that stuff and you got your collections and then watch soon at home.

And then you can go home directly in the home section: press, okay, okay, press back; actually don’t press! Okay! We can go by genres, let’s say i want to say you know what comedy movies you can also search for your favorite movie.

So here’s, our comedy, so we bear cares. Whatever i chose, we bare. We bare bears the movie okay and i’ll just hit that watch button and what’s gonna happen. Now it’ll start scraping. I’ll start trying to play the movie okay, see and i can scroll down here in the player it’s already playing okay, i’m just gonna pause it here i’ll.

Show you a little trick here. If you go to s the little source button, you can select any other sources that you wished from the list here. Okay, so manual selection of sources as well is available here for you, okay, very easy to use.

Apk movies and tv shows all that is there incredible interface. It looks beautiful to me and it looks very well nicely put together. Okay, so now let’s get into the iptv stuff. So let me just exit this and i ‘

Ll. Show you the free, cable, television, stuff, okay, okay, so we’ve done all the movies and tv shows apks. Now we’re gonna my vpn’s. Still on now, we’re gonna i’m gonna show you the live television, so red box, my favorite, let’s, start it up red box.

When you start up this apk it’s, a bright white screen, i wish they changed it to a different color. Black looks like much nicer. Like you see here, not a problem. What you can do you can go straight to all your channels.

All the channels are here. I’m, blurring them out just for safety purposes, but you can go at the top. You’ll, see a menu. You can go us uk section, whatever section you want, and this unfortunately has to be blurred out, but you guys will get the idea and then you hit on the channel and here’s.

The important part when you see the select player option make sure you select the android player in this apk. I can’t. Show you much of this apk, but it’s. Straightforward, very easy. To use you’ll get the hang of it, livenet tv, same concept, but different links here.

So let’s start up. Livenet tv, you’re gonna do the same thing. In live net tv, you’re gonna press. The continue button. Okay, you’re gonna highlight it like that in light blue press, the allow button, if it asks you and it’s, gonna, take you to livenet tv, it’s, gonna load, all the channels.

You can see it looks like red box, but it has different links and different content and all the channels should load any minute. And i’m gonna blur that out for my safety. Okay, because we are not allowed to show any channel logos on youtube, supposedly, okay, so very easy to use very explanatory.

You got sports and you got your sections at the top and then, when you select the channel, make sure you select android player when it asks you to play it same deal incredible. Two apks red box live net tv, okay, the third one i want to show you and then the fourth one and we’re done – is the tv top pro incredible apk used to be called uk tv.

Now all the channels load and all you have to do – select your channel. You can hit the search button. You can filter by country as well. Select the channel and the go player will start up and then you can definitely go full screen.

I have this all blurred out. You can go full screen with a go player and all that content will play. You can see how fast that stuff was playing. Okay, my last one that’s been going around for a long time is mobdro tv.

They can’t seem to get rid of this one and it never shut down it’s, always going it’s. The mobdro tv apk just start it up very simple to use press the agree, button and press the allow button, and you have your movie – show sports stuff, select your category click the channel and that’s it that’s.

How easy it is to use also live television and watched apk. This is it. Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes my review. Hopefully, this helped you out, please hit the subscribe button hit the like button share.

My video uh grab that vpn discount from the link below grab yourself an air mouse. If you wish, i’ll drop that link below, but all these apks worked with a fire stick remote. This is the whole idea. If you’re loading, an android box use downloader from the play store.

If you’re loading, an android box like this or any other android device. If you’re, doing this on a phone go to play, store, get a downloader load. These apps, you’re, going to love it. Ipvanish is also the vpn that i showed you is available on an iphone.

It’s available on uh android device. All devices are supported, fire sticks uh, you know android boxes. All devices are supported with this vpn. Thank you guys. Let me know where you’re checking in from what city you’re watching, where you’re from drop a comment below.

I love you guys. Thanks for all the support – and i’- ll – see you all in the next one. Take care.

Source : Youtube

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