Hey what’s going on youtube today? I’m, going to be loading. The fire stick with the best applications for free movies and tv shows. You can call it jailbreaking fully loading whatever you want to call it.

You can also follow this on nvidia shield. On an android box, you’re. Just going to look for downloader in the actual google play store an application called downloader okay on a fire. Stick i’m going to guide you along.

I’m, going to show you some live tv as well, so in a fire stick, all you have to do is just go to settings. It’s very straightforward, and this works on the fire stick light fire stick 4k and the fire stick: 220 edition and amazon cube all devices.

Okay, go to my fire tv and from there go to developer options. Once you’re in developer options, apps from unknown source is going to click on that, and we’re, going to turn on the apps from unknown sources.

Once you’re done that hit the home button and go here in the search, and we’re, going to search for an application called downloader downloader, and you can search for this as well in the actual play store.

Or you can just type in downloader, downloader, okay, an orange icon should come up like that. It’s also available in the play store on android other android devices like the nvidia shield or android google, chromecast android tv, or on a cell phone.

Okay. Android cell phone click on the downloader icon and install the downloader up, and then from here i’m gonna ask. I’m gonna guide you how to use downloader to get my file link store on here. Okay, so once the downloader application installs, we are going just to press the open button right there.

Okay, we’re, going to press the allow button and we’re, going to press the ok button. We’re, going to click into this box right here. We’re, going to click inside of it and we’re going to put in the following url.

I’m, going to say, get dot file linked dot com once you put in get dot file link dot com, you’re gonna press, the go button; okay, press that go button. You’ll, see connecting and then you’ll, see the file download once the download is finished.

It’s, going to prompt you to install the file linked application. You’re, going to press the install button, and this is my store. It’s, always updated. It’s, always up to date. It’s, got some good files.

Good content, i’m, going to help you out to fully load it. Okay, you can press the open button now in the file link application and once you’re at this stage, it’s. Gon na save enter code. You’re gonna click into enter code, and you’re gonna put in one two three: four: five: six: seven: eight twos.

Okay, once you put in the a2s press the next button right there, okay and press the continue button. Once you press that you’re gonna ask you for a pin click into enter, pin and put in 47 54. So the pin number is 47 54 and then press the next one press.

The continue button once you put in the pin and dismiss any pop-ups. This is going to take you into my store. Now, in my store, we got a couple of applications, the first one i want to get, and i’m, going to explain everything once i load the whole box, the whole fire stick whatever you’re loading.

I’m. Going to get the ipvanish vpn just hit that download button and you’ll, see ipvanish download, and this is for all applications, but the first one i want you to get is a vpn okay. Once it downloads hit that play button and press the install button and don’t press the open button press, the done button.

Okay, because we’re, not finished. We’re, going to load a lot of things. I’m, going to hit done after each one. Okay. Now, when you scroll down you’ll, see a bunch of tools here, keep scrolling down until you see mx player.

So we’re gonna download the mx player application that’s. Gon na prevent some buffering, and i’ll. Explain all that as well. When it’s finished hit that play button and press the install button on mx player.

It’s, going to install it and then once it’s finished, we are going to press the done button. Okay, it’s, a larger file. It takes a minute. Okay done. We’re gonna skip kodi uh, and then we’re gonna go to movie, show apps, you can see the categories and you can jump between them by going fast forward and backwards on the fire.

Stick remote. So once you reach movie, show apps categories. My number one apk is the cinema. Apk i’ll, show you how to use it and how to get it set up when it’s finished downloading. You hit that play button and we’re fully loading our fire stick, all the best applications for movies and tv shows and live tv here.

Okay, when cinema hd installs you’re, going to press the done button and then the next one we’re going to get is the zinny tv or tevi zinit heavy when it’s finished downloading cine tv press, the Play button and press the install button, and now we’ve loaded, zinny tv, okay, heavy, i always say tv, but it should be it’s, heavy t e v.

I send it heavy okay press, the down button. Great great applications for free movies and tv shows so far. These two, the third one i’m gonna get, is the btv application. We’re gonna hit the download arrow and when it’s finished downloading, hit that play button and press the install button.

