Hey what’s going on yet today I’m, going to be loading, your fire stick or fire. Stick 4k Edition fully load it with the best apps for movies and TV shows, and life television. You’re gonna get everything like Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Plus all combined into one system.

I’m, going to fully load this and you’re gonna absolutely love it. You don’t have to go through thousands of ups. I picked up the best ones for you and I’m gonna show you quickly how to use them. Okay, to get starting your fire stick or fire TV.

The first thing you wanted to go on your device: you want to go to settings from here. You want to go to my fire TV or my device. You’ll click in there. You’ll click on developer options and you’ll turn on apps from unknown sources.

So it’s right here: okay, developer options, apps from unknown sources. I’m, going to turn it on and say turn off. This will allow us to install third-party apps when I hit the home button. Okay, once I do that hit the search icon right there and you can say it or you can type it in, I like to say it: downloader, okay, it doesn’t like my voice.

Downloader, maybe saying it is not so good as typing it. In but anyway, so you’re. Looking for downloader indiana’s on store orange icon, say it or type it in once. The orange icon comes up, click on downloader and then click on the little download button.

This is going to get downloader, okay, so my download it and it’s going to install it for you, and I’m going to give you access to my special store, which you’ll, get the most updated apks And the best apks up to date for free movies for free TV shows for free live television.

Absolutely for your pet. You’re gonna press. The open button on downloader you’re gonna press. The allow button press you, okay about it once this starts up click. One up. You’ll, see HTTP colon forward, slash blinking click into there and type in the following URL okay.

So we’re gonna type in get dot filing cause the special application, which is access to a full store of apps. Okay, there’s, a specific code and a PIN number for my subscribers only so hit that subscribe button.

Right now and you’re gonna get all the information in this video hep, so get a file linked, calm, okay, that’s. All you need to type in when you’re finished typing. That, in all you have to do now, is press the Go button.

Get file like calm press that go on what’s. Gon na happen. It’s, going to contact the server it’s, going to download the following application, and then it’s, going to start installing it okay automatically there you are, you want to hit but install button right there.

It’s, gonna say installing and it’s going to install the following application. When it’s finished installing the file application click, the Open button pen file link is going to come up don ‘ T click anything on the screen on file link.

I’m gonna tell you exactly what to click click into enter code insight and put in 1, 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 2 is exactly pet 8 2 s and then press the next button. Ok continue should be highlighted. You’re gonna click on that, and then you’re, going to click into enter, pin right here, click into it.

I’m, going to give you a special pin, which is 47:54 ok, 47:54, so the pin number and code is on the screen as well. So these are the credentials to get in ok, you know press the next button once you put 47:54 for the pin and press the continue button, this is going to throw you into my store.

Ok dismiss this pop-up or any other pop-ups. Ok now so the store will look like so the first application highlighted you will be dismissed as pop-up if it comes up okay, so we’re just going to press this, miss on that ipvanish VPN, don’t click that little download Arrow that’s, going to start downloading the ipvanish VPN you’ll, see a progress bar and the Sony install applications again once I peed finishes installing this will turn into a play button and we’re going to install It okay here we are hit that play button and then press the install button.

Now, when the ipvanish is finished, don’t press the Open button, yet press the done button because we’re, not finished. Yet: okay, press the done button. Okay, next application, I’m, going to get MX player click on the download.

This is a player for videos if we ever need to use it for any applications. Okay and it’s good to always have for any other apps. Okay. When it’s finished it’s, going to turn into a play button. It’s, the same procedure; okay, it does play button and press the install button.

Okay, it’s, going to install the MX player application and then press the then double bond when we’re finished. Okay, president Li okay, we’re gonna skip Cody Cody’s great for those of you never run Cody or use Cody, but I prefer apks and I ‘

Ll. Show you why? Okay, you can outreach movies in show apps, and you’re gonna see a couple of APK, so the first one i want to get is the TV’s, Ione grater, if that the hello Darryl TVs ion, is a great application? Has been around for a while, the developer is super super smart and putting a lot of work.

It looks incredible, looks better than the Netflix I’ll, show you okay and it’s. Absolutely free hit the play button and press the install button on TVs ion when it ‘ S finished doing that you’re gonna press.

