Hey what’s going on youtube today, i’m, going to be showing you an application that is a terrarium tv clone and is great for movies, and tv shows absolutely free. This will give you the most content, the best links and the best viewing experience.

I’ve, been using this apk and i’m, really satisfied. So if you really miss terrarium tv, a good terrarium tv clone, this will do the job works on any android device and fire sticks. Let me show you how to install in my fire stick 4k device, so you would go first to settings and once in settings go here and go to my fire tv or my device.

Okay, here go to developer options and make sure apps from unknown sources is turned on and press the turn on button. Okay, on fire stick light. The process is a little bit different. You would just start installing and then enable third-party sources.

While you install the application. Okay – and you can still follow along now, hit the home button once you enable apps from unknown sources, go to the search icon, we’re, going to search for an application called downloader downloader.

Once you see that you’ll, see an orange icon pop up click on that icon downloader and make sure you click the download button to cue it and download that application. Okay, it’s, going to install it and once it installs, we have the opportunity to open it up.

Let’s, open it up and press the allow button here when it pops up press the ok button and press up just like that and click into this field. Once you click in there put in the following, url: get dot file linked dot com; okay, once you put that url in just exactly like that into your downloader application, you are going to press that go button right there.

Let’s! Press that go button. Okay, once you press the go button you’ll see it will be downloading the application. Okay, when it finishes downloading it’s going to pop up and ask us if we want to install it, you would press the install button once you do that you’re, going to press the open button.

Okay, let’s. Do that let’s! Press the open button installation is complete, so we’ll press that open button right there. It’s going to take us to another menu. It’s. Going to come up and it’s going to say enter code.

We’re going to click into enter code. I’m gonna put in one two three four five: six, seven, eight twos. Okay, once we put in the eight twos, we are going to press the next button. Okay, followed by the continue button.

It’s, going to show you this to get. My pin number always follow the instructions. If the pin number does not work, i might be changing the pin number from time to time and you need to be subscribed to my channel to get the new pin number so make sure you hit the subscribe button and follow these instructions to get the newest Pin number right here: i’m, going to give it to you today, but in case it doesn’t work.

Just read the note right there how to get it. Okay, so click into enter. Pin i’m going to put a 98 as today’s, pin number we’re going to press that next button and we’re going to press the continue button after we press the next button.

Okay dismiss this pop-up and dismiss any other pop-ups that may pop up. Now we want to get the following: apk, let’s, download the ipvanish vpn and i’ll, explain why this missed this pop-up, so you’ll.

Just click on it: it’ll start downloading. The ipvanishvpn is all the way here at the top, and once it finishes downloading, we’re gonna hit the play button to install it. Okay, let’s. Hit that play button, let’s, press the install button on ipvanish and then followed by the done button.

Okay, don’t open it up. Yet i’m gonna explain everything in detail. Let’s! Press the done button. Okay, you’re gonna hit the fast forward arrow or you can scroll down whatever you like, but fast forward jumps categories.

So you see a kodi category. You see a movie show apps category, you can either scroll down and you can hit the fast forward depending what you like to do and scroll down here. You can get many other apks, not only this one, that i’m, going to show you today, but you can get cinema apk.

You can get zinny tv, you can get btvtv, they’re all great, but today we’re, focusing on one of my favorite apks, and we’re, focusing on the film plus today and i’m going To show you why it’s great and why i recommend it.

Click the film plus download you’ll, see a progress bar and it should be somewhere on the list when you scroll down in file linked and when it finishes downloading. You’re, going to hit that play button on film plus, and you’re, going to press that install button, film plus apk is going to download and install, and we’re going to press the done button.

Alternatively, after we’re finished, you can download any other apks from my store. So there you go film plus has been downloaded. Ipvanish has been downloaded. If you want to get any other apks, you can hit forward free tv ones.

All here, backboard, arrow, rewind and fast forward. We’ll switch you categories and i have hundreds and hundreds of apks for free streaming of movies and tv shows and live television. Okay. So i’m gonna hit a home, and you can come back to my store with that pin number and code at any time because you have the file linked application and you also have the ipvanish and film plus that we downloaded go to See all or applications on the newer firestick, depending which os you’re using okay and look for the ipvanish vpn that we downloaded start it up.

I’m going to click on it. To start it. It’s, going to ask me for my username and password. Now you ask me: why would i need a vpn newtek? Well, if you run any of these applications like film plus cinema, hd, btv ttv, all in my store or any live television applications, some will require vpn and some will give you more content when using a vpn, you stay protected.