And then we press the done button. That’s simple. We already loaded three applications: okay for movies and tv shows when it’s finished. I’m gonna press that down button that’s, simple, okay, the fourth one we’re gonna get is the ttv okay.

When it downloads it turns into the play button and press the install on tv. The next one we’re, going to get when tv installs. We’re, going to press the done button and the next one we’re going to get is strix tv, okay and i’m, showing you, in my opinion, the best ones right now, uh that are working, okay, okay, So ttv is done.

Now we go off to strix tv hit, that download arrow hit the play button and install strix tv, and then we are going to press the down button. Okay, installing and let’s, press that down button. Okay, you’re gonna see some other ones another one that i like is the sofa tv application.

So let’s get another one sofa tv! We’re talking about fully loading. The fire stick okay and play but press the install button and there’s, many other ones. You can come back to my store and load anything you like you can come back to the filing store at any given time and get more applications.

It’s that simple, okay, so let’s, press the done button on sofa. You’ll, see many other applications that people use. Some of them are good. Some of them are better than others. Typhoon. Cyber fix is good, but what do we have here is quite enough to get free movies and tv shows.

Okay. Now you can jump for the live tv category by pressing the fast forward button right there. You can see i jumped into the category free tv, okay and from here i’m gonna get red box when it ‘

S finished play button, just same thing: install red box, installs, okay and then press the done button next one. We’re going to get, is vola sports for all your sport fans. So here’s. Vola sports hit the play button.

That’s, going to give you a lot of sports, so we got red box. We got vola sports, okay, press the done button next, one we’re gonna get. Is the live net tv live net tv right here? Okay, we’re, going to hit some installed volasports.

Now we got live net tv installed here. We downloaded and hit the play button livenet tv, so vola, livenet tv keep scrolling down until you see an application called tv tap 3.0 or, you might say, newer version depending when you’re watching that hit that play button.

Press the install button on that as well and then followed by the done button. Okay, let’s, press the done button and the next one we’re going to get is mob, draw apk for sports and all that other content mob.

Just going to download it’s, going to ask us to install it, hit that play button and press the install button and press the done button. Okay. Now this is a fully loaded fire stick. This is jailbroken whatever you want to call it.

You have everything you ever wish for it all the best stuff. Okay, when i hit the home button now i’ll. Show you something that you can come back in the filing store at any time and you can hit the continue button and you can go right into my store and get anything updated or get anything else.

Okay, so go to your apps and games, and you’ll, see that all our apks should be here at the bottom. Okay, that we’ve installed. So we got our ipvanish vpn okay and we got our mx player cinema hd zenith, heavy vtv, ttv strix, sofa red redbox, vola sports livenet tv tv tap mop joe.

These are, in my opinion, one of the best apks around okay. Now before i run any of these apks just to ensure that i’m, getting more content, more links that some sites are geo blocking content, some sites are blocking access to these things i always run a vpn, so i’m going To start up, ipvanish first and i’m, going to connect to a vpn so put in your username and password and to get your own user and password.

If you scroll just right down there, i have a huge discount, sometimes 50, 60 or sometimes even 70 off i, that link always gets updated throughout the sales you’ll. Have you & # 39? Ll, definitely get a sale.

You’ll. Get your own username and password you ‘ Ll choose an account. You can use it up to 10 android devices. Okay, so once you have an account you’ll log in i’ll. Show you a quick little setup with this once you set up an account, you’ll, confirm your account to get an email from them and you’ll, be able to log in and use a vpn.

This will keep you secure, safe, anonymous protected and you’ll, be able to watch a lot of content. Okay, so let’s. Let me log in and let me show you a little bit about it. Okay, so once we are inside the vpn and you have your own account hit the gear icon, say, start ipvanish, then startup connection action say: connect too fast to server.

Auto reconnect will auto reconnect for you split tunneling. This is important: if you have prime or you have netflix, you would click split kind of link and then you would select your prime or netflix.