The done button because I’m gonna go through the entire list to fully load your fire. Stick: okay! Let’s, press that dumb button. Okay! Next one is the cinema. Apk click, the download arrow that will download cinema apk.

This will turn into a play. Button hit the install and press the dumb one cinema apk is a great has some fixes. Now it’s, always gonna be updated to newest version of my store. So you might see two point: two four or whatever don’t worry, just gets it on my apk, okay hit that play button and press the install and press the done button.

So we’ve installed TVs. Ion we installed cinema apk. We installed ipvanish and MX player press the done button. Okay, now keep going down the list. You can go up and down with this button here: okay, so cinema HD installed now.

So I’m just going to press the down button on that. I’m, going to keep going down. Okay next one I want you to get is the Zinni TV? Okay, once that’s finished you hit that play button and press the install button.

Okay, some of them will be one click. Some of them will search for movies. I ‘ Ll. Show you all of them. This is gonna be fully loaded. Okay! Next one you want to get is the sofa TV just right above Sydney, TV, just look for these applications.

You can always scroll through up and down, and there’s, also a search up option on the top okay. So let’s. Do so [ __ ] eejit duck playbook press the install button. I’m only showing you the best. Okay, I’m gonna skip some of the ones that are not so great, but but you can try them up, but let’s.

Do the best ones right now. Okay, so when sofa TVs done press the done button, does any TV does the next one install and then press the done when afters so much yeah I’m, not sure. If I had stolen a TV I got caught off guard.

I went back to self. Oh okay, great is any TV. So if installs any TV soap, a TV TV, Ziya, cinema, EPK, ipvanish an ex-player okay. So quite a few things. If they keep going down, explain I won’t you get.

Is the V TV application B TVs going to download and when it’s finished, we’re just going to press that play button right there and press the install one okay. So we got sofa TV one click now, the next one.

I want you to get and press the down button. Is the pocket TV right here right below B TV, it’s called pocket TV hit that play button and press the install one and press the down button? Okay, let’s. Keep going down the list, some of them will be skipped now.

The next one I want you to get is the T TV. This is a great one, another good one. This is gonna turn it into a play button. We’re gonna hit that play button. Okay and then we’re, going to hit the install and after installs we’re gonna hit done.

Okay, you might see cyber flicks in there long people have been talking about cyber flicks, not my favorite, a deflation. At this time, we’ve, been having a lot of issues, developers working on a new version, so press the done button on TTV.

Okay, you get a notification, so I’m going to skip cyber flakes. I highly I don’t, recommend it at this time and about two years ago was great, but now it’s kind of slacking a little bit in my opinion.

Hopefully it improves okay. The next one I’m gonna get is the Nova TV application. Okay, so know what TV is also great here’s, the June update, but it might say a different month when you’re watching this video in a different month and hit that play button and install know about TV.

Ok, we’re fully loading. This I want, you guys get the best experience and the best apps I don’t want to skip any press. Don’t leave on TV. We’re going to skip that. Let’s, get the free, flicks, h2 4.

40 free flicks is great. It’s, always updated. It’s. Doing great feeder plus used to be good. You might see Peter Plus in here long before talk about Peter Plus right now it’s. Not the greatest developers changed the format it’s, not the greatest.

We might come back to it, but right now in 2020 it’s, not working the best, so Peter plus will be skipped, but free flicks HQ will be installed. Ok play month if they install button and press the done button.

Ok, this is fully fully loaded. You can load anybody’s, fire to stick like they’re gonna love you they’re gonna, have all these best ops and they’re gonna work. Flawless. Ok, when a free flicks HQ installs, you’re gonna press that dumb button.

Ok, let’s. Keep going down the list! We’re gonna skip on these. There’s, lots of clothes and lots of old ones. Some work, some don’t work. We’re, just gonna skip all of them. Ok, maybe a movie someone don’t need a mouse.

Some of them need Mouse taco, so don’t want to get into all that. I think that’s enough for movies. Give us plenty what I’ve loaded is the best for you. Now we’re gonna get red box TV for live television.