You stay fully anonymous when streaming. This content so to get your username and password, i have provided a link in the pin comment, description, just scroll down, hit that link in the comment or description, and it’s.

Going to take you to a page. You’re, going to choose your package on that page. You’re, going to get an email confirmation. You’re, going to confirm your email, and then you’re, going to be ready to sign in with your username and password to ipvanish.

Once you have your own username with the link below it’s in the pinned comment and it’s. Also in the description you’ll click on that link and then you’ll sign up for your package once you have your package log in and i’ll.

Show you quickly how to use that. So i’m gonna log in here, and i’ll, show you the quick little setup for the ipvanish before we run our apk okay, okay, once you’re logged into the vpn hit that gear icon here and Say start ipvanish and startup connection action connect to fastest server, auto reconnect, split, tunneling click on this.

If you have netflix prime youtube, you don’t want them using the vpn. For example. I don’t want youtube using the vpn, so just go in here and i would just put in youtube or netflix whatever i had and put a check mark on it.

That means the vpn will not be turned on when using this application. This is useful for disney hulu netflix. If you have any of those applications to prevent the vpn being used with that. That’s called split tunneling.

I’m, going to press one back of my remote and one more back on my remote once i put my youtube app in there, you can also put prime in there whatever it is, that you use and make sure scramble mode is on.

I’m gonna hit one back again. I’m gonna go over to country and from here i’m gonna scroll down and select the united states. Once i select the united states, i will press the connect button and i will say: okay on this screen and you ‘

Ll see a little spinny thing and it’ll, take a minute and then you’ll, be connected to a vpn. I’m, fully secure with an ip address in new york when hit the home button. Now it’s very safe to run film plus apk and get the best experience.

Ipvanish is a is permitted on unlimited devices. Higher speeds just upgraded their servers. Great great service works with all the apks found in my filing store. That link once again is in the description and pin comment.

So let’s. Go to your apps and games. I’m, going to show you film plus now it should be right here. I also have cinema apk, another gray, one. If you want to try it so let’s start up film plus, and you’ll, see i’ll start up like that and press the allow button on here and you have all your beautiful movies and tv shows.

Come up, you got your search option. You got your favorites option, you got your little hamburger menu, you can filter by things. Okay, and we’re on this cover. Right now you can go to t. We’re in tv shows trending.

We can choose any type of tv show, so let’s. Go here, make sure we’re on tv shows. We are okay and let’s choose um. What is trending right now and we see that you know um. Okay, let’s, see okay, the stand is trending, so let’s pick one from here.

You can select your seasons. This is only first season. We’re on click on the season. Click on your episode and press that play button at the top or at the bottom, when you hit that play button, this goes off and starts looking for season.

One episode three of that specific tv show and you can see we already have 21 links and it’s been just seconds. We’re searching, so the vpn should give you more links once it finds the links. All you do is select the link and you can either play or play with subtitles whatever you like.

I’m just going to hit the play button and this will come up you. Can you choose your closed captioning as well, and at the timer? Will kick in, as you can see here, and it starts playing okay, so the timer kicks in and it starts playing that content for you? Okay, so i’m gonna get out of here and it plays really fast.

Okay, let’s, go back here, let’s, go back again and let’s say you wanted to see a movie. You’d, click that hamburger button select movies and let’s say you want to watch, vanguard and same concept. You’d, hit that play button at the top.

This will go up and search for the movie for you, and once it comes up with the links it’ll populate them here, as you can see, we’re. Getting a lot of links. Super fast works really great with the vpn and let’s say we wanted to play the movie same concept.

We’d hit play. It would check the link for us, depending on which link we selected. If the link didn’t work, then we could select another link if it does work it’ll start the timer will kick in and the movie will start playing right here beautifully and we got high quality and we got closed captioning.

So not slow! You available, not all the time. Uh. Now server’s been upgraded working great, i’ll. Leave that link in the pin comment description, if you guys are looking for a vpn, make sure you’re using a vpn when using these applications it ‘

Ll. Give you more content. More links, a summoner service provider are geoblocking content. They’re, also blocking movie site and tv show links. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here appreciate.

You all make sure the subscribe button, because when my ping number changes you want to have the newest pin number on my channel just hit that subscribe button below subscribe to my channel, you’ll, always get updated.

Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here and i ‘ Ll, see you all in the next video take care.

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Free Movies and Free TV shows on firestick, rare finds how to install Filmplus APK which will give you the most content and best content. Works on all firestick devices, lite, 4k and fire TV’s this is just like terrarium TV and installs
through my filelinked store. Free movies all the time and most content.

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