That means uh with the vpn being on these application. Would these applications would not use the vpn so, for example, if i wanted let’s, say prime to work still or i wouldn’t want the vpn on with primo with prime, so i hit search prime.

I would put a check mark on that on the prime thing. I just lost it here, but anyways you get the point. Let me let me search for it again, actually just to show you okay, so i’m gonna search again. Actually, i can scroll down probably and find it so let’s say i wanted what okay amazon music, let’s say i didn’t want the vpn on.

I would put a check mark on, and this is kind of important for netflix for hulu for disney plus. If you have any of those applications, put a check mark in split tunneling. This will turn off the vpn for those applications make sure you got scramble mode on, go here to the left side or right, depending on which way you’re looking at the tv country, and we are going to select united states that’s going to give you the most content, okay and then hit the connect button.

Once you’re in the united states press, the ok button, this is going to connect our vpn. You’ll, see little mountain mall hills like the column on connecting new york united states. I’m, going to hit the home button, and now i can go to your apps and games and i can run all my applications and make sure i’m secure and safe with the vpn on okay.

Make sure, though, that uh you keep my following store so anytime, you want to update the apks. You can always go back in okay and that link is available, like i said, for the vpn in the description and pin comment.

Okay, first thing: we’re going to run is the mx player run it for the first time we have to initiate it. Okay, press the allow it’s. Gon na ask you to update it. We’re gonna, say not now: okay and that’s.

It hit the home button after you, you run the mx player, it’s, ready to go okay, your apps and games again and now we are going to look at our apks. Let’s. Look at cinema apk great great little apk press the allow button once you pull it up, uh press the accept button.

If an apk ever asks to update, please take the update. So this looks beautiful, like netflix, big, nice tiles looks very, very nice. You can pick your movies pick. Your shows uh tv movie tv shows we can go even to settings and choose default player.

Go here and we’re, going to try our mx player that we downloaded. So we’re gonna click. Mx player, we’re gonna go back, and then we’re gonna say we’re gonna go to movies actually, but you can search for movies as well.

You got the search and you got the filter by different categories. Okay, so let’s say i want to watch yeah. I’ll watch santana. I’ll click on it. With my vpn on you’ll, see it’ll start populating streams.

Okay, here’s, all the streams, lots of them. Okay. So far, we got like 30 streams, and i like this is a great great little apk. So you go to the side here and then you select which one you want to play.

So let’s, select this one. You can play with subtitles or just play. It so hit the play button, and this should pull up the mx player now and once it connects to that server. It should play. If i hit a server that’s down or i hit a link that’s, not working, it won’t work, but you can see it played with mx player.

Beautiful mx player is going to give you the least buffering okay, so cinema apk, with the mx player, set up works wonderfully movies. Tv shows same concept same idea. You get the drill. Okay, great great little application.

I’m gonna give you so much content and so much stuff. Okay, let’s, look at zenny tv or zinnitavi. Once you get to the stage. If you’re in a cell phone, obviously select a cell phone. We’re on a fire. Stick, we select the little computer desk press the allow button and press the cancel because we can’t go anywhere and if this one you can go search, you can go genres.

You can go by categories by you know disney dreamworks. Whatever you want to watch uh, let’s, go by genres, genre of movies genre of shows, okay as well. You can search for whatever you like. So let’s.

Go! Let’s, go to a comedy movie and let’s say i want to watch, let’s say i want to go for frozen. You’d click on that, and this is really so simple. You just press watch now and what’s going to happen? It’s, going to bring up a player and it’s going to automatically play the movie for you.

This is a great great experience. Zenny zinni t heavy. It does an amazing job of that as its own player and, as you can see, the content is already playing okay, that fast and if the source is down, you can click on the little source icon right here and you can select another source, see that we’re 1080p.

This is an incredible apk. Zenytvs up there with cinema, hd, okay uh same deal with the shows the shows are a little bit different. So i’ll, go back. If let’s say you want. Uh shows. Let’s, look at comedy, shows and then with the shows, if i click the umbrella academy, for example, you would just select same thing, but you just select your seasons at the bottom.