So under free TV you ‘ Ll see a lot of categories like this, so red box TV. This becomes a play. Button hit the play button and press the install button on red box TV. Okay, when it’s finished just as well.

We’re, going to press the done button. Ok, so that’s, doing its thing and let’s, press that dumb button. Okay, snap, these strings as our next one, it’s going to download and when it’s finished it’s. Going to turn into a play button and we’re, going to be able to get that application as well.

Okay, play install and here’s, snappy strings, so red box TV for life, television, snappy streams, so we’ve installed a red box TV. We’ve installed snappy strings hit the play button, snap, the strings install.

I think I’ve done it already. I’m installing it again. I keep forgetting. If I’ve done it or not. You just want to make sure red box. Snapped streams live net TV, let’s. Hit that download arrow and then we’ll, hit that play button to install like that TV.

These three applications gonna, give you a ton of channels. Okay, so turn it into a play. Button get that play bug and paste all button and then press the done button so Wow. We are fully fully completely loaded from top bottom best apks highly highly gonna enjoy them.

I’ll. Show you guys quickly, all of them, okay, press done! I’m gonna skip a couple here. We’re gonna get to TV tap a 3.0 and that’s, our last one TV table 3.0. Let it stop hit that play buck and press the install button.

Okay, great, so we fully fully loaded our fire stick or fire TV and impress the download now remember you can come back into my store at any time. When I hit the home button and you can go to the file link, then you can get those eight anytime go to your absent channel seal and we’re all going to go to the end and we’re, going to all Move them all and organize them.

Okay, so ipvanish, i’m, going to move to the front already and then I’m going to move all my other apks so file it. I can move it as well. So let me just get out of there: okay, your apps and channels, and then I’m gonna move them all to the front for easy access.

Okay, so let me move them all to the front and you might be wondering how moving this apps to the fronts and then selecting it. And I’m, hitting the hamburger menu here at the three lines. And I’m. Saying move to front okay, so I move them all to the front nominate the home one and I’m gonna show you that they’re.

All there see when I go to your apps and channels. All my applications are in the front. Okay, I can go see all and they’re all moved to the front okay. So now before I run any of these applications to get more movies and TV shows and to get more links and to stay 100 % anonymous and protected, I run my ipvanish that we downloaded in our following storm.

Those also available add in the Amazon store that’s. Gon na give you a lot of more links. There’s, a lot of confidence, geo blocked in these by Internet service providers and they’re blocking content from movies and TV sites which these applications use, to scrape the Internet.

So to get more links for movies and TV shows and to get things functioning properly, I recommend using ipvanish. So let’s start a5 p vanish. You’re gonna log. In with your own username and password, I’ll.

Show you how to set it up to get your own username and password. You’re, going to click on the link it’s in the pit comment and description. I partnered up with ipvanish to get you guys a username and password at an incredible discount that you can get through exclusively through my channel okay.

So I’m going to log in with my username and password, and once you click on that link, you’ll, get a confirmation from he vanished; click on that email, confirmation and log it and set this up. You can use up to 110 devices in your home, Android phones, fire sticks, iPhones, any devices aizen on my fire stick, I stay protect them and I get some content that is block and geo block and other things like that, and I stay fully anonymous.

Ok, so let me log in here and show you how to set this up before I around my apks. Ok, once logged in to the ipvanish click on the gear icon and select start IP vanish from here, startup connection action connect to fastest server.

Once you log in here, Auto reconnect, split, tunneling click on split telling. If you have Netflix or any other apks, you will select this. I don’t have Netflix right now, but it will put a checkmark on Netflix, Hulu or Disney Plus.

Why would I do this in split tunnel me? Well, this is going to prevent using the VPN when using those applications, they usually work better without a VPN like Netflix, cool, Disney plus the stuff you pay for usually works better without using a VPN.

This is what the split tunneling comes in with the VPN. That’s. A great thing. Ok make sure you select straw a scramble hold on ok and that’s, pretty much it hit back and go to the left side or right side, depending which way you’re facing the TV, go click on country and select United States it’s.

Gon na give you the most links and most content that ipvanish United States servers, regardless, where you are in the world. Even if you’re in the United States still select United States, since your eyes be still might be blocking content, even if you’re in the United States.

Ok, click on the United States and then click that connect button. Ok, this is going to come up press the ok button, and now you should see like more little mountains and things like that. If this pops up just hit reconnect, you should reconnect, and you’ll – see that shirt connected here to a server New York might give you Washington, might give you San Diego doesn’t matter as long as you see these Moyles Mountains.

Whatever you want to call them means you’re, fully protected. Ok, you hit the home button and now I can run any of the apks. I’ve, been skull, so let’s, see all and let’s. Take a look at them, so you might not have them in the same order, but you can start together with me, so the first one I want to look at is ion.

So I’m going to click on the eye on TV. It’s, going to check third party ups and it’s, gonna start off. Okay, now on this one, you can just hit cancel to join design Club. Okay, when this comes up, you hit the back button and it gets you right in there beautiful interface, beautiful look, TV shows movies.

So if you want movies, for example, you hit movie and then it’s got all the new releases. Let’s say I wanted to watch on work. You can select any movie, you wish and you keep you sure you wish and then you would just get nice information here and then you hit the play button.

What this will do, they’ll, start collecting links, and then it will populate your links here and then you’ll, be able to select the link, so you can see that we have 1080 P. We have 4 K links.

We have lots of content. Ok, we have many many links even for K. If you want to play something, you just click on the link that you like to play and then make sure you don’t hit download. This is close subtitles.

You can click on that if you want subtitles and then just hit the play 1. So I’m. Just gonna hit the play right on this. This will start up and it might play the link it may not if it doesn’t. You can always just go to the next link.

Okay, so it ‘ S got except 22 links now and sometimes the unknown links will might work as well. This is a G Drive, so you can click on that and then once again hit the play button and if the link is up that should play for you, okay, so you might see a lot of links here, just scroll through them.

Try one link or the other make play it may not, but this is a great application and, as you can see, if I’m 22 links, I don’t want to go through them all, but if they don’T play just try. Another link: okay, go back here.

Same deal with TV shows same concept. Okay, guys, this looks beautiful. You can scroll through it and play content okay. So I’m going to exit Zion TV, the next one I’m, going to look kind of is cinema EPK.

This is my one of my favorite once okay press the allow button, and instead of my apk press, the accept the license and press okay, so we got lots of updates here, beautiful interface. This reminds me of Netflix.

You can hit the hamburger menu on the left side and go to movies. I’m going to present movies. I can do TV shows as well, but I like to just show movies. So, okay select show movies. Okay, I’m gonna say a lot and I just speaking around them.

This is not in any shape or form prepared. So, as you can see, Zod TV gave me two bad links. I don’t want to click through all the links, but something might work in there for one movie or one TV show that’s.

Why? I’m, showing you guys, multiple apps, because if it works – and one may not work in the other one, but you can see that cinema apk is already kicking some major rear end and it’s. Spitting out a lot of links.

Look at look at the amount of links this offers like we have like so much 1080p Linux. Okay, so you can just select the server and some of them are even better but just hit that play button. This will start up the cinema HD player and when it connects to the link, I should play going there you go and this one play with no issues whatsoever.

Okay, so I’m gonna try. Another link for the same movie just want to see how fast someone go long load, so some of them, as you see, load faster than the other one. That first link loaded like that. This one blew its luggage, so you might, if you find it sluggish like this, you might want to wait or if you’re impatient.

Well, it’s. Okay, it’s. Working up. If you’re impatient, you can click back so somewhere, faster somewhere slower something might buffer some may not! That’s. Why you have so many applications that I’m, showing you a pit, so click back.

I’m, going to show you TV shows just quickly. How do you navigate just hamburger menu TV shows, and then friends wow, that’s, the old one, beautiful interface. This is just absolutely beautiful season 9 and episodes at the top.

Okay, very easy to use easier than that fix, maybe hit that play button. This will start scraping, as you can see here, a large amount of links when I hit the first link good. I love it spin up and what’s going on with this? Well, it’s already playing isn’t that great okay, cinema apk never fails.