You’d, click on it and then you would select an episode and then that would play so there you go so actually the there you go. It’s already playing. So i backed out see how fast this works and how good the links are and very little buffering, and it works great with ipvanish, and you also have recommendation casts and all that stuff.

Okay, zany tv, incredible, apk, very explanatory self-explanatory. What looks beautiful works beautiful and it’s, just like cinema hd or even better, okay. Third, one, i’m, going to show you is the btv application and if any time it asks you to update.

Please update. I’m, not sure if i have the newest version here, but i’ll. Show you really how to update an apk too. This way you can learn how to update them. Press the allow – and there you go there’s, an update.

So we’re just going to hit update when we see that update and it’s going to download the update for us and it’s. Going to install over the application and if it doesn’t, let you install over an application.

Sometimes you can remove the old btv and then try to reinstall from my store, i’ll, put the newest version there for you guys, okay, so i’m going to install btv over the btv that’s already running Here and i’m going to have the newest version so always take the update from these apks uh that’s, a the updates are being pushed it’s.

A good thing always take them: okay, okay, so it’s done. I can open it up now and i have the newest version of btv and this one’s. Pretty much looks the same works. The same way as i was showing you and lots of content: lots of stuff, incredible: incredible: apk: okay, let’s, be tv start up and there you go, select english and it’s.

Going to ask you for the player first hit. The allow, when it pops up, we’re, going to go with the mx player. Okay, please uninstall the old version. You can restart it back to get your watch list back.

Okay, no problem, so we’ll hit uninstall, so it’s, smart enough to uninstall the old version. I’m, going to select english and boom same thing. You got your shows. You got this cover. You got search. You got your filters, you got the hd releases which i like, and you got the anime and you got the calendar of shows that are coming up.

Okay, so let’s say i want togo and then i’ll just hit play on toggle it’s. Going to ask you to install one player hit, cancel we can’t install one player on fire. Stick doesn’t work. Well, it’ll, go off, it’ll start scraping and the link should populate here and then you will choose your link and then you’ll just hit and play the link.

Is that that simple, very self-explanatory there you go, i always go with the trusted sources. These seem to work the best for me. It doesn’t spit out a large amount of links like cinema, but it gives you solid links and then you can play with subtitles play with external video player.

I hit play since we already selected mx player. Mx player should start up and if it connects to that link, it should play that for us, if it doesn’t connect or it takes too long, simply hit that back arrow on your fire stick and just select another link.

So, as you can see, i don’t like this link. It’s, taking way too long. So i’m gonna go to another link. I’m gonna try, mix drop and i’m gonna hit play okay. Sometimes you’ll. Try to check the link in the background for you, some links are direct.

Some links will be checked in the background before they actually start playing it’ll spin up, and if that link is up it’ll, try playing it. Maybe i’m just having bad luck. I just chose two links that are down, or maybe i’m just impatient, but what do we have here, ladies and gentlemen? It’s already playing okay, all right, so that’s.

Btv, you’re, going to highly enjoy btv okay, one of my favorite applications as well. Now i’m, going to show you the next one, which is that btv we’re, going to be doing ttv. Okay. So let’s start up tv and this one’s rather large.

Okay, i’m gonna start. It up press the allow and press the accept the license: english as well, similar to btv. Okay, you got top rated on the air airing today, then you got discover movies tv show hd releases, and then you got the live tv section as well, which is not populated yet, but let’s say i want to go.

Hd releases same concept. Looks like netflix beautiful, let’s, say target tail. I want to watch you click on it’s, going to ask you for t player. Don ‘ T worry about that hit. Watch now and then it’s.

Going to scrape the links we hit play, we can also set up an external player in settings to mx player. We can switch that i ‘ Ll, show you how so you can see lots of good links here. Okay, let’s play when you hit play.

I’m, going to say, play with external player actually and then it’s going to ask me which one i’m, going to say mx player and i can say always and that’s, going to Remember my choice. So if i can get to it, okay, okay, not really so there you go mx player.

I did it okay, but it’s much easier from settings and you can see how fast that loaded. So ttv is amazing, but if you want to set up the player from, i’m not going to exit yet don’t text, the app no uh.