You guys are going to love it does. I am TB kind of a little bit on the edge now, but new version of Zion TV, hopefully is going to be much better. Okay, so cinema apk, I’m gonna exit. Great great apk works flawlessly cinema apk great next one.

I’m gonna look at is any TV or, as any TV press, the allowed one to start it up and press the ok. They’re gonna give you a little message. Sure press the ok press, the cancel button. Actually, sorry, I went to their website no need to do that, so press.

Actually, the cancel button you don’t want to go to their website, but the app still running in the background. So, even though it’s started up cell. For me, okay press cancel. I should be reading them as to do what it says and slow pressing.

Ok. Now I’ll press cancel. Ok, so you got all your stuff here wat soon. On home, then this cool thing about here you couldn’t, like i said disney plus you can filter by Disney movies dreamworks all that stuff.

This is the cool thing about any TV you can search for stuff. You can go home, you can go by john ross, beautiful genres genres, let’s, say comedy movie and then ok, i’ll. Do so when you click on aladdin and beautiful, look recommend that stuff similar stuff.

I’ll. Just press the watch now one the player will start up automatically and you might not play for you it might play or not. But okay, this thing is already it’s already, sorry to playing for me very quick okay, but if it’s a little bit sluggish what you can do, you can always click on the little source button here and you can select Another link, if that’s luggage for you yeah.

We’re gonna just back out here and exit that okay, so that little thing lets you select other links. It looks like a little down arrow pointing down, so you can select other websites. What makes it that sluggish for you, okay, so let’s say magic.

Can I’m gonna click on number one? Just click watch now. This is a beautiful interface. It actually looks like Netflix here’s, the one yeah little source s with a little balancing like that, and then these links will populate the streams and then you can select whatever strings you want and there’s, a rating for that Stream, so if I want just the first tree, I don’t feel like waiting.

I can click on that and if it does connect to that stream, you get a time here like we did last time for our first four I’ll, add it and then you have to play button and it will play if it doesn’t play if it doesn’t return.

You and econ didn’t, go back to the sources and wait until it gets you all the streams and then select a stream. Okay does any TV. I never another great great application. Okay, so what is next in storm? I’m gonna exit, zucchini and, and these are working great with MVP and also on fully protect that same with TV show same concept, guys, looks beautiful and works great okay and with a VPN on work and flawlessly.

All of that right, like I, showed you, okay, let’s. Go back to my apps and games is any TV. Okay, I’m, going to show you sofa TV. This is a little bit different. Let’s, start up sofa TV press, the allowed one it’s.

Gon na ask you to join telegram. So if you cancel this time, I’m reading, and this is so easy to use. You got Hollywood TV shows and Bollywood. If you’re enjoying Bollywood, go ahead. Click on Bollywood – I’m gonna go straight to Hollywood.

That’s movies. I’m, also search out the top, and this is pretty much one click, so we resistible it just came out on. Even though there’s any thing, okay, beautiful thing, and then you need to watch now button and make sure to play okay.

What’s? Gon na happen? It’s, gonna pop up the player and if the movies available one click should play, maybe I chose a title that’s, not really there. Yet who knows, but this is beautiful. This is one click and it does play.

But here’s, the thing about sofa TV, it’s. Gon na play you a lot of contents and play beautifully, but it does take a while to start up the movie I’ll. Show you how to seat watch and 1080p play. Sometimes they’ll, say 720, sometimes 1080p see how this is spinning and it’s.

Taking a while. Oh, this one took fast, but sometimes it’ll, take a while, because, if pre buff there’s, a lot of information so sofa TV, very nice, very nice, a PK TV shows similar concept. Let me go into TV shows.

You select the TV, show very dinner reasons, one and then season select your season, okay season, four and then select your episode. Okay and then I need to play button. This will spin up and once it connects it’ll start playing sofa.

Tv is great see that beautiful I’m, just gonna exit that – and I think you’re gonna enjoy so much TV that’s. Why? I’m showing you guys. A lot of people know about sofa TV, but if you’re watching my video now, you know: okay, let’s, exit sofa TV press back again, let’s! Look at the next one! Okay! So next I’m gonna look up is B TV, so let’s start up, be TV click on it and if there’s, an update take it.