I think the player can be set up from here. So if we go to settings some of these work with real debride as well, some of you that, like rail debris and uh, choose default player there you go, and i can say you know what t player or internal player okay.

So i’d. Have to say play with an external player for it to play so that’s, the only that’s. The only thing that annoys me like i can’t get to mx player that easy, but that’s. Fine, it still works good.

It’s, still a great apk, even if you use it with their own player. Even if you don’t decide not to use mx player and next one i’m. Going to look at is sofa tv. So let’s. Boot up sofa tv, okay, press, the allow button and it’s, going to ask you to install sofa player.

We’re going to hit, cancel it’s, going to ask you to join telegram. We’re going to hit cancel, and this is so simple. You got bollywood hollywood and tv shows. What do you want to watch? I want to watch hollywood.

Takes you right in you got beautiful titles, you got, you got the search icon right there and you can search for movies or you can scroll up and down and favorite you can click on the actual movie and it’s.

Going to show you an ad, you can close the ad actually with firestick remote, which is crazy, highlight the watch now button and just hit play, and this is like direct links, starts up mx player automatically.

It knows that you have it installed and it takes a minute or two to connect to it, and once it connects to that, the movie just starts playing okay, so give it a minute it just pre-buffers like sofa tv, is a little bit slow to get the Movie going because it’s, direct links, but it’ll work that’s.

Why i like sofa tv, you’re gonna get direct links and the ads are not that annoying. Like look, how easy i can close them so sofa tv reminds me, and you got shows as well. Tv shows if you want to watch tv shows sofa tv reminds me of feeder plus, which went down some of you used feeder, plus, incredible incredible.

Apk works really really wonderful: okay, okay, let’s. Keep going here! The next one we’re gonna look at is trix. Okay, let’s start up strix, and i’m gonna give you the access code to access this apk. If it asks you for a code, i’m gonna give it to you.

Let’s, see if it asks me for a code. I’m doing this on the 4k fire stick and it just says parental pin. I’m, going to say 0 0 0 for parental pin press. Next, i’m going to press the ok button cannot be 0.

0. Okay, so i’ll. Put one two: three: four: okay press, the ok button the pin has been sent and it didn ‘ T ask me for the code. If it does ask you for a code, it’s available on the low live lounge website and the code is 229 156.

So if it ever asks you for a code, it’s, 229, 156, 229, 156. And what i love about this apk, because it’s, got live tv. I’m, not gonna go into it now, but you can click on live tv and you can watch live tv.

It’s, got your sports and you got your adult section, which is pin locked, which is amazing, so i’m. Just gonna show movies, but all this other content works. You can either look at all movies or search movies.

So here’s, all the stuff like let’s, look at let’s. Look at live. For example, i’ll, just pick something random, it starts scraping and the links come up right away. It’s, a very fast apk and i would just hit on the link i don’t have to set up any players, it’s got its own player, and if there’s, an error, it tells You right away, so i’m, going to try number one.

If there’s, an error tells you right away, so you just keep trying them until you hit a link that works and i think we hit something that works. It’ll spin up and then it’ll play the link there. You go okay, fast, scraping very fast, you got movies tv shows, live tv sports and the adult section incredible incredible.

Apks tricks also press the allow button when this comes up, which i should have pressed earlier. I don’t know why it didn’t pop up. So that concludes all of our movies and tv show apks let’s. Look at the live tv, the first one i want to look at is red box, and i’m going to blur a lot of these things out because we can’t show too many logos on our youtube.

So some of this is going to be blurred out. So when you start red box, you’ll, see a bunch of icons here and then you’ll, see sections. So if i want to go to us channels, i hit the us, then i pick the channel i want to play and then this will come up.

You can choose mx player since we have it installed or the android player. So i’m, going to choose mx player and i’m, going to say always: mx player will spin up and that channel is already playing. I blurted out no problem very nice.

Okay, your live tv, it’s like a media box media center, you’re gonna get lot a lot of channels. Okay, so we got a couple more to go and then we’re almost done here fully loading fully. You know loading our fire stick and i hope you like the setup.