I’m, pretty sure that the newest version in my store in my following storm, but let’s, press the allow button and let’s, choose internal player. That’s. Fine! Let & # 39! S! Choose English and boom there you go beautiful interface, okay and at the top at the hamburger, menu can choose movies or you can choose TV shows.

So let’s, say irresistible again and hit that play button. What’s? Gon na happen? This you ask you to install one player press cancel. We can’t install one player on fire, same concept at scraping movie links except sofa.

Tv is one click, but the cool thing about B TV, you’ll, see that it says trusted source and it says quality and speed. What you want to select is high quality of obviously and high speed. Okay, so you’re gonna get tons of links, and you’re gonna get even trusted sources, and I always like to go with speed.

High and quality normal or high as well. Normal is going to be 720p high. Quality is going to be 1080p or high. Okay, so choose a link and of course you might get a bad link like. I just did and said link not ready, so very easy, just backup and then just say you know what I’m gonna go for another link, hit the play button and then I’m gonna say resume or starting over Whatever you want – and this looks like a better link and as soon as this stops spinning get that timer and it’s going to load that content there you go so trusted links work.

What trusted sources word! War well down trusted sources. My work may not, so you’re, going to highly enjoy B TV as well and go all the way up and go back similar concept guys while showing you all these applications, because somewhere better for some content, some rare content, some are worse.

Okay, the flash TV show nice beautiful recommendations and hit that play button season. 1 episode. 1. You can also select play us episode that’s, a cool function. Then you can also select seasons. You don’t have to play season 1.

Like I did or season 4 episode 1, you can select any season going to it and select that very easy to use okay. So I’m gonna quit. Out of BTB, you’re, going to be happy with that. Now our next one is pocket TV, which is a great one-click apk, but it’s not going to work.

You have to find this blue icon right here for pocket TV, it’s called the MX player. Remember we downloaded that you’re, going to click on that icon. It’s, going to start up MX player press the allow button it’s, going to ask you to update, say not now we don’t need to update ok, that’s.

All you have to do just start up an ex-player. You’re gonna hit the whole button and now see you all, and now we can start pocket TV. Let’s start that up. Okay and you’re. Just gonna accept the license in here, but you’re, not gon.

Na click like crazy. Like me, drags it, you’re gonna actually stay in here. So there you go click down a few times and then accept and then press allow. Okay, now don’t do what I did just click, so there’s so many times so fast.

Okay, you’re gonna get you’re, going to be dumped on the main category, which is discover which is great. This is where you want to be. You’re gonna find a lot of Indian content. You’re gonna be a little bit confused, but this work is great, go to Bollywood movies and you can fit to Hollywood movies.

But the great thing about this is one click. Okay. So if I select Shepherd, for example and swishes, a holiday which is a nice will be cut back when you get the ad and then 720, I want to click, OK and then, when this comes up, you choose MX player, and this is gonna start up And this one click and it’s.

Gon na play the movies. I have no problems whatsoever. Pocket TV, no buffering works incredibly. Well, there you go, Shepherd is playing in 720, but very very fast. If that’s come up and hit back, but the great thing about this is gonna, be a little bit confusing like okay, so I have to scroll, left and right through all these movies.

Now the great thing about this is, you can go all the way up hold it all the way up and click on to the right side or depending what your face in that little search icon and you can actually search for any movies.

I’ll show you that you can even search for Titanic, which is such an old movie, and I’ll show you that it has it. It has. Every single English movie almost depend on word you new new releases as well.

Okay, here’s, Titanic will come up to give an out hit back and sometimes they might not give you the quality. You might say MKV that’s. Fine click on I McKay be an ex-player always so you need MX player.

For this, and then this will spit up, and I just can’t even turn around and it’s already playing beautiful, okay, so pocket TV works great. You will need an ex-player like I showed you just follow along you’ll, be fine.

I’m gonna exit pocket TV. We’re, going to keep going here. We’re, going to get to tea TV now and then all our free live television applications going to be shown as well, so T TV 10.00 are, you might be able anywhere version if it asks you to update.

Take the update. Okay, you’re gonna get the disclaimer press, the accept button, English and you got a pop and airing today TV shows and then you got movies hd releases. I like the HD releases and you got live TV section which is not updated.

So you can hit update and there’s. Nothing there yet might be coming in the future. But let’s, focus on movies. You can also the TV shows and irresistible you’re. Getting stuck in that movie. I don’t know why keep playing or hit cancel and then just hit watch it up same concept scrapes for links, but you can see it spits out, links pretty fast and when you got your links, you select one and you get it go And look at that that’s spitting like so many two links already very, very good apk.

No, it’s a trial. Therefore some links. So I’m gonna try. You know all crew – I guess whatever I’m gonna hit play the play, will pop up. You got a closed captioning here as well, and the movie should play and it’s playing beautifully.

It’s working. Well, no muttering whatsoever. You gonna love it okay, so that is T TV. I’m, just gonna exit and let’s. Keep all go in here. Next one we’re going to look at is no but TV. Let’s, click on Nova TV and it’s very similar to be TV.

So now what TV will start up press D loud and you can also use MX player now, if you want, but let’s, stick to internal player, English and there you go, you got TV shows, you can hit the hamburger menu go to movies And some of you might ask me: I D support real de Britt.

Some of them do some of them don’t. Okay, this one does support it. Cinema decay does support it, so you get the real bridge in in the settings and most apps again. So our movies. I like this, how it’s, that the categories at the top soundclick comedy and then I’m.

Stuck going to resist, evoke irresistible hit play it’s. Gon na ask you to install one player, just gonna cancel and it’s, going to come up with links as well, and it’s very similar. Like btv, you can see trusted sources.

I can select the link. I’m just going to go with the first one, and I’m going to hit play. You can also hit play with subtitles if you’d, like subtitles for the movies okay, if the first link doesn’t work like in my case, have bad luck.

Looks like this. One doesn’t work, okay, closed caption as well. Do I have to go to the next one so hit back and we’re gonna exit, okay gonna get an ad hit back on the ad. I’m gonna look for my trusted source.

I’m gonna say I’m, going to go with this one and hit play. I’m gonna start this one over and then got very good luck on the second try. Okay, so that is no y TV and they were great great great apk, so TV show is working the same way.

These weren’t very similar, but I’m, showing you fully fully loaded, because I want you to have all the best ones, so you can jump between this one and this one depending what you’re. Looking for okay, three flicks h2, let’s, start up to spin my favorite for a while.

Let’s, see how good it is. Now I haven’t used that for some time there has been some updates. So let’s, say press the allow button and press the okay button. Okay, so lets you write on movies. Beautiful menu as well supports your own beverage, but the cool thing about this one: it’s, got anime, it & # 39; s, got cartoons and it ‘

S got a live TV and if you go to live TV section and you hit watch now, it actually does have life TV. So I can go IEP team, you one and then it ‘ S got us channels, UK channels and I can hit the actual channel and it will play this channel.

Okay, the shellbacks recommend using X player video Mexico want to use external player or use free flex player, so we got MX player ready. So I’m gonna, say yes from say, MX player, since we already have it, and this should now when we click back into it.

This should now try to play, for example, spike TV here life television for us, if it doesn’t work, you can try number list there’s. Many lists in here I don’t know when they been updated, but if a channel is down, you can always go to another list and it looks like this one might be down.

Okay, try some channels, try some list. You got many lists here. Some might work some may not, but it’s got that section, okay, something exit that so that’s from the hem. We’re, giving the live TV okay.

So I’m, going to go back to movies irresistible and I love the interface of this okay. I’m gonna watch now and really picking on irresistible today and Titanic. I got here and look at this beautiful. We’ve, got lots of links, lots of stuff embedded from websites right.

So now I’m gonna go with the treatment goal, that’s, Truman going down. Okay, anyways! We’re, go with G Club, maybe okay, it’s, gonna, say loading video and then, when it loads the link to Coldplay. For you, I don’t even know what’s, the link would website or what content I selected, which which website, but then some loads.

The video you’ll, see it that do a lot of play for you and you’ll, be ready to go. So I like this because it scrapes content from websites and you can hit that play button and it starts working right away.