I hope you enjoyed this voila sports. A lot of people ask me for sports, so here it is here’s. Vola sports! You might ask you to update click to update from website use mouse to click. Okay, so 6 7.0 is available.

So i’m, going to update that, for you guys so right now i can ‘ T really show it to you, but it’s very simple. When you go in here, i can ‘ T show the icons anyway, so you’ll just pick the event and you click on the link and you’ll just hit play this volasports.

I’m going to have it updated for you guys, just as soon as i post the video, so don ‘ T worry that’s for sports. Just remember: vala sports, okay, livenet tv is the next one. I’m, going to show you voila sports is really simple.

I mean there’s, not much detail to go in. So i’ll. Take care of that to give you guys the newest version, my filing. So when you go back into my store, you already get the newest version: okay, press to continue on the slide in the tv press, the allow button.

This is going to start up and it’s, going to do some updating it’s going to go to 100, and then it’s, going to show the channels you can search for channels. You can go by country from settings and you can enjoy this apk very straightforward.

You can even filter out like channels. So if i go to hamburger menu, i can see live events here. So boxing pay-per-views, you’ll, find it under live events. Okay, now now i have to blur everything out, but you’ll, see sports, section, 24, 7 channels, german canada, and then you can search for channels as well, like i’m, going to search for bet as an example, and i’m going to hit next, i found my bt channel under entertainment.

I can hit on that and then mx player just the same thing as redbox and that’s going to say: please wait. It’s, going to spin up it’s, going to play the channel for us, which is already playing. Unfortunately, all this is blurred out.

Okay, now let me show you the other one. We got two more to go. Let’s. Show you tv, tap incredible apk. It used to be called uk tv. Now they renamed it to tv tap so start up tv top, and then you’ll. Have i have to blur all the cell? You have languages like us, uk that tells you the the language of the channel.

You can also search for your favorite channel or you can go to a hamburger menu. You can go entertainment and then you can play any channel here there’s. Uk british there’s. Us there’s, spanish scroll through whatever you like german, say us bt.

I’m playing. This will pop up like a player, and then you can full screen on the player, hit the full screen button and we’re in full screen playing our favorite channel. Okay, no buffering works very, very well works with the vpn okay.

Next last one. I’m, going to look at is mob, draw apk press the agree, button on mob draw, okay and press the allow button and the mob draw. Basically, i’m blurring everything out now you got movie, show sports action gaming.

So let’s say i click on click on the sports section and it’s. Going to ask this mobdro thing when i click on the channel to agree to share resources, it’s completely fine! Don’t worry about it here’s, our channels.

Now i got my sport channels. I can’t mention the name i hit the play button and i’m gonna spin up and here’s, my beautiful sport channel just playing blurred out. Okay, so fully loaded. The fire stick fully set it up for you guys best stuff that i could possibly give you guys.

So thank you for watching. Thank you for being here. Don’t forget about my vpn discount. It’s, going to help you with a lot of this stuff that some content is geoblocked. You’re, not going to be able to play some links in the live.

Iptv apps and you’re, going to get more movies and tv shows. Please hit that link below in the pin comment. Description grab yourself, a vpn. If you already have a vpn turn, it on all other vpns will work, but i recommend ipvanish works best with the firestick.

That discount is available in the ping comment description. Let me know what is your favorite apk, which one you enjoy, which one you’re, going to be using and drop a comment below, and let me know where you’re checking in from what city.

What time you’re checking in from drop a comment hit the like button, don’t forget to hit that bell icon to get notifications every time i release a new, updated video, and i’m going to update volasports For you guys in a minute, thank you guys for watching.

Thank you for being here. I’ll, see you all in the next one. Take care!

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VPN Protection Available here: (IPVANISH)

This tutorial teaches you how to:

Enjoy works on all the devices mentioned above this firestick jailbreak is super easy and all the apps will always be updated. Thanks for watching and enjoy the video! Thanks for being here guys and much love hit the thumbs up button for this video.

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