Okay, so the cool thing about Tiki, free flicks, not kiki, me is scraping ton of websites and it’s. Spinning all content from different websites – and I have IP vanished on that means. Some of this content is not being blocked, but so many other servers provide a mate block and you might get less links so make sure you use that IP damage in the pin Colin description.

Okay, so look how great it’s working with ipvanish of that I’m gonna go back and let’s continue near your apps and games see all and now I think we just have the live television left. These for for live TV, sort, Redbox, red box, TVs a great great okay for live television, and it works very similar to the other ones.

I’m, going to show you. Okay, once it starts, Bob starts up, takes a minute to load on a fire stick and you’ll, get a lot of like in different categories, but you can go out to top and select USA, Canada or UK.

If you’re into that select the channel and then make sure you select MX player, okay – and I’m gonna – say always with MX player. Okay – and this will start up and there you go it’s already working okay, so you got hundreds and hundreds of channels, snappy streams as well.

It’s just been updated. Let me show you that start it up. This is beautiful. Right now, all your categories here, USA TV, has an example, click on that and then select your channel similar thing this one you can do.

Mx player, MX player works the best. If you didn’t install an ex-player, go smack these dreams. I’m gonna say always select your player that changes in the settings and, if that channels up, it will spin up and it’ll play that channel.

If the channel is down, nothing will play, it was just spin and a loop like it’s. Doing for me, and I can go back here and try number one and the channel is up. You should play it if it’s down, it may not play it.

So it looks like some channels are down. Some channels are up. The red box will work a little bit better okay, so this might be up. They may not right now. It’s, not doing well. Let’s, go Lightning TV.

So I’m. My number favorites, so red box and life net TVs, probably to talk once and I like. Let’s, start up lighten that TV and we’re gonna. Let that continue button. I, like it press the allowed one and live.

Then TV should start up. Okay, it’s, gonna, say loading and it’s. Gon na reach a hundred percent. That means it’s, ready to go 71. Okay, just 72. I hope it. Doesn’t. Go that slow because it just 70 and now it’s like that’s crawling on me like a turtle, okay, but it ‘

S got a lot of channels that’s. Why it & # 39! S got tons of tons of channels, so I don’t understand why he needs to take a minute to load, because it does have a lot of content same thing, you got your sports.

You got your movies that your German Canada, Thailand job being Filipino kids, cooking, religious. You got all your stuff, okay, entertainment for entertainment, and then you can favorite channels as well: 24/7 channels, Hollywood drama dubs.

That means the movies are playing over and over movies, Canada. Thailand documentary kids cooking, for example, kids, and then you just hit your favorite Channel and you’re ready to go okay, TV top one of my favorite ones, just dump data TV top Pro works very well in the fire sticks.

This just comes out. You got all your good channels here and you can just go here: go buy entertainment, movie channels, whatever you want to select or you can hit the search icon to search for this channel, and then you can just hit also to play the channel usually most channels Working this out, so this will start up and then you can go fullscreen to play the channel in full screen.

Okay, you might get an ad just wait until the ad finishes and then you can continue watching your content. This one is a little bit annoying with the apps. It gives you a 30-second ad, but once the channel started playing, you can leave that channel on and then it can just keep playing for a while.

Okay, I’m, stuck watching the side. Now wish you guys are chuh were watching it together. That’s. A nice quote to the same okay and there’s. A key interesting word: town, okay, alright great once the ads over head back and the channel will play, and then you can change source fullscreen.

All that stuff. Okay, lots! A lots of life free television so fully on fire, stick tons of channels. Tons of movies tons of TV shows some channels may not work like I said, without a VPN, so make sure you get that VPN discount in the pink Holland description.

This is a fully loaded fire think you guys are going to love this setup. This is the best of 220 right now. Let me know what do you think of this setup drop a comment boy? Is this a good setup? Do you love it? You hate it, should I mention something.

Should I not let me know guys, let me know what town you’re checking in from the know this worked for you. I’d like to hear in the comment. Just let me know, did it work, did it fail? Are you having a problem which out okay? I need your comments guys below.

I need you to hit the like button. I need you hit the subscribe button and thank you for watching guys and girls, and I ‘ Ll, see you all in next. One

Source : Youtube